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  1. breadcat

    is my bio ia topic fine?

    My topic is researching the effects of different concentrations of sucrose on germinating soybean seeds. I know that other people in my class are doing germination for the IA too but instead of using sucrose concentrations as the independent variable, they are using different concentrations of SALT. It makes a bit more sense as to why they chose salt since salt is often used to melt the snow but after, it may affect the surrounding environment negatively by decreasing the growth of plants, etc.. So basically my question is, is my IA topic fine in that I chose to use sucrose as an independent variable? or is that random and unjustified? alskdj i guess its not unjustified because I explained in the introduction that I was curious to find out if the extra amount of sugar might provide more energy to the seeds in the form of ATP by the process of cellular respiration. But I remember my teacher saying that the experiment has to somewhat model real life situations. (Previously, my first IA proposal was using agar cubes that had an indicator present in it, and if you place the cubes in acid, they would change colour over time due to diffusion. But my teacher said that cells don't normally work under acidic conditions so she rejected it. And the idea in general was too simple..). I'm kind of confused because I don't think germination occurs naturally with sugar in the surroundings (like, in real life situations, it doesn't happen?) unlike with the salt scenario I described earlier, but is my topic fine because I just want to test the results? Please reply!! I'm a bit tight on time as the report is due quite soon and I cannot start the actual experiment before I have my topic down pat. And sorry for typing so much, if there's anything that's unclear, I will try to further explain it.
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if this is a suitable EE topic to do and what other people's thoughts are: To what extent was the French nobility responsible for the crisis that destroyed the ancien régime? Is it too broad that it needs narrowing down? Thanks for any comments, I appreciate it
  3. breadcat

    Chem IA Help pleaseee

    Hello, So tomorrow my teacher wants a topic, personal engagement and exploration part of the IA due tomorrow, and I was just wondering if my topic is okay to do. What I wanted to do was to measure the rate of fruit juice cooling down by using ice and increased amounts of salt. General procedure (briefly explaining...): I'm going to be doing a minimum of five trials for this experiment and for each, I will place a constant amount of fruit juice inside a plastic bag (maybe 250mL). For the ice and salt, I will increase the concentration of NaCl that will be added to the ice (1%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%). I will place the ice and salt mixture and the fruit juice in the bag together in a larger bag. Then, I will shake for 10mins and record the final temperature of the fruit juice with a thermometer. I don't know if this is a good topic, someone please advise me if this is okay, if I should tweak it a bit, or I should do a completely different lab. (Additional note, I'm in an HL chem class)
  4. breadcat

    IB past papers!?!?!?!?

    Hmm, is there a specific topic that you want to look at?
  5. breadcat

    CAS reflections

    Hi, About a week or so ago, I finished two of my CAS activities, and when I had to write the reflections for them, I had a bit of trouble because I was slightly confused with what I had to do. I think for the most part, I know what I have to write about, but one of the main things that was confusing me was the number of reflections you have to write for each activity. Is it just one minimum per activity, or does it have to be more? (By the way, my school [st. Francis Xavier S.S] uses Manage Bac for CAS related stuffz) I was also looking on the page where it says "Add reflections and evidence" and there are several options: Journal, Website, YouTube, Photos and Files. Do you write your reflection under "Journal" or rather upload a separate word document containing the reflection? And also, does the reflection count as a piece of evidence? and if it doesn't how many pieces of evidence do you need to have for each activity? ... My questions might sound stupid but I couldn't really find any answers to them in the brief and unhelpful guideline that's on the website, so I thought I'd ask the IBSurvival Community
  6. Hey everyone, I really need help on my wit essay.. I decided to write it on the play Ghosts by the norweigan author Henrik Ibsen, and my thesis is: the ghosts of public opinion and duty that haunt mrs alving heavily influence her actions. Sooo, after writing my essay, my teacher told me that my paper as a whole is too vague, abstract and broad in it's scope and that I need to find a tangible symbol, motif, or exchange between characters that I can use as a base for my analysis. After hearing all this i decided to go back and fix my paper up. But I dont know if it was my teachers words that intimidated me to edit my essay or something else because I have absolutely NO idea what to do. I mean I do, but.. I don't /: uh, now that I read my essay, I kinda agree that it is vague, but I don't know what literary feature -as my teacher suggested - to focus on. Aaand currently I'm debating if whether or not I should just scrap this essay and start a brand new one *cries* And also, I just suck at English as a whole, I was never very good at it, but I need help on introducing quotations properly? And how should I include criteria c (appreciation of the writer's choices) in my essay? I mean I can't really be like "I really like how Ibsen included blablabla.. This makes the play awesome :)" in the paper (lol) If anyone has any helpful tips or comments please please please please please reply it will be much appreciated!!
  7. Hello world, For those of you who have read this book, I have a small question(s) regarding the numerous letters that Angela Vicario sends to Bayardo San Roman after he returns her. What is the purpose of these letters, and why does she start sending letters to him? And what made Angela start to love Bayardo? I thought she didn't like him in the beginning, so why does she change her mind?
  8. breadcat

