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  1. Thank you so much for the reply! The country I live in has not had any epidemic outbreaks in the past 30-40 years so I cannot connect my IA to my country. The epidemic I have written about in my draft is the Ebola virus, where I used statistics for a couple of countries and applied those to the SIR model. Do you perhaps have any other suggestions?
  2. I have handed in my draft for my math IA a few weeks ago on the SIR Model and the deadline for the final version is at the end of this month. I am finding it difficult to make it unique, contrasting, and interesting as many people choose this topic as well. Any ideas for what I could do to change it up so that I can get the best possible marks?
  3. Hi, I found the paper to be quite nice, slightly better than paper 1; particularly in terms of time. The last question was quite unconventional at first, but wasn't too bad when you actually started doing the question.
  4. Yes I think so, do not remember it completely but it seems familliar. I think I forgot 0..... but the rest I got
  5. Hi! I think for the complex number question to find c, you should use the product of the roots alpha and its conjugate, and this should equal c. If you multiplied through you would get some strange powers of w (like to the power of 9), but in fact they were equivalent to the w's where some properties were found earlier. The problem would from there simplify itself quite a bit. I dont remember what I got for c however, but it was something like 3 or 2 I think. Also, how did you guys solve the dh/dt problem? I used the chain rule, and ended up with dh/dt=(2)/(2cos squared(2h)+....)ˆ2. But I'm worried since I didn't use the diameter they gave in the question.
  6. http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/61918/three-polarizers-45-apart This illustrates the problem from the exam, light does in fact come through.
  7. Hi, For the first one you can just apply the right hand rule, and see that the force on the negative charges (i.e. electrons) is directed towards end Q, and so end P will have fewer electrons. For the second one, the proton is at rest. The magnetic force on a charged particle in rest is zero (F=qvB), and so it should be D.
  8. Hi, I came up with an idea for my Mathematics IA, and the idea is about investigating how the temperature of a cup of tea changes over time. I would take the temperature of the room and the initial temperature of the cup of tea, and the temperature again of the cup of tea at a certain time interval. With this data I will predict the temperature at another time interval. Now there is Newton's law of cooling which has a differential equation that I must solve and eventually you can form an exponential decay function, but i was wondering if this topic would be too easy for a Math HL IA. In addition, thus this topic involve too much physics? I will try to stay away from delving into the thermodynamics of this situation but some background information would probably be required. Thank you in advance for any assistance!
  9. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible for us to make YouTube videos for CAS hours (I would obviously put this under Creativity if this was possible). The topic of these YouTube videos would likely be gaming, however, I would still have to collect footage and then edit it so that I can make the video presentable. I would assume that collecting and editing footage can be viewed as a creative activity, but what are your thoughts about this?
  10. Hi! I have already handed my essay in, so unfortunately I cannot change it now. However, I did consider some other knowledge issues other than the one in my KQ, so hopefully that will suffice. Thank both of you for an elaborate answer
  11. Hi! I am a student in IB1, and we have a mock ToK essay due soon. I have pretty much finished it, however I had some questions with regards to the difference between good and bad ToK essays. I have looked at examples that have gotten A's and D's respectively, however, I honestly did not find a major difference between these examples in terms of content. Is there something specific that distinguishes a good from a poor essay. Also, I was wondering if it was ok to only have one KQ stated along with the title of the essay, and only discuss 3 AoK's? Thank you in advance for any help!
  12. Hi IBers! I have begun to write my Written Task 1, and I am portraying Manny from Modern Family, and discussing how the men in the show are portrayed (Discussing mainly sexism). But I have a question, is it okay that my source text is not a specific episode, and is it also okay that my character, Manny, actually does not write opinion columns for his school's newspaper, but in the task I assume that he does so? Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. g(x)=x/x-2 g-1(x): x=y/y-2 x(y-2)=y xy-2x-y=0 y(x-1)=2x g-1(x)=2x/(x-1) g-1(5)=10/(5-1) =10/4
  14. Hi! Yes, that was what I was asking about . I will ask the IB coordinator about this, just to make sure. Thanks!
  15. Thanks! I am unsure about this, so if anybody could answer this it would be great (This will affect the subjects I pick at the start). If you take 4 HLs, can you drop one in the middle of the year?

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