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  1. sophmliib

    What song are you listening to?

    Fools Gold by Fitz and the Tantrums it's a really awesome song.
  2. I felt like lang&lit isn't being discussed a whole lot so I'm starting this thread. I thought Paper 1 was slightly more challenging than the previous ones. The topics were pretty easy but the texts themselves were a bit longer and the text type (especially the letters to the editor page) was pretty new too. I did the 2nd one. Paper 2 was okay too, the questions were broad enough to fit any text. What did you guys think of the English Lang&Lit papers?
  3. sophmliib

    Economics HL November 2014 exam discussion

    The exam was generally fine, I think. On paper 1 I did 2 and 4, and I did miss a concept on 2(a) but the rest was fine. I also thought that paper 2 was relatively easy, I did questions 2 and 3 too:D Surprising that quite many people here did 2 and 3, most of my classmates did 1 and 4 so I felt kinda left out lol I freaked out before paper 3 so I was so relieved when I looked at the questions. I did 1 and 2, since GDP sometimes confuses me. I really hope my IA's don't get downgraded too much. Economics is one of the subjects that I am really hoping to get a 7 in!
  4. Hi, I have a question about a lab I'm designing. I was hoping to do something on testing the alcohol percentage in alcoholic drinks through oxidation and stuff. I think I'll be able to get all my equipment and substances but I'm just worried that the IB might prohibit students to work with alcoholic drinks. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you for the great advice Ossih! I think I'll try doing both
  6. Hi, I'm currently working on my macroeconomics IA. The draft is due in two weeks and I'm struggling with the evaluation section because the structure of the article I'm doing now is quite different from what I did for microeconomics. So my article is about imposing a higher minimum wage in Switzerland and for my graphs I have explained the impact of a minimum wage. I'm just left with the evaluating part and I'm confused about what to evaluate on. In my last IA, I devised a solution of my own and then evaluated that solution/"policy". But in this IA, am I allowed to evaluate the imposing of minimum wage itself, or should I think of a solution that will counteract the effects of a minimum wage (for instance, high unemployment, inflation..etc) Or can I do either of them? I personally prefer to evaluate the imposing of minimum wage, because it's a topic I feel pretty confident with I'm just worried that it's not what I'm supposed to do in my IA. Thanks in advance!
  7. sophmliib

    How do you de-stress?

    I listen to music, look up random articles - of course, they have to be non-econ related - or go boxing, given that I have enough time. People here have amazingly interesting hobbies by the way
  8. I know it's been a long time since I started this thread, but thanks a lot for the great advice, both of you I've been reading some poems, short stories, and plays, and started to make flashcards for the key lit terms. Fortunately, I feel much more confident for lit classes this year. Sadly our teacher hasn't still decided the texts yett I guess we'll get to know what they are in the beginning of the semester. Anyways, thanks!!
  9. Hi, I'm starting my 2nd year of IB really soon (I have exams on November) and I'm kind of worried about my Language and Literature course this year. I'm taking English A: Language and Literature, and the first year was fine, but now that I'm going into the literature portion of the course, I don't really know how to prepare for the classes. Does anyone have tips on how to prepare for the literature portion, or what I should do during the semester to do... well? (By the way, we don't know which works we'll be studying yet, so I can't read ahead. ) Thanks in advance!
  10. sophmliib

    Textbook and Study Guide

    Ouch, you really must be frustrated I had a similar problem with one of my other subjects, but I managed to self-study it using my textbook and online resources. I'm taking chemistry SL, but still, the Pearson Baccalaureate textbook seems to be really nice for both levels. The explanation is really detailed and the exercise questions are IB-style so it's good for exam prep too, so it should be good for self-study. Also I had a friend who got an IB diploma a few years ago and she did chemistry HL. When I told her I was starting IB, she recommended the Oxford Chemistry study guide by Geoffrey Neuss (googled it ). It's a thin book but there's everything you need to know for the exams in it. My friends doing chemistry HL recommend it too, and from my own experiences, it seems pretty helpful. And, although, being an SL student I can't dare imagine the workload of HL, internet resources should help you as well. The friend who did HL, she recommended me chemguide, which has detailed explanations of chemistry topics you need to know. It's written in a way so that it's easy to understand. Oh, and you can also make use of some youtube channels that go over the entire syllabus, or refer to it anytime you have topics you don't understand. I studied economics HL in the same way, and it really helps you understand the concepts. Hoped I helped, and wasn't talking about stuff you already know!
  11. sophmliib

    Are IB students clique-y at your school?

    We have less than 100 IB students in our school and the rest of the school go by a totally different curriculum. So we're like an island on our own But still, there are cliques within the IB society. It depends on which classes you take, I have a few classmates that I never get to meet except during homeroom.
  12. sophmliib

    This or That!

    TI Graphing Calculator. Definitely. Car or Subway?

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