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  1. Everyone here is invited to my funeral tonight, my 25 is going to kill me :
  2. Yes i put linear!! Because it had two regions of high electron density or am i mistaken i pretty much forgot but i remember it had two regions of high electron density so that brings up Linear!
  3. Yep TZ2 had the boston! i have to say it was a pretty easy exam!! i did well! Liquidity was sooo easyy! i imagined the exam being harded but i was wrong
  4. hanz

    List of literary features

    Thank you!! all though we havent taken some of them, but there are ones that are a must to include like setting, mood, toon, narration right? the rest arent really important! Ah i hope we all ace English A1 tomorrow!! Good luck all!
  5. hanz

    Design help!

    I previously dd an experiment about investigating food, it was measuring the current in lemons, grape fruits, tomatoes and other fruits. howecver HATED it! also my IA really sucked. In the first place i was not convinced, so i want to repeat my food investigation but i cannot find a good experiment about food! anyone have any ideas? that would be great! =D
  6. I am ready to submit my final draft of the WL essay, but my teacher keeps telling me my conclusion is weak! i keep fixing it until i have reached now with a good one but it ends with a question! my question is that can i end an essay especially the WL essay of English AL with a question? is it acceptable? Thanks
  7. hanz

    Should women marry for love or money?

    They should marry for Love, if not, they would not live a true, honest and happy healthy marriage if married for money.
  8. hanz


    I am taking Arabic B, i can read and write quite well like you. But i still need more effort to put but overall i am a predicted 7 student. They to ace Arabic B is to solve many paper 2 papers! which is called 'Ta3beer' as you know, also read as many stories as you can and have someone write down questions for you. Also try hard and solve paper 1 questions and grade yourself, see where you are weak at! As for the oral part, prepare an oral assessment for yourself, do it infront of your parents, siblings, friends, or even your teacher. And most of all have confidence and try to like it and you will do it! Good luck!
  9. hanz

    The Metamorphosis Presentation

    Are you kidding me? Metamorphosis by Kafka has many sybmols and literary devices to analyze! itself is an allegorical novella! i have written my WL essay on it. You should have read it analytically, or hasn't your teacher discussed anything at least? Try looking up the internet you will find many things on it! Talk about Gregor ( The protagonist and Antogonist) and his character and how he is symbolized as an insect! And why is he the novella's Antogonist and Protagonist together! His sister, His mother, Father, the two Men that appear towards the end. Talk about each character mentioned and why are they used, their significance in the novella! Also you can use the objects in the novella, like the apples he gets throwed at from his father, the Sound imagery created, the food he gets by his sister. There is ALOT to talk about. like i said internet and reading the novella will help alot. Dont just read it, read and undertand underline key words and sentences. Try to imagine. Hope i helped you though! Good luck in it
  10. Our teacher marks and counts the criteria we do best in! i always happen to do good in my design part. I do have some trouble sometimes with my Conclusion evaluation, hopefully i will be able to see your labs! so maybe i can get help. Because i do not think i will get the 7 in Biology especially because of my Internal Assessment
  11. hanz

    Choosing HL in IB2?

    Well that is a bit weird. My school does HL in both years which i think is better.
  12. No, anything tabulated is not part of the word count, or graphs. If you noticed you have exceeded the word count you put your data in table as to decrease your word count Hope that helped!
  13. quotas have to do with finances i think lol. but anyways thanks for the tips! i am going to get my predicted in a few weeks! i hope it gets an A or at least a B because i worked very hard! Thanks anyways
  14. Love it ! first is Business and Management and English A1 ! =) Good luck everyone!
  15. I was just wondering, if including quotes in the TOK essay a must or not. I handed in my TOK essay last week i have chosen title 10, my supervisor helped me through it and deleted all my previous quotes she said they were irrelevant. so i re-wrote it and without any quotes, she said its okay and not a must. because my title is about scientific and historical explanations, and does not really require any quotes. Is it a MUST ?

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