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  1. yammy10

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I did the poem, "Meditations on a Bone". I mostly talked about how the scholar is able to bring the inscription to life and how powerful emotions can be felt by other people years later. I wrote 7 pages double space I think, so 2ish booklets. Hopefully I did alright.
  2. yammy10

    Is this cheating

    As long as you are not copying his lab. And it sounds like you only took the question which is fine. Just reword it a little bit, so it sounds different.
  3. yammy10

    Math IA: Please Take Survey!

    This sounds really interesting. But I can't help you as I didn't take the SAT. Sorry :/
  4. yammy10

    IA topics that have been done before?

    You could, but the chances of you actually getting a good mark is very slim. If you were to do it on a topic that has already been extensively researched you'll have to find an aspect that wasn't as well researched. Hope that helps
  5. yammy10

    History IA Topic Help

    You should be able to do that. Just make sure that you choose the best/most important ones. If you look at ones that didn't make so much of an impact on the Cultural Revolution it could lower the mark.
  6. yammy10

    Survey for EE

    Done Hope it helps!
  7. yammy10

    Is it possible to do chemistry SL in one year?

    If you work really hard you will be able to do it and maybe not even need a private tutor. My friend did it in 2 years and found it was hard to remember everything. Good luck with IB!
  8. What is your commentary on?

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