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  1. Does anyone else find that the exam was really easy this year? Like literally really easy imo.. there wasn't much finance except for calculating percentages and things like that o_O
  2. Hey! I was told by my tutor today that you can write 4 pages (2 pages, double sided) the final exam... I've been practicing lately and only being able to write about 4 sides for HL P1 and HL P2.. My friends who graduated last year were all like: "Are you serious? I wrote 8 pages (4 pages, double sided) in the final exam..." So what do you think? Is there a limit or number of "suggested" pages you should write for the finals?
  3. I know how you feel lol. Rushing to edit and make my written task 2 the best it can possibly be before the school internal deadline for submission tomorrow the struggle is real. If that's not bad enough I still have to finish my Musical Links Investigation 61 days before the first exam... haven't even started prepping yet :/ I sleep at 9. Wake at 4:30 to pray till 6 then go to school. Not much time to study for me because I still have music lessons once a week and by the time I get home it's about 4-4:30..
  4. No. It will not. You will spend the summer doing your EE and the TOK essay is to be done during christmas it's the end of february now and I've already completed it. Really it's not hard to do once you've completed your EE. Just manage your time well and hopefully you've got good organized teachers because my finals are in 2 months ish and I have barely started studying due to being occupied last minute with editing my english written tasks and my MLI.
  5. I think your question is fine. The only question I have for you is; is it really necessary for you to analyze and explore so many texts? Maybe narrow it down to 2 texts OR else make sure your links between texts are significant, defined and related to your question Try to be as specific as possible because you have so many texts, it can seem too broad.
  6. Thank you very much for your feedback, it's good to be recieving feedback which lets me know that I'm on the right track despite rushing this to submit as a final for tomorrow... Using your suggestion as an inspiration I've decided to use the title: 'To what extent does society obviate upper-class women from their individual freedom in “A Doll’s House�' In addition, I think you've made a good point about Mrs. Linde too, I haven't reallt thought about that but I believe thats a good idea, she's in town trying to find a job and she is allowed to work due to being widowed, perhaps I could include her to back up my arguments too.. Also, do you think these umbrella terms would just about sum up my argument? Feminist theory Patriarchy Psychoanalytic In addition, I believe I could discuss about Torvald falling into the victim of stereotypical ideals so I might even alter the topic too something like restrictions for both men and women of the social class
  7. Hi. My written task is due tomorrow and here (final) is a brief outline of my ideas so far (I need to write this by tonight): Outline: Prescribed Question: Which social groups are marginalized, excluded or silenced within the text? Title: To what extent does society restrict women from their individual freedom in “A Doll’s Houseâ€? Relation to the course: Part 3 - Literature - Texts and Contexts Key points: To explore the problems raised by the 19th Century Victorian Era particularly the influence of the patriarchal society which had created a stereotype for men to use upon women limiting their freedom to be their own individual To explore the viewpoint from a 19th century individual, a feminist How Ibsen's beliefs are presented in an indirect manner, in a form of a play to present and address the problem of gender inequality I've also listed some main points here: Introduction: Main points of “A doll’s houseâ€: Expose and urge viewers/readers to consider the problems of the 19th century victorian era Share and convince viewers/readers regarding Ibsen’s philosophy that men and women should be equal individuals capable of living amongst themselves Organized into 3 acts which build up into a climax which becomes a tragedy as Nora leaves Torvald on a pursuit to find herself (the search for her own individual freedom and individual female identity) Purpose to portray the flaws of the patriarchal society an indirect criticism of the victorian era and the ideas associated within the society Yes it does, as ultimately Nora walks out on Torvald, despite being a mother, she abandons her household, her children and her “expected†role in pursuit of finding herself. To an extent this is achieved fully as the climax is strong, tragic and a powerful statement/symbol for women, Nora risks her family to find herself despite Torvald’s pleas stating that her “sacred†duties are to serve within the household The purpose is controversial and is an issue which still exists in the present day The evidence is strong as the play is built up of Nora gradually finding herself, stepping against society Ibsen deliberately keeps the dialogue indirect and subtle to allow the audience to further understand his beliefs and morals, from a third person perspective the audience are not entitled to the play but will be able to better grasp and understand the problems of society applying the problems raised from the play to their own household/lifestyle as the play targets the audience of the 19th century. The organization of the acts are important as they ultimately build to the climax also allowing the audience to explore the character change and development of Nora From the perspective of a male: Power and dominance is important as it shows their social class allowing themselves to be placed on-top of others on the social hierarchy chain Any advice feedback? Does anyone think this will work? Because I feel like it will legit fail lol.
