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  1. Isn't ESS thought of as like a joke subject because it's so easy?? I'm scared of taking it if universities won't accept it. Same goes for Math Studies…. So I guess I'd rather study a bit harder than risk that. Thank you Simran! I shall definitely think about it.
  2. Thing is… I'm bad at maths!! It's like a foreign language to me sometimes, most of the time. I do find Chemistry really fun but I don't want to score badly. Which are the harder topics?
  3. I'm about to start by IB course in a month yet I'm keep doubting my options!! I am really at loss for what HLs to take. Being more of a humanities student, math doesn't come easy to me and sciences are… ehhhhh. These currently exemplify my emotional distress My choices are: HL Lit (confirmed, so excited!!) HL History (pretty sure) HL Economics or Chemistry SL Mandarin (compulsory) SL Economics or Chemistry SL Math For my IGCSEs, I took Co-ordinated sciences, Eng Lit, Eng Lang, Geography, Economics, E Maths, Chinese. I'm not taking Geography for because even though it's fairly easy, I find it really troublesome memorizing all the case studies. BUT there isn't much physical geog in the IB syllabus, and I was wondering if the syllabus was interesting??? Will HL History really hard for someone who hasn't taken history at O levels standards? I know that it requires a lot of essay writing. That is perfectly fine with me esp since the syllabus looks really interesting. HL Economics Pros: Econs theories come pretty easy to me I have fun learning the subj I've learnt it before The past papers don't look too forbidding Cons: It needs math?? (which I'm not great at) Taking two humanities as HLs limits university course options HL Chemistry Pros: Chemistry > all other sciences (in terms of how much I like it) Opens up a lot of university courses Cons: I'm not the best at sciences.. in general (way better in eons) It's hard af!! (apparently) Hard to get a 7 I really just need someone to push me the right way so I can finally make a choice! I tend to do much better in subjects I find interesting. Preferably, I would like to go to into Law, Political Science, Sociology side of university degrees. Thank you!
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