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  1. In my school, IB serves as an international department because we have many different nationalities and people generally don't speak Danish so they choose IB. That's why there are no requirements to join pre-IB but to get into IB1 you need to have certain grades. However the threshold is really low so everyone usually gets in. I wouldn't say that's such a good idea considering that a lot of people dropped out or were kicked out of the system at the end of IB1 because of these non-existing requirements. So it wasn't stressful or hard to get in at all although I know people have it harder in other places. I guess it depends very much on the school and country you're applying in .
  2. I have my exams the same year as you, and I've never heard of anything like Oral EE. We have to do oral presentations in languages and TOK but EE is only written. Maybe it's a misunderstanding or they're just some harmless formalities and not an actual oral expose of EE At least I hope so....
  3. I have my IOP in two days so I feel your struggle... The analysis part depends on the work you've chosen and since it's The Great Gatsby, I definitely recommend reading the book again. It also depends on what aspect you're going to talk about because the book itself is very broad. Mine is on the creature's actions in Frankenstein so I recommend narrowing your topic so that you have less to analyze and yet you could go in depth with it. I started working on presenting my IOP a week before it was due and I feel fairly well-preapared. However, I know people who started a day before and still got a 7.... It strongly depends on your own preferences and how much time you need. If you're really worried about the stress part, the best solution is to make sure you know exactly what you're going to talk about. That way, even if the stress gets you and you forget the presentation the way you planned it, you will still be able to pass, because you will have the required knowledge to speak freely on the topic. I'm not sure if it could make your life easier, but a lot of teachers recommend making a powerpoint or some other type of visual aid so that, in case of some doubt, you can always look up to it and perhaps breaking the eye contact from your teacher would help you get back on track. You can also try imagining that you're simply talking to your friend about some casual matters. That way you won't be so tense about the teacher's eyes being constantly on you. Likewise, speak slow. That's also something that gets many people lost since it makes you get lost in your own thoughts when you speak fast. I hope you'll do good and don't stress that much!!! It'll be great!
  4. My school only offers English A in a Literature or Language & Literature course, and Danish Literature for Danish speakers. Other languages are only as self-taught option.
  5. Well, to answer this question, I'd need to know what you mean by 3IB...? Do you refer to pre-IB as 1IB and then IB2 is 3IB for you? Because I'm really confused here... However, if you mean the grades you get during IB1 and IB2, then the answer is not really. They matter only in the sense that if you don't get good grades in IB1, you simply won't make it to IB2. The grades that are being calculated into the points on your diploma are the ones you get from the exams at the end of IB2. However, it doesn't mean you should ignore schoolwork completely since the grades are there to help you see your progress and the areas you need a bit more work.
  6. Apologies if this is off topic, but how come you were allowed to study both English and Spanish literature? No problem That's because I chose Spanish as my self-taught literature. However, if your school offers more than one literature course, you're allowed to take it (some people at my school do both Danish and English Lit). I chose three languages because I wanted a poly-lingual diploma, but I'm aware a lot of people would never do that Are you saying that if I wanted to, I could do English A HL and German A HL instead of German B HL? Yes, you can. The only obligation is that you do two languages. One of them HAS TO be a literature course but if you wish you can take another literature instead of a subject from Group 2.
  7. Apologies if this is off topic, but how come you were allowed to study both English and Spanish literature? No problem That's because I chose Spanish as my self-taught literature. However, if your school offers more than one literature course, you're allowed to take it (some people at my school do both Danish and English Lit). I chose three languages because I wanted a poly-lingual diploma, but I'm aware a lot of people would never do that
  8. I've always wanted to do Physics but they made our schedule in a way that it was impossible since Bio is in the same period... I'd also love to do Psychology or Philosophy but my school doesn't offer it. And some language, frankly I don't care which one. My school only offers one language B and everybody has to take it so I'd love to do any other...
  9. In my school IB serves as an international department therefor around 2/3 of IB students are of different nationalities. That's why we don't really talk to a lot of people from the rest of the school, mostly because they don't want to (or can't) speak English to us... It's a bit of a segregated environment I'd say and it sucks at times. Only the kids that were born in the country usually talk with the rest of the students and the ones that weren't feel alienated. But that's a beauty of being a foreigner in a different country, I guess...
