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  1. IbTrojan

    TOK Presentation Moderation

    I don't think so. Maybe it's because you said that you had a couple marks in between? So if all of the checks weren't in the 9/10 section, than you can't get that level?
  2. IbTrojan

    IB ESS survey please take this!

    Done, all the best!
  3. IbTrojan

    Math Studies IA Survey.

    All done, all the best!
  4. IbTrojan

    Subject Choices

    I took almost the same courses you have (SL French instead of Swedish) and as they do require physics where I have applied as well, I took physics in summer school (just for the pre-req) so if you have the option of doing something like that (physics outside of IB), you could maybe look into that as well? Good luck! And I can say right now, if you chose your courses based on what you like you will really enjoy them! (From experience )
  5. IbTrojan

    blurt random lyrics out!

    You have been, and you will be You have seen, and you will see ....And still you know me oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
  6. IbTrojan

    English essay

    Depending on how and what you're using this phrase for, you could also change it to: A decision of utter worth Again, it's subjective to what you're using it for.
  7. IbTrojan

    IB subjects survey

    All done, good luck!
  8. In Hamlet (William Shakespeare) and the House of the Spirits (Isabel Allende) what kind of techniques can be used to define the role of women in both novels? I know context is a major aspect that can be argued however my teacher suggested against it to avoid the chance of straying away from the actual novels. Hamlet: Do you think allusions can be used in Hamlet? Or imagery? Or metaphors? "The fair Ophelia. -- Nymph, in thy orisons/Be all my sins remembered." "the unweeded garden" "Frailty, thy name is woman." And for the House of the Spirits: I'll be honest, plot-wise, I have a good idea of what to use. As for the links to techniques (character development, imagery, structure, narration, setting, themes...etc.), I haven't a clue. Help would be much appreciated!! Thank you!
  9. Hey there, I can understand why you see IB as such a difficult program however, that's very subjective. There are hundreds of students who love the program and as cliche as it seems in the beginning, they really do try to shape their students into well-rounded humans. As you have proven with the many activities you're a part of. High school in general can be stressful and let me tell you one thing about grades at least in Ontario, getting a 100 in IB is wayyyyy easier than in regular school. (That bell curve :') ) Also, if you're finding that you don't have enough time for the larger assessments, you may want to prioritize your work. Like maybe on the larger assignments before the little worksheets (that are basically worth nothing...) so that you don't have to complete them poorly last minute. Or talk to your teachers if you're really stressing about grades and the workload, they're a lot more accommodating than you might think at first. Recently, I've been talking to all of my teachers A LOT because I wasn't performing as well as I hoped but by going to them for feedback and staying on top of my work, I've been improving! So really, go to them, pepper them with questions, get their help. It's worth it. Now, going back to those activities that you're a part of. First off, let me congratulate you on all of the amazing skills you have learned and practiced. I aspire to know so much! Secondly, let me also tell you that it is those skills and experiences from your extra-curriculars that will actually help you at the end of it all, so don't think they're for waste. BUT, at the same time, (unfortunately), grades matter too much for universities so what I would suggest is that you drop some of those activities temporarily so that you don't exhaust yourself when it comes to studying. I too am a part of many clubs but I dropped a few this year knowing that I wouldn't be able to give as much time to them. You may want to look into doing the same. I know it really sucks, but you have to give some to get some, you know? As for universities, just because you didn't get into early acceptances for Science does not mean you won't get it now. I understand the dramatics since I get pretty...enthusiastic when I worry too. But it's okay. Trust the fellow Canadian. Take a deep breath. Now take another one. To work on pulling up those grades, I would suggest that you make a list of all of the work you have everyday. Every day. Then number off each task based on importance. I usually number them based on: (A) how long it will take, (B) the importance of the assignment, © the difficulty level. Honestly, I like starting with something easy to give me that boost that "hey, that went well! Alright on to the next task!" with a smile rather than getting frustrated. By giving yourself that boost of accomplishment, you're motivating yourself to keep working to get that feeling again. Take a 5-15 min break depending on how long you study for. You'll realize though that once you really get into a subject, you may want to keep going until you finish it. But yes, take breaks. For the long-term tasks, make a schedule and stick with it. Plan out specifically how you want to finish sections of the task (e.g. IAs - part A, part B, part C...etc. should be finished by *insert date here*) then break up those sections too (e.g. today I will jot down possible topics, then I'll do some research, write out some theses, arguments...etc.). You'll realize that you'll be getting a little bit done everyday and won't have to procrastinate! Yippee! The biggest thing for this type of time organization is actually sticking to it. If you really want to improve, you cannot give up. I actually read something that Chris Pratt put up on Instagram today: "...to anyone out there chasing your dream... Fifteen years ago I felt the same passion I feel today, but I had very little opportunity. I had to hustle hard and go hungry. I had to eat sardines and figure out how to get gas money. And I never had a plan B. I never stopped believing. Ever. Don't give up. Apply constant pressure for as long as it takes. It will break before you do. Go get it." So my little grasshopper, go show IB what you're REALLY made of. Good luck and don't give up!
  10. IbTrojan

    A little topic/title please.

    Well if I were you, I would discuss this with my history teacher first. Talk to them about the idea that you have and whatever confusion you're experiencing in understanding the IA.
  11. IbTrojan

    Say Something Nice!

    With every sacrifice... ...comes opportunity.
  12. IbTrojan

    blurt random lyrics out!

    I dream of it when I lie awake, I know it's out there, I'll be waiting. I dream of it when I lie awake. Space between my head and my heart, is slowly fading. I dream of it when I lie awake
  13. IbTrojan

    Would you rather...?

    Hated in high school and have better friends later (it's what I'm hoping on present day, actually ) Would you rather write academic exams or IB exams?
  14. IbTrojan

    Which IB Sciences course should I take?

    Simply based on the courses you've taken, I would suggest going with the most theoretical/content-based science (I don't know much about ESS but biology fits that category the most) since you want to play up your skills here. Even if you're not good at the sciences, take the course that you think you could improve your strong skills on. I hope that makes sense - It sounded better in my head....
  15. I almost forgot that Languages even have textbooks... If you really need it, I would ask your teacher what they prefer (since they're teaching the course to you)

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