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  1. IbTrojan

    TOK Presentation Moderation

    I don't think so. Maybe it's because you said that you had a couple marks in between? So if all of the checks weren't in the 9/10 section, than you can't get that level?
  2. IbTrojan

    IB ESS survey please take this!

    Done, all the best!
  3. IbTrojan

    Math Studies IA Survey.

    All done, all the best!
  4. IbTrojan

    Subject Choices

    I took almost the same courses you have (SL French instead of Swedish) and as they do require physics where I have applied as well, I took physics in summer school (just for the pre-req) so if you have the option of doing something like that (physics outside of IB), you could maybe look into that as well? Good luck! And I can say right now, if you chose your courses based on what you like you will really enjoy them! (From experience )
  5. IbTrojan

    blurt random lyrics out!

    You have been, and you will be You have seen, and you will see ....And still you know me oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
  6. IbTrojan

    English essay

    Depending on how and what you're using this phrase for, you could also change it to: A decision of utter worth Again, it's subjective to what you're using it for.
  7. IbTrojan

    IB subjects survey

    All done, good luck!
  8. In Hamlet (William Shakespeare) and the House of the Spirits (Isabel Allende) what kind of techniques can be used to define the role of women in both novels? I know context is a major aspect that can be argued however my teacher suggested against it to avoid the chance of straying away from the actual novels. Hamlet: Do you think allusions can be used in Hamlet? Or imagery? Or metaphors? "The fair Ophelia. -- Nymph, in thy orisons/Be all my sins remembered." "the unweeded garden" "Frailty, thy name is woman." And for the House of the Spirits: I'll be honest, plot-wise, I have a good idea of what to use. As for the links to techniques (character development, imagery, structure, narration, setting, themes...etc.), I haven't a clue. Help would be much appreciated!! Thank you!
  9. IbTrojan

    A little topic/title please.

    Well if I were you, I would discuss this with my history teacher first. Talk to them about the idea that you have and whatever confusion you're experiencing in understanding the IA.
  10. IbTrojan

    Say Something Nice!

    With every sacrifice... ...comes opportunity.
  11. IbTrojan

    blurt random lyrics out!

    I dream of it when I lie awake, I know it's out there, I'll be waiting. I dream of it when I lie awake. Space between my head and my heart, is slowly fading. I dream of it when I lie awake
  12. IbTrojan

    Would you rather...?

    Hated in high school and have better friends later (it's what I'm hoping on present day, actually ) Would