  10. Ugh, well your situation sounds a bit awful I must admit... However, I think everything is doable. First of all, this bio thing. It's quite interesting that your school doesn't offer it as I assumed it's one of the subjects that are offered at every IB school, but apparently I was mistaken. Anyways, I think you are more than able to study on your own. There's many books you can use and study guides. Besides, if your school doesn't offer Bio then you should mention that on your university application so that they knew that's the reason you didn't take it. Likewise, check if you have any chosen universities/colleges that might be against you not having Biology since it's pretty crucial in courses like molecular biology or genetics... On the other hand, it's really good you're taking Chemistry instead. However, I'm not sure whether it shouldn't be HL though... since you're considering biochemistry. The other thing about your exams is pretty scary, I must say. Time management is definitely the most important thing in this case. You definitely shouldn't take more on your plate since you're already overworked. I think it'd be a good idea to pass your exams (that you mentioned are next year) and afterwards study bio on your own. It would be the most efficient way. If you have no quiet space to study, how about going to some public library? They usually have tables, comfortable chairs and there's peace and quite. I do that a lot and it helps a whole lot. I recommend that to you if you have no environment to study at the school. I wish you good luck and I hope you pass your exams (both the national curriculum and IB)
  11. When you're having TOK conversations in the middle of random classes...
  12. Well, it depends on what universities you've chosen. Some do care about whether you have studies or standard - mostly they prefer SL; they want you to have a sort of "stronger" subject and get a 5 other than take studies and get a 6. But since you've mentioned you're aiming for Architecture then maybe it wouldn't really matter in your case. You should check your universities' requirements to be sure. Personally, I suggest you try to do Maths SL. It might seem difficult and it obviously is (trust me, I'm feeling it right now), but you can always drop a level down. Try to push your limits and maybe you find that it's actually not so impossible as you initially thought. Maths SL is basically Math HL but without few topics and you don't go so in-depth with them. But even though it's so complex at times, I think you should try doing it for as long as you can. It will definitely benefit you.
  13. You can only take Language B if you have 2-3 years of experience. It means that if you're fluent and you scored a 5, you probably aren't able to switch. Language B is meant for people who studied a language before but aren't completely fluent. But since you're taking two Languages A then maybe try to persuade your IB coordinator that the second one is not your mother tongue. Maybe it'll work... However, in my Language B class there are at least 3 people who were born in the country where they speak the given language and yet they were allowed to take it as a Group 2 subject... It's really unfair since my school doesn't offer any other languages besides English and Danish, therefor the ones that have never had Danish in their life (which is the majority) were forced to take this specific course even though we might not make it... It's a really stupid decision but since they were able to do it, you could try to convince your coordinator that way. Good luck!!!
  14. Oh please Do guys really like it when we tell you our problems? Judging by the way my boyfriend starts getting a glazed look when I get going, I was under the impression that men don't care too much about this! Exactly! I mean, I understand that men would like to feel needed but when, all of a sudden, a girl starts sharing her problems (and I do mean the serious ones ), somehow they feel like we're bothering them. Or it could possibly be that I've just met the wrong type of guys... And a lot of girls like playing video games and sports but some of them just feel like it's not a good idea to share this bit of information with a guy they like because they might consider them not lady-like Although I prefer to go full honesty, some girls just feel like they should act a certain way to be truly liked.
  15. Well, I don't think your subject choice is easy as such but, if I were you, I'd definitely do something about this Film. This subject is considered the easiest among all the ones you've chosen so far. It is not true that you have to do a subject in Group 6. You simply have to have 6 subjects overall which means you can choose any other subject from the other five groups. If you're aiming for a university course involving Business and Management, then stick to this subject. It may be considered easy but not when that's what you need for your university. And I'm not sure it's THAT easy after all, few of my friends say it gets a bit more complex as they progress. Economics sounds like a good idea if you're into the business field but if you're not interested then it might become a nightmare. However I'd say that if you're sure about your interests, go with Economics because it'll be relevant later on. If not, then maybe consider taking another science (however two sciences on HL are awful, trust me) or maybe take another language, perhaps something B or ab initio if you have something like that offered, of course.
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