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  1. ib_vj

    Theater Studies EE

    Hello everyone! So I have been told to think about what I want to do in my Theater studies extended essay. Could you please generate some ideas and the kinds of topics possible. Also, if any of you have guidelines or tips I should have! Reply ASAP
  2. ib_vj

    Your Favorite IB Class

    It used to be psychology till the time I started failing in it.. But the other is Theatre studies forsure!
  3. ib_vj

    IB life..

    First off, with these scores you have can like just chill because they are amazing. and I do that but I still end my just doing nothing. My days are so tiring and seem so short here that I barely do anything in time. I still don't know whatelse will word..
  4. ib_vj

    IB life..

    Thanks a lot man! You are right, but sometimes I have so much work that I do nothing the whole day but just trying to get my self to sit and study haha. But thankss
  5. ib_vj

    IB life..

    Thanks guys. I get the idea, ill should start planning ahead. I think that has been my problem and now Ive got way too much work. Thanks you all, Regards, ib_vj
  6. ib_vj

    IB life..

    I take : Hindi, English and Psychology HL Mtahs, Biology and Drama SL
  7. ib_vj

    IB life..

    Hey you ib survivors, So I was just wondering if you could give me tips and help me have these two years as stress free as possible. I have been really getting stressed out which is making me d nothing by the end of it. This is also affecting me with my studies because Im not able to meet deadlines or do well in the tests! Please help me with organizing and scheduling my days and give me tips to not stress alot! Regards, ib_vj
  8. ib_vj

    Theater Studies

    Hey guys, So this is my first year of IB and I'm about to give my first TPPP and response to a given stimuli in the coming weeks. I need big time help and suggestions of how to choose the topics and even go about it. So any and every comment is welcome. Thank you
  9. ib_vj

    How to ace my IOP

    Thank you so much man. I would really take your advice. I think I wanna talk about he he changes as a person mainly. But now you have given me some food for thought. Ill think about it. Thanks anyways
  10. ib_vj

    Name Your IB School

    Step by step school, India
  11. Hey guys, I am about to draft my first IOP this month and I need bigtime help. My topic is from the book "MAUS'. Topic- Effect of Holocaust on Vladek. Any kind of tip you give will surely be useful. Thank you
  12. Friends, family, my friends outside IB, music, holidays, outing with friends, seniors and ofcourse the internet and coffee too sometimes when you need to finish your homework till late night..
  13. ib_vj

    Math SL - Extra Studying?

    The book we use in school: http://www.amazon.in/Mathematics-International-Student-IB-Diploma-SL/dp/1921500093/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1384788008&sr=1-1&keywords=Maths+SL+IB+book It isn't that bad actually just do all the questions from the topic even the Review sets that would help. But I would highly recommend you to do the past papers, that's the best practice.
  14. ib_vj

    International CAS Project?

    Can we still participate or the project is over? I would love to, just that let me talk to my supervisor. But she would need some concrete approval so can you please send me some details. Thanks

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