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  1. Zelvera Usheva


    They are about math, chemistry, physics, basically explaining you things related to school subjects. The website and the organization is called Khan Academy (pretty famous as long as I know). They have this option of translating their videos in other languages, so that more students who don't speak English can have access to them. For me, the purpose of doing this (translating to Bulgarian) would be ofc helping out students from Bulgaria who don't speak English. Its all voluntary.
  2. Zelvera Usheva


    Hey, I was wondering if translating educational videos from english to some other language would count as a CAS Project? If for example I set a goal that in the next 4 months I will be translating videos and I will reach a total of 20 hours of translated videos, can I list that as a CAS project?
  3. Zelvera Usheva

    TOK presentation survey

    Done, good luck!

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