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  1. So lets say theoretically I got a 5 for a subject as my predicted and on the finals I got a 7, what would happen? Or vice versa? In the UK there's a system called Adjustment for people who've achieved more than expected ( http://www.ucas.ac.uk/students/nextsteps/adjustment/ ) but to my knowledge it's not common to get what you really wanted through Adjustment, as most competitive courses have had places taken up and haven't got spares. You can also try going through Clearing (all spaces still open -- lots of places where people have missed their grades), but again it's not common to get what you wanted and hardly any competitive courses are even available through clearing. So in the UK you'd generally have to wait and do a Gap Year. Sucks, but it's just how it is. Teaches you to work really hard in your mocks! What about the other way? A 6 or 7 predicted and 4 on finals? Any effect?
  2. So lets say theoretically I got a 5 for a subject as my predicted and on the finals I got a 7, what would happen? Or vice versa?
  3. Ok thanks. Do mock grades affect our final IB grades in any way? Do they have any deeper purpose instead of just preparing us for the finals?
  4. I was wondering when doing past papers as revision, how far should I go with them so that they stay within the same syllabus or does it matter? For example for history, the syllabus changed for 2010 so are questions from previous final exams somewhat irrelevant? How about math and biology? Did the math syllabus change in 2006 so I can go up to then? Biology in 2007?
  5. I've heard many people use this to revise for exams. Dont really know what it is though, I looked on the IB store website and I am quite interested in the math and biology ones. However without ordering them for hundreds of pounds, it would be nice to know in beforehand what they contain. If they contain past exams, then they are quite useless since you can find them online as well. But what other benefits do they have? Do you guys recommend it? ps. sorry for the typo in the title someone could correct it.
  6. JMR

    Skipping a year at university?

    So basically skipping is only possible in North America? You cant do a 2 years bachelor in the UK right?
  7. I was wondering would it be possible to find any high quality examples of responses for English A2 papers 1 and 2? I have been struggling in getting 7's, since I have mostly got rather low 6's. So only examples of responses to see what kind of level the language, content and organization are at. Thanks !
  8. Basically whenever the IB change the syllabus, nobody knows what the new paper might look like, or what sorts of questions it might include as there're no past papers similar to the paper which candidates will receive. So the IB produce specimen papers -- papers which were never actually set for an exam, they're just made up to give people an idea of what the exam will look like after a syllabus change has been made Gotcha, thanks. When was the last time a syllabus changed for bio, math and econ? I know the syllabus for history is now new for '10 grads..
  9. What is a specimen paper? What does it mean?
  10. Any idea where I could find past papers for economics HL to practice for the finals? I dont know if the syllabus has changed recently, but would be most helpful if they were very recent..
  11. JMR

    Skipping a year at university?

    How is it possible to skip a year at uni?
  12. JMR

    IB mocks

    Are the mock exams always an exam of the previous years final exam? So mocks for '10 graduates would have '09 final exams?
  13. What books did you use as sources for examples for your TOK essay? I know that they vary depending on the question, but if I could get somekind of recommendations as I am completely lost on where to start searching from..
  14. Hi, I would like to know what does it mean by single and double honours? I've heard that doing lets say French and Sociology or other combinations to be seen as less professional than doing one single subject in uni, is this true? Also, what is the difference for example if you have a bachelor of science in economics or a bachelor in arts in economics?
  15. Hi, What would be a good generic example of a presentation that would get very high marks? You do need to have a real-life case as well as the knowledge issues, but like what kinds of things do you need to discuss about them for it to be analytical enough? How much off the actual case can you go, for example to what extent can you link other cases and stuff, but does it go too much off the actual topic then?

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