  8. Hi, For written task 1, I am planning to write a blog which discusses the problems with gender stereotypes in modern advertisements. This is an idea which I have just came up with as my initial idea is literally a FAILING CONDITION (Language of advertising, instead of discussing the language, I wrote a magazine article describing what advertising is and my tutor already told me it will make me fail). So.. does anyone think this last-minute idea will work? I could really use some feedback, I want to score as high as possible though my time is limited and asking my teacher for help will be an absolute waste of time for he barely even knows the course well and he was the one who suggested me to write my initial magazine article explaining what advertising is, but my tutor guarantees I will fail if I continue to pursue and edit my current task. Any help and advice would greatly help me, thank you very much for your attention.
  9. The irony is, when I first stepped foot into his classroom, everyone in my class was told that we would be getting 7s. So far only about 3 people are getting solid 7s with 5 getting 6s and the rest are 5/4s which is highly disappointing. honestly that attitude from teachers doesn't help anyone. that break down of 7's 6's and 4/5's in your class is totally normal. I'm pretty sure ib is marked on a bell curve so it only makes sense for the very top people to receive 7's and the majority receiving 3/4/5's I guess. But to be fair, at this point I don't care for what the teacher thinks of me, he can have his opinion of me the way he likes it, but nothing is going to stand in my way to stop me from working as hard as possible to achieve the best result that I know I can achieve.
  10. One of the tips which I find are the most important and crucial to successful IB survival: Find a goal which will keep you motivated so you won't ever procrastinate so much that you don't want to try anymore
  11. Have you studied either of these subjects before at GCSE level or any other level which you have tried these subjects before entering the diploma? For business management: If you did this at IGCSE level you will be able to manage a DEFINITE level 6/7 EASY. The concepts from GCSE business and IB Business are literally the SAME. All you need to do is to master the examine technique i.e. understanding the key words like "Explain, Define, Justify" etc etc. With a bit of revision and reading, you can turn a bad business management grade e.g. level 4 to a level 7 in a few months with some revision (my situation right now) you definitely won't fail business if you've done it before because it's definitely similar. Not too sure about psychology because I've never done it, but most of my friends who did it advise people not to do it because there are A LOT of case studies to remember, it's like taking an extract science prior to 2-3 sciences or think of it as studying history. Though this is ultimately up to you, I'm only here to offer my advice on business management. Ultimately, you can decide based on what you enjoy but from my personal experience of doing a repeat year and having to re-choose my subjects because I picked "computer science" because I thought I "liked/enjoyed" it. I'd advise you to go with whatever seems more approachable. Though you can go for the challenging subject if you are confident that you won't be backing down or losing motivation when things get hard (something which I can't do because I get de-motivated and lose interest when I have to do a lot of work).
  12. An excellent motivation and example to those who are beginning the IB and to those who are preparing for the May 2016 exams which are just in.. 77 days and counting.. as a student stressed for the upcoming exams, this is the exact mindset I need to help me boost myself and make the most out of my remaining time. Thank you for your motivation
  13. The irony is, when I first stepped foot into his classroom, everyone in my class was told that we would be getting 7s. So far only about 3 people are getting solid 7s with 5 getting 6s and the rest are 5/4s which is highly disappointing.
  14. You must have a good english teacher then lol, mines is pretty crap biased guy my teacher, won't mark me or any students who don't follow his methods english is super subjective and therefore, his marking in my opinion is pathetic. I wanted to study english at university and he even discouraged me to study the subject because he thinks I don't "qualify" for it. However, I'm not going to let that stop me. He's marked me really low on my written tasks. I've got a 6 on my FOA for both but apart from that everything else is 3/4 hopefully that 50% from the external exams will save my grade.
  15. You have plenty of time! My school is predicting me a 24 right now. I have literally 78 days to improve and step up my game before my finals bash me in the face. Do your best, don't lose motivation, stay motivated! And stay organised! The best advice any IB student can give you is to make sure you're always ahead of whatever is being taught, do your homework/assignments/IAs when they're assigned start when it's given get it done before it's due that way you have more time to study and less time to burn/waste. Believe me, if you don't do well/work hard on your assessments they'll come back and bite you and it's annoying when you need to study and complete/finish an IA.
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