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  1. Isaac Wong

    Tips for new IB student

    I would suggest to stick with all deadlines!! really important cause you would only get more and more things to do and start everything earlier (avoid procrastination )
  2. Isaac Wong


    Thanks guys I have no time to reply in the recent days um...yea thank you for all of your suggestions um...ofc i am applying hk universities but um for studying abroad either UK or AUS but thanks guys! I am more confident in my choice now and like your point very much @IBidiot(can i do a tag thing? nvm) And you guys are right should put this and highlight this in my personal statement:)
  3. Isaac Wong


    Um... as my IB1 comes to an end, it's time for me to decide my future study path. As can be seen from below, i did not take economics but um... i am thinking of something related to management and business. Don't ask me why i did not take econ...(cause this thought came up in the recent years actually, but it's too late sigh...) But um...what do you guys think? Should i still go for it?
  4. Isaac Wong

    Differentiation Question

    Hi guys can someone help me to solve this um... part c thanks! (question from ibid 3rd edition)
  5. Isaac Wong

    Using Skeletal notation

  6. Isaac Wong

    Switiching HL Course

    Um...my school does not allow us to
  7. Isaac Wong

    Course combination for the IB

    I am taking English B as well and i also notice the same problem. Actually, most of the universities state their requirements for language b (english) but um...they kinda don't recognize it (i mean they obviously would take into account but not the most favorable)... So i suggest you maybe to take the IELTS cause it is definitely and highly recognized by universities. I plan to take mine in this summer~ And for taking lang and lit. i would say um...it might be a little hard for a non-native speaker, maybe you should find some past papers( 2013 onwards) and have a look first:)
  8. Isaac Wong

    New syllabi for May 2016 exams?

    The syllabus for languages should refer to the first examinations 2013 ones Geography should refer to the first examinations 2011 one And for Science, they changed the syllabus this year (starting from 14-15 school year), which the first examinations will be in 2016 for maths...not sure cause studying HL Hope this would help you:)
  9. i am sorry but just want to ask you are attending the nov session? and you got your pg already? seems very fast...
  10. Just read this thread lol yeaa i agree the new syllabus for chemistry seems a bit unclear...i like the assessment statements more tbh xp and yea spdf are included (what?!)
  11. The syllabus from 2015 onward
  12. Isaac Wong

    Complex ion

    Wow thank you you two so much!! I was really confused because apparently my chemistry book mentioned about hydrate of Magnesium and Aluminium, but not Sodium, Thanks, really clear explanation:)
  13. Isaac Wong

    Complex ion

    Just want to ask is there a complex ion of sodium and water? I mean aqua-
  14. Isaac Wong

    Free trade and Fair trade

    This is about free trade and fair trade in Reducing disparities, including some cases

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