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  1. Somewhere around 3500 should be ok. Anytime less would be really short , but could still get an ok grade. It really just depends on the content.
  2. I've finally choosen a solid topic., but would like some feedback on its wording. What events led to the collapse of the Soviet Union? Thank for any help.
  3. buccaneer247


    Everyone's heard of FML online. This thread is merely a way for IBers to post there own nerdy versions, instead of doing one of the five summer assignments they have this summer. FML!
  4. Sorry. I thought that I posted all of the information in the attachment. Thanks for the link though, it led me in the right direction.
  5. Not to get on too much of a tangent, but the law is so corrupt in in the US that the corporations that helped put us in the economic tail spin that we are in now are being bailed out by the law. I'm not saying that it's much better in some of the other countries but try to keep away from such broad generalizations.
  6. It would definitely be cool but after a while idk. I think that after the initial wave of freedom it would become the same as any other school. Plus then the school can control your actions, so be the lazy ib student you were born to be and just stay at home and not bother with the hassles of moving.
  7. That's definitely better. From what I've heard IB wants the topic to be specific and include an individual perspective. The latter being the majority of what their looking for. But I'd suggest looking at the EE guide. I finally decided only a topic in Business and Management thanks to some of their examples and after a look at their rubric. Good luck
  8. Yes, PLAN YOUR TIME and do not procrastinate! I know people who've started IAs less than 12 hours before the deadline and they could have done so much better if they had started earlier. IB is more about motivation and work ethics than natural geniuses, provided that you've chosen the right subjects. Good luck No matter what people tell you if you are a procrastinator then you will put things off, it's just a way of life. The best advice that I can give is to not put too much pressure on yourself and stress out, because if you aren't stressed and are enjoying yourself most of the time you will get through it. Plus when you finally get through it the rewards will be a lot greater than the hours that would have been spent sitting in front of the TV. Just think of the looks on losers that didn't try and end up serving you at the local McDonalds!
  9. Ok. Ive been working all summer and finally decided to start my summer assignments and realize that two of them are HL IAs. Not a big deal other than school starts in a couple of weeks and I haven't started either of them, my EE, or my CAS project. I am totally screwed and need some help. Plus the teacher's instructions are complete crap and make no sense. After reading some other posts I am in between on what to do. So what do these instructions mean and is this even a complete IA. Thanks for any help. [email protected]
  10. My group is doing the effects of pH and temperature on water. But my question is what the presentation is supposed to have on it.
  11. Try looking over the AP Calc book by Princeton. It may be a different test but it still has a lot of problems and is a great way to study. Tell me how it all works out.
  12. If this is for the SL IA then you can get zgrapher and it has a line regression function on their. Its a free download and can save a lot of time trying to transfer data.

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