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  1. For my theatre RI, I plan on focusing on the 1925 French play "Crime in a Madhouse" by André de Lorde, specifically on the special effects. However, there seems to be a limited number of sources that I can get information from, and they aren't very detailed with their descriptions. In short, I'm having trouble doing an in-depth research, and so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. Does anyone know any websites for research on Le Grand Guignol, or on special effects for horror during that era? Thanks, and any help or advice is much appreciated
  2. I ended up dropping to Maths SL which I'm kind of disappointed about because I did enjoy HL but the pace at which we cover topics is way too fast and so I wasn't able to absorb the information properly. It's a huge relief because atm we're covering topics we covered at HL 2 months ago so I can take it easy for a while whilst I'm catching up to Bio HL. Bio is going well since I switched just when they're about to cover the HL material so it's not as intensive but I do have a lot to catch up to. It's definitely easier than Physics but there is a LOT to memorise. I am still in theatre and I will complete it even if I'm the only student since my teacher said that it is possible by myself. Thank you for your advises since they did help me make a final decision
  3. At the start of IB, I was determined to study either physics/astrophysics or some other course relating to physics. However, right now, 5 months into my course, I have had a HUGE change of heart and I'm really leaning towards studying Political&International relations, Economics, Law, or something of that sort. My point is, I am taking two of the hardest IB subjects (HL maths&physics) and I have absolutely no use for them. My current subjects are English LangLit HL Maths HL Economics HL Physics HL AB Initio French Theatre SL. The subjects I want to continue with for sure are english, french and economics and the subjects I want to change are maths and physics (theatre is another matter). Maths is a subject that really requires a lot of your time and it's not something that you can easily understand with just the minimum amount of studying. Although I had a tutor for maths, and spent a lot of time studying for it, my marks are varying between 3's and 4's, and even though I've been told I could improve if I continued it, I frankly don't see the point in wasting my time with arguably the most time consuming subject if I'm not going to use it. Now here is where the problem starts. If I drop maths HL, I'm going to be stuck with physics HL, and although I really enjoy it, I'm not really getting good grades, and good grades is what I need. So I was thinking that I should switch to Bio HL (it's possible to switch even though it's this late), however, i really really really hate biology, but apparently it's way easier than Physics but it requires a lot of memorising (something I hate doing but at least my hard efforts would guarantee a 6 or 7). I wont even take Chem HL into consideration because even though it's really interesting it's also very time consuming. About theatre: our class consisted of 3 students, and then it dropped to 2. Now, the remaining student told me that there's a 70% chance of him leaving, and so if he does, I will for sure ask to change to psychology (because it would be so difficult with 1 person in the class) which is the subject I switched to theatre from initially -___- My question is, what should I do? How different are Bio SL& HL? What about psychology? Is it a lot of hard work?
  4. Hi guys so this is my first post I don't exactly know how to use this thing but I hope I'll get the answer I'm looking for. So first off, I'd like to know what the easiest group 6 subject would be. Last year I took art for my IGCSE's and I was really struggling with the amount of projects that I had and I was finding it difficult to spend so much time on art and in the end I just gave up and went with the flow, not giving a flying **** about my grade (I don't think I even got a mark). Well this year I'm in the same position as two years ago and I don't want to make the same huge mistake of taking a subject that I don't need and wasting more time on it than is actually beneficial for me. I'm planning on becoming an astrophysicist or doing something related to mechatronics or anything that involves maths and physics really, so for me the group 6 subjects are really useless and I don't want to do biology or psychology (although I'm attending psychology classes for now) because I really suck at memorizing terminology and huge ass chunks of text. Initially I had decided to do Film but apparently there was no more space so I had to do something else and my only options are; Visual Arts, Theatre (they're going to open up a classroom because we requested it), ChemHL/BioHL, Psychology, Business and finally Economics (I take this as a group 3 subject in HL though so boo). So my question is, out of all of these, which one would be the easiest to achieve a 7 in at SL. The universities I want dgaf about my other subjects, only maths, physics and my overall IB points, so I just want an easy 7 with minimum work. I know this sounds lazy but I'm taking 4 HLs two of which are physics and maths so I just want to take it easy for at least group 6. Thanks !
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