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  1. Anas

    Name Your IB School

    Turner Fenton Secondary School. Graduating in May 2010!
  2. Anas

    Group 4 project topics

    Our group 4 was to measure the pH of different soil samples over a period of time and essentially just compare results and draw conclusions.
  3. Anas

    World Cyber Games

    Most likely Starcraft or Warcraft. I haven't really played any other PC games.
  4. Anas

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    Not good as a piece of literature because you really can't get much analysis out of it. It's pretty interesting as a fun read.
  5. Anas

    Old Disney Movies

    My favorite one's gotta be TOY STORY. I can't get tired of watching it.
  6. Anas

    Public - Private school

    Private schools generally have a better learning environment as opposed to public school. That's not to say that you can't find hard working and helpful students in public school. I am in a public school and it offers regular academic courses and IB courses. I think no matter which school you chose as long as it has an IB program than you will automatically have a sound environment.
  7. Anas

    Interview the person below you

    I don't recall, maybe a favor. Q: How do you manage your time?
  8. I've recently purchased a VIP account, but I am unable to view any files. Is there a specific criteria I have to meet? (A minimum number of posts?) Please let me know, because I am looking for some previous IB exams and mark schemes. Thank you, Anas
  9. Anas

    What do you do to get motivated?

    Just get all the distraction out of your mind and focus on exactly what you're doing. If you do this right, nothing can enter your mind and you won't need any motivation; you'll develop a natural interest in your subject.
  10. Anas

    If I Want To Study Medicine...

    OOHHHH yes! Chemistry goes hand in hand with Biology. If your main interest in Medecine, then not only do you have to have good grades but you should have an interest in Chemistry as well.
  11. Anas

    The Music Thread

    I love songs like Miles Away by Madonna, Stronger by Kanye West, and most songs by Akon. Personally, I find it impossible to work on anything when I have my headphones on, so I just keep them off.
  12. Anas

    IB ruining my life

    Try to create a schedule that balances your social life with your homework. So, like from 4:00 - 7:00 pm you do homework and then afterwards you can go to the movies with your friends. Although, I don't suggest it. Staying home and studying a little extra would be much more rewarding.
  13. Anas

    Best Way to Prepare for IB Exam.

    Do a lot of practice problems and memorize the solutions for specific types of questions. AND...start studying at least a month early!
  14. Anas

    What is Math HL like?

    I'm in my first semester of HL math and honestly I don't find anything that challenging thus far. Just be sure to have a positive attitude and be optimistic!
  15. IB course companions are much better than study guides, in my opinion. There's so many more problems that you can practice on and there's also sample experiments. I have a chemistry course companion and it has pretty good practice questions. If you're looking to clarify a specific topic or concept than I suggest that you purchase a study guide. Study guide usually works pretty well with courses like Biology and English.

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