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  1. Ernie_b_great

    Extended Essay And Aggression

    So aggression in road rage? like how pented up emotions that you haven't dealt with can just explode out of you?
  2. Ernie_b_great

    Extended Essay And Aggression

    i was thinking of aggression and sports or like how it can influence your personality in a way
  3. Ernie_b_great

    Extended Essay And Aggression

    So i am trying once again to come up with another E.E question because my last one got scratched out so i will really appreciate any help, i just need some help brainstorming with a question on aggression and psychology
  4. I'm doing my Extended Essay in psychology and its how upbeat tempo music emotionally changes people in solitary confinement, i need some help please? i don't really know if i can find information on this or if its even something i can do for my Extended Essay so i appreciate any help and advice. Thanks!

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