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  1. Hello, I am starting my second year of IB in march. I am suffocated with IB art HL. I choose it because it was the only artistic option we have in my school and because I love visiting museums, talkling with artists, admirating it. Also because I love graphic design. The problem is the following: Last year I started really motivated and then with all the work of different subjects I started desmotivating. Also, the fact that my handwriting is horrible and I am awful drawing. So, I know I have good ideas, I know I visited a lot of places with art (I am from Uruguay and I´ve been in NYC where there is a lot of arts) I have been studying things relationed to visual arts (filmmaking) and I love music (singing and piano lessons) but I really don´t know how can I work hard to complete this second year with a great workbook (sometimes I loose a lot of time decorating, and many people says it is not important) and many works. Also, the fact that I don´t have a topic it is important. I like social problems, but I think it is a common topic and I am affraid that by using this topic I will get an awful mark in my real exam and I will loose the IB diploma programme. Please help me I need a road. Regards, Nicolás.
  2. Hello, I hate this subject and in my school we can´t choose subjects, we have like packs and inside we have the subjects. Only in Law they have Math Studies, and in Engineering they have HL. My predictive mark is 2, so I don´t know what will I do in this second year. I hate my teacher, he doesn´t know anything he is totally a novice in IB, last year was his first year and it was with us. I don´t know what can I do, if start reading my book, which is in english (hard and boring to understand) or killing myself Can you help me? Regards, Nicolás.
  3. Hello: I am starting with my second year of IB. I take Fisica (Spanish) SL. We didn´t start with the GROUP 4 project so we only have classes and lab experiments. This year we will design our own practices. I want to get 6 in all the criterias but it is really hard, and I didn´t hand in all the reports. Do you know which is the minimum of reports I should hand in? Do you think I can get minimum a 6 on each criteria this year? How can I do it? Thank you very much, Regards, Nicolás.
  4. Hello, I´m from Uruguay and this year I´ll be starting my second year. Last year in my english language and literature HL course we did a lot of things, one was writing our first two tasks, WT1 AND WT2. Our WT1 last year was about literature (this year it will be about media) and WT2 about media (now it will be literature) I had a problem and it is the following: When we wrote WT1 it was about Macbeth and I hated it. I did a letter first, which then turned into a "musical". This musical has only three songs, and I got really stucked with it, my teacher told me to create a dance and "melody" I think, but I really don´t know what to do with it. I can´t achieve the words expected. When I wrote my WT2 I liked it, it was about the song "Dear Mr President" I exceeded the word limit but also couldn´t answer completely the question (it has certain information, but I know I have to take some aspects that are not relevant) I also have some grammar mistakes, of course because English isn´t my native language, so sometimes it is difficult for me (although not so) I know you are all students and it isn´t your work, but I want to know if someone can help me reading them and giving recomendations, because I want to have two excellent tasks when I start this second year and I don´t want to ask the teacher to correct them because she couldn´t help me as I wanted and then I didn´t do anything haha. If someone can help me I would be really thankful. This year will be really hard and I don´t want to stress a lot with the written tasks, that´s why I preffer to have two great written tasks (or at least one) to send it. Regards, Nicolás.
  5. Hello, this is my first time at this forum! I am from Uruguay and English isn´t my native language but I go to a bilingual school so it isn´t so difficult for me to communicate. I am taking Language and Literature HL The problem is that this week I have to give my first draft of the Written Task 2 about Part 1 and Part 2 of the syllabus (This year we did Task 1 about Part 3 and 4) Do you think that I can take a speech from George W. Bush and play with his ideology? I mean transforming it into a speech made by a politician from the Democratic party. I don´t know if there is any problem if the speech isn´t in the book but also I don´t know how to classify this, if it is part of Part 1 or Part 2. Please help me! Regards,
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