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  1. Teddy_The_Bear

    How hard is Ab Intio?

    I would reccomend spanish ab, I did it, at first i didnt like it that much but it grows on you:). I expected like a 3 on my exam thought I did terribly instead I got a 5 so its cool ^^. As long as you have a good teacher you'll be fine.
  2. Teddy_The_Bear

    UK conditional offers

    you will get 29! don't worry:)....I'm the one who is totally srewed . I'm sure that I won't get enough point for Imperial Wow, how do you think you did? what was the requirement...
  3. Teddy_The_Bear

    UK conditional offers

    Firm is University of Newcastle... requirement is 29, I'm afraid I'll be a few points off... =/
  4. Teddy_The_Bear

    UK conditional offers

    unfortunately you have to. Why didn't you apply to UBC or any Canadian universities where IB is well respected and conditions are low? Already have an acceptance into UBC. I just want UK more thats all =/
  5. Teddy_The_Bear

    UK conditional offers

    Ok, well then I suppose my argument will be that the subject that I'm dragged down by is not even relevant to my future studies...It's spanish...when I want to do Comp Sci =/. I'm just hoping that uni has a low amount of applicants or something like that...
  6. Teddy_The_Bear

    UK conditional offers

    Hi After taking some of my IB exams already, I expect that I will not be able to reach my offer.Most likely I will be a point or two off... Does anyone know about ease of negotiation?=/
  7. Teddy_The_Bear


    So I take it grade boundaries will not jump up more than 1%?=/ I'm super worried...I feel like I bombed it to the point I might fail...
  8. Teddy_The_Bear


    Wow, I need some comforting here lmao. I did decent P1, p2 was so hard and p3 i did relativity and astro. Astro i got some right, relativity only the theory.One question annoyed me so much,the one about showing speed of light is constant experiment EXCEPT Michelson-Morley...I wrote about Muons...which is an experiment showing time dilation and length contraction... What do you guys think the boundaries will be like this year? =/ I'm hoping for a 4 but after reading stuff here I feel like I'm not gonna even scrape a 3...On my labs I got approx 35/48?=/
  9. Teddy_The_Bear

    was Ke$ha really in IB?

    I'd love to hear what she got...doubt she passed...with lyrics like that...
  10. Teddy_The_Bear

    M10 - Computer Science Paper 1 & 2

    Yep its me and wow dude, I did the binary tree wrong too... I drew it right first then crossed it out..only to find out that I was right the first time... the first word was Fish and then the one starting with S i put on the left instead because i thought of order of importance WHICH IS SO STUPID I'M SO ANNOYED.
  11. Teddy_The_Bear

    M10 - Computer Science Paper 1 & 2

    looks like u and me take it here and thats it lol
  12. 6+6sinx =0 6sinx = -6 sinx = -1 x = 270 degrees 6+6sinx =6 6sinx = 0 sinx = 0 x = 180 or 360 i got the first one right...the second one i just solved..i hope im right but i rushed it so much during the exam..90mins just aint enuf:( oh and the log question...I got 3 and -1 but that was cause i didnt change log to log form when i moved it over:(...
  13. Teddy_The_Bear

    UK vs Canada?=/

    Yeah that sounds good, they wont even be in the same city as me so I suppose I'll only get to see them every now and then...theres always time in the future:D. I guess in terms of getting a job and stuff, graduating out of UBC would probably be the best idea right? I hear the city is nice and everything...sounds like better conditions than in the UK.
  14. Teddy_The_Bear

    UK vs Canada?=/

    Hey Well, I'm sort of in a dilemma here and I'd like to see what choice you would make if you were in my spot... Basically, I got an acceptance from UBC a few days ago and I've gotten conditional offers for Newcastle,Birmingham and Leicester... Now the problem is, it seems like my closest friends are in the UK or just Europe in general...yet passing up UBC seems like a waste to me... So my question is...what would you chose?=/
  15. Teddy_The_Bear

    Univeristy in UK vs US/CA

    Math I must say is not the greatest subject for me...I mean in SL i can get 6's and 7's but if I am to go HL...I will score 4 is lucky so that is not going to work. The courses I chose were my best choices, I don't see how else I could have gone except for Math HL which is out of question for me. What do you mean the list I produced is not good, I mean the universities you just mention were included =/. Opinion on Carleton University in Ontario anybody?=/

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