    History IA topic

    Alright thanks! yeah I think that would make sense. And by the way, I love your profile picture. (Avatar TLA FTW! )
  9. breadcat

    Chemistry Uncertainties Help please?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7dKWE-0FZY This channel also has a bunch of other Chemistry related topics, so if you ever need help on whatever you're looking for, watch his vids! He's kinda funny too
  10. breadcat

    History IA topic

    Hello world! So, IB is slowly starting to trample my schedule with assignments, IAs, projects and whatnot. One of the assignments I have to do is a historical investigation, and I had to come up with a good investigation question, but I don't know if it's good or not.. This is my research question: To what extent did technological advancements during the Korean War help the U.S. and ROKA to retaliate against the North Korean forces? Please tell me if I should narrow down my topic more, or if I should alter it. Any comments will be grateful:)
  11. Erm, hello... I have no clue what A1/A and A2 and B are, but hopefuly I'm in the right place lol if not then apologies ;-; So... it's the start of a new school semester, and I'm new to the I.B program and in grade 11. I guess for the first day of school, my teachers were just chill and just talked about the program, and told us a brief intro as to what we were going to face in the future. But one thing that caught my attention was something called an Individual Oral Commentary. My teacher made it sound really scary, and I'm very intimidated by it. Basically, he told us that on the day of this assigment, we are given an envelope with a passage (one that we studied, I think..) and we have 20 minutes to gather information, and then, we have to present a commentary and speak in front of a recorder for about 10 minutes. I know that this assignment won't happen until a good few months pass by, but I want to be prepared for it! SO... can someone please tell me some good ways to quickly and effectively prepare for this? and how to form a commentary? I would very much appreciate it!!!
  12. breadcat

    Essay help please ;(

    I have no idea.. but that was the way he wanted it. But I know for sure that I will include all my supporting points in the introduction paragraph as well as the closing paragraph, but not in the thesis... which I am starting to feel weird about as well if I don't include it there. But teachers are teachers so what can you do? You just have to do things the way they want to get good marks
  13. breadcat

    Essay help please ;(

    Well, my history teacher doesn't want us to include the supporting points with the thesis. He just wanted a simple statement, and said my thesis was fine... And he also told me to change my supporting point to what I put.. so idk /;
  14. breadcat

    Essay help please ;(

    Hello, fellow IB students! Can you please help me support my argument for a Holocaust essay? Thesis: Future Holocausts can be prevented after learning lessons from the Holocaust of World War II Argument: The media makes sure that there are no secrecies such as the Holocaust, and by revealing what happened during the Holocaust, they take action to prevent it. I mentioned this topic before, and my teacher wants me to fix it again DDDD: Thanks so much!

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