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  1. What English course is this? English Literature? English Language and Literature? Either way, I'm not sure how your topic has any ties with literature. Perhaps you should add whatever you're doing with literature into your research question. E.g. How do... as seen in [literature] by [author]?
  2. Hi op, I suggest waiting until the last minute of your deadline for Carleton. You can ask call Waterloo and tell them about your situation. See if they can prioritize reading your application. If not, then accept the offer. The worst thing that can happen is just pay a small fee to withdraw your acceptance if Waterloo does accept you. The timings of universities is pretty bad, I totally feel you. Hope you get into Waterloo!
  3. Hi OP, it is not impossible. Don't forget that both UT and UBC have other campuses too, and those campus' admission standards are much lower. You can transfer campuses easily if you do ok in first year, so it's not big of a problem. The smaller campuses also accept applications until a later date. I know someone who actually was not accepted to early admissions in the US (when you do early admissions you can't apply to any other schools) so by the time he knew he was not accepted, most application deadlines have already passed. He applied to one of the smaller campuses and got in immediately. There's always hope for IB students! :') UBC and UT love IB students.
  4. Haha I did, but yes. NP wants to get their driver license on their birthday.
  5. Hot because 4 HLs. GG man courage to you.
  6. Johnny Depp laughs and said, "too naive" as he takes off his wig.
  7. Banned for getting IBS so early in your IB career!!! Try hard.
  8. At my school, there are generally two views of IB students. 1. "They think that they're all that just because they are learning harder stuff" 2. "Those kids who are always complaining" IB students tend to stick together, they have their own little culture kind of thing. As a grad class, we didn't fit in at all, but we had each other. There is a general view that IB students feel more superior (and really, I think it's ok to feel like you deserve a little more for all that you're going through! Not as a reason to heavily look down on others though) but there is always the jealousy that non-IB students have. "IB students are special". The grad class gets to plan events without considering IB assignment deadlines and exam schedules, but when we try to plan something by ourselves, it's "not fair to the non-IB students because we have a history of prejudice".
  9. Am I the only one who wouldn't call themselves a feminist? Like many user addressed before, gender equality is subjective and hard to define. I believe in gender differences. Of course, there are women who are very suitable for traditional jobs for men, and vice versa. For those people, if they have the passion and want to go against the flow and fight to break the stereotypes, I say go for it! But I believe that there is a reason why, for example, man works and woman supports man in a household. Women tend to be more emotional, while men tend to be more logical. I am not saying all people are like this, there is a reason for this statement(psychological aspect). No logical fallacies pls. People are different because they are brought up differently. What I mean is, we are given roles in this society. If you don't like where you are, fight for it. If you don't want to fight for it, then too bad, stay where you are and be content. The thing with making everyone equal isn't necessarily a good thing. What about loss of individuality? 1984? A Handmaid's Tale? Brave New World? We think that's frightening, but now we think more equal is better? Not sure if this is societal influence...
  10. Another really tricky thing is the patient's family. Who decides the patient's life? If they are unable to make their decision (mentally disabled, physically unable etc), then is it ethical for the patient's family to choose assisted suicide for the patient? This is when a good intention can be used as a double-edged sword. Who knows if the family is using this as a way to kill the patient for family property/will/etc.? Who decides that the patient is suffering? Once we start to put people's lives in others' free control, it gets dangerous and hard to control. I personally think assisted suicide should not be allowed. I am not against some of the really good arguments for the sake of the patient, but there are actually so many problems that could arise from this policy that it's not worth the risk. I cannot imagine how much assisted suicide can be abused. We're dealing with human lives here, I'd say just be careful. Of course, unless if there is some kind of way that can make an absolute objective judgment on the extent of pain that the patient is going through, I mean even then it's really the patient's decision. Just because we assume no one likes suffering, does't mean we can make an assumption on if the patient wants to keep on living or pass away. What if they are willing to endure the pain and living another day being able to see their loved ones visit them makes them happy? It's just such a difficult issue. Thank you for opening the topic, op.
  11. Op, your English course is probably English Lit. I took English HL and math SL. Math HL and SL are very different in difficulty. Math will be very challenging if you don't have good basics. You need to put a lot more time into practicing. As for English, I personally think English is the course that has the smallest difference between HL and SL. If you hate English that much, by no means try to take English HL. Try math HL first, but English HL is not much of a big deal. English HL is just more than SL but in terms of how hard examiners mark you, it's quite similar. English is a subjective subject, so you can probably get around the same mark in HL and SL with the same abilities. I hate reading too, but I'm ok at analyzing. English is not something you can just improve immediately, but math is. If you want to put your focus on other subjects, I say taking English HL is fine, you don't need to worry too much about it if you do have to take it. You will have classmates who are strong in English, but just remember that your focus is elsewhere. Besides, (assuming op is not going into arts) English mark doesn't matter as much as your other subjects. Hope that gives you an idea of what English HL is like! Definitely go for math HL first. It doesn't hurt to try.
  12. I miss marathoning a series without worrying about school work. I miss getting enough sleep. I miss eating well. I miss happiness.
  13. 1 from N.A. to Europe Asia 81 Africa 94 Europe 60 Australia 43 Antarctica 65 North America 40

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