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  1. Woah! My IB Biology SL class is currently doing our genetics unit right now! We're kind of in the middle of testing for it but it'd be great to be study buddies (might be able to teach each other new things) What textbook do you have?
  2. I am not sure as to what the formatting is meant to be for your lab report for you, but the collected data and research and overall report appears to be sound.
  3. Hello, fellow International Baccalaureate students! I need your help here please with the Group 4 project. This year, our class has been the first IB class at my school required to take IB Biology our Junior year. We also have IB Physics HL as a 6th subject at my school. We have no other IB sciences. Our teacher is new to understanding IB in general and we are receiving many conflicting and confusing statements from him. I cannot find any requirements for the Group 4 project set out by IBO. Can somebody please inform me on what they are? Are projects supposed to be analyzed from Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Environmental points of view? Are we allowed to or supposed to use all of these points of view despite not having IB Chemistry or IB Environmental Science at my school? Also, in the group there is nobody who is taking IB Physics, are there any tips you can give us? Thank you for all of your advice and help!
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