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  1. I'm planning to do my math IA on roller coaster but I'm not sure on how to approach this topic. I research and it might require lots of math such as geometry, trig, polynomial and calculus. But i'm not sure whether these three math methods are related in designing a roller coaster or not. I'm thinking of designing a thrilling but safe roller coaster. This way I might need to find the slope/height of first drop, turns and loops which means I might need to make up these numbers. Or should I just find these numbers from a real life roller coaster? Or should I research on modelling of the segment of a roller coaster? Any suggestions on how to approach this topic?And the kind of things/math is required for roller coaster?
  2. I have enough CAS to complete for 50 hours but what I meant was the CAS where I have to initiate. I don't know whether every ib students have to initiate a CAS before they graduate.
  3. I am wondering if is it is required to initiate a CAS before I graduate? If I don't do it then does that mean I can't have the diploma certificate & can't graduate? Does initiate a CAS have to be creativity and action and service? For example can it be only creativity? Or only creativity and service? I am so confused, please help. I'd be very appreciate. Thank you so much
  4. I'm going to do my EE in visual art but I have some questions. I'm going to do my EE about Frank Gehry but I haven't form the research question yet. I just want to know of what kind of architecture does Frank Gehry make? I researched and it says that he is known for deconstructivist architect. Are his buildings related to surrealism? Thanks:)
  5. I have difficulty choosing my EE subject. I have never taken psychology before but I want to do EE in psychology, is that too difficult to do? Do I have to know lots of vocab used in psycho? I'm very interested in abnormal, health and human behaviour. P.S. If I choose psychology I still have the superviser to guild me.
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