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  1. mersad

    Martial Arts

    hey yeah im doing hapkido for CAS and i have gotten 20 hours
  2. we are dong the same thing in our school... cinema appreciation. which is like u watch a movie and then talk about it and write a review.. however you are lucky cause we only get 20 hours max.. we cant do more for the same thing
  3. mersad

    Driving lessons.

    hey, im sorry but driving lesson do not count as you are benefitting yourself and CAS is all about learning new things and things that have social factors and stuff you do to the society
  4. mersad

    Do you like CAS?

    I HATE CAS. i do not have time to do any CAS hours as yr 12 is a cram.. we have a tok essay, tok presentation, EE, math ia, psychology ia, and all the other pracs for science to do.. i think that IB should make it maybe 20 hours across each title..
  5. mersad

    TOK harder than other IB subjects?

    YEAh i agree with your teacher it is the hardest subject.. however our teacher said that 85 isnt a C it is more like an A or B but im not sure... im just hoping for a B in TOK and B in EE ahah good luck
  6. mersad

    T.O.K presentation

    [quote name='Zahrati' post='36179' date='Feb 10 2009, 12:18 AM']I have my T.O.K presentation coming up soon ... i was thinking about the relationships ... how do people know they love each other ... any thoughts ... ideas etc ....[/quote] yeah that is a good topic but i think u should expand on it then also talk about the emotions and ways of knowing
  7. i did the #2 as all my teachers in english told me that it is the best one to bring the marks up
  8. mersad

    Suggestions for EE in Physics

    [quote name='Silf' post='35476' date='Feb 3 2009, 07:14 AM']So it turns out that we have to hand it the sheet regarding the topic for our extended essay. I've chosen Physics, but I still have no idea what my topic will be about. My teacher and I have tried to come up with different suggestions, and so far I'm contemplating "Factors that determine the efficiency of an electric motor". If there are any ideas on other topics I should consider, feel free to share them. They will be greatly appreciated.[/quote] OH umm well i doid the same.. but some tpoics can be the physics of taekwando or just martial arts and u can make the focus question be HOw can we change the taekwando technique to improve maximum force
  9. mersad

    Extended Essay Format?

    yes it does have a specific format... ummmm if you have seen some of the past EE's you can see that it is similar to a normal research paper but it is more specific and there are more headings... if you dont follow it then u will lose marks
  10. well our school is 1 year old and so far we have had at least 3 weeks to do our MATH IAS

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