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  1. Hey, I am gonna have my mock exams in a couple weeks and am desperate to know whatever you guys remember from these november exams (my mocks will be the november 2011 papers...). I would need this for maths, Hl chemistry, HL physics HL Geo SL could anybody contact me here or in this email: [email protected] if you remember anything from your november exams? I will be so greatfull if anybody can help! The best way to study for an exam is to review, relearn, and attempt questions. Not to ask people what was on past papers. Your mocks probably means you've covered the whole course by now, which means you're nearing your actual May 2012 exams. I do not suggest learning what is on exams. You must be prepared for anything IB happens to throw at you. Good luck
  2. How did you go? I dropped from a predicted B/B, to a C/D. I don't even understand what happened. Just wondering if anybody else dropped that much? Edit: Most people in my school dropped marks in TOK/EE, so I was wondering whether this happened in other schools too?
  3. I would have actually used "To whom it may concern," to start off . Though maybe that's just me. To end, I'd say "yours sincerely" or "kind regards"
  4. I started work when I was 13, at a large supermarket, however only started IB in 2009 (I did 1 year of pre-ib and 2 diploma years), My grades did suffer a lot during IB. Pre-ib was fine, and I worked something like 2 shifts a week, both weekends. Then IB1 it all went downhill. I ended up failing HL physics and SL Maths since I worked 1 full weekend day and then wanted to go out with friends on the other weekend day. So that didn't go well . I had a long discussion with my parents and my boss and then I quit. After 4 years of working there. After quitting at the end of IB1, my grades were back to what they were and better! However, right before my IB exams, I got a new job at a jewellery store, just so I could work there in the summer, but they needed me to start immediately. I worked about 5 or 6 shifts during my 3 weeks of exams, and I'm pretty sure that didn't hinder my performance . Jobs that are good to get (as Emsky said ): Supermarket (like, checkout chick/chap), clothing stores, pizza delivery (if you have a car/license), babysitting. There's heaps of nice places you can work which will only give you like 1-3 shifts a week to fit into your IB schedule .
  5. Agree with Gee to some extent. Love is definitely being able to accept, tolerate, and enjoy being with someone, despite and because of, their flaws or imperfections. Infatuation has always confused me :/. I've always thought it's like love vs. lust, with infatuation being lust.
  6. Oh she'd definitely benefit from it, no doubt. I just know it's not usually a requirement
  7. I'm happy because my boyfriend is coming to stay tomorrow
  8. I just got accepted into Biomed . As far as I know, biomed required Maths B (SL Maths), English, and one science, be it Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. I took Physics and Bio. Some uni's prefer Chem or Physics. Not Biology. As you're doing two sciences, it doesn't really matter, because you will always have the 'other-than-biology' science with you
  9. To answer your first question, Biology is only really regarded necessary for some uni's, and I can only think of 1 (Griffith Uni) off the top of my head. Physics and Chemistry will be more than enough for the prereq's. HL and HL Chem can give you credit points for some courses (subjects) in some uni's. Some universities have a min. grad you must have achieved (for example, University of Queensland requires a 6 in HL bio to be allowed credit). It's up to you if you want the credit. Some people view it as important, some people don't value it as much. It's basically asking if you want to make IB easier, or uni easier. Hope this helped .
  10. For Christmas (loljk I'm Jewish), I want an IB grade of >32. On the more material side of things, I would like a GHD hair straightener, since my current cheap, crappy one is not very fun to use
  11. I found out my parents are going away next week, so I get the house to myself and some peace and quiet for once
  12. Same here, I read it for leisure. If I had read it for IB, I most likely would have hated it . Great book though
  13. No. Psychology extended essays are strictly literature reviews, in which no primary research is to be conducted. So you're basically analysing someone else's research to come up with your own conclusions. What do you mean by "on the surface"? Do you mean they're not very in-depth in their topics? Or that they're not very diverse in their topics? The reason for the lack of diversity is that psych EE's tend to fall into the "too biological" trap, in which a topic can be both biological and psychological in nature, however is difficult to analyse using only psychological evaluations, and hence doesn't fit the EE criteria as too much biology would be necessary. This might be why most psych EE's are about behaviour and mental disorders, two things which are difficult to fit into a biological area. I don't know about the topic you've suggested.... The best thing to do at this stage is research. If you can find case studies and lab experiments about the training and treatment of animals in the zoo, then go for it. However, if you can't, I suggest rethinking the angle a little. You can still do an essay on animals, however it's difficult, and sometimes limiting, so you may have to compare them to humans in their behaviours (see how everything comes back to that lack of diversity ) I hope this helped
  14. We were told to briefly justify the importance of the topic i.e. why it was worthy of investigation as part of our background. And yeah my supervisor told me to either put in something about its relevance to me either in my EE or in my viva which is actually where I ended up mentioning it (according to her, they take the viva comments into account for the holistic aspect quite a bit). I also happened to find an example in the 50 Excellent EEs pack where the guy had gone on at length about the relevance of one of the topics to him so I went with that as an example of them approving of it. (One of the Philosophy EEs about Determinism and Free Will). This was for a Philosophy essay so a slightly different kind of thing, but I'm not sure whether it can be totally different. Intriguing! It really is a bit of a confusing mess Yes. In the viva voca is where you outline the significance of the topic to you. That's where I did mine But for a psych EE, I wouldn't put a personal statement in the actual essay, it seems sort of wrong just a justification of it's relevance to society (directed at OP)
  15. I find this very interesting, since my supervisor advised me against this (though I wasn't planning on including it anyway). I was under the impression that to score in the holistic section of the criteria, a personal reflective statement could and should be included, however I didn't know this meant justifying your choice of topic.. I hate that IB is different between schools o.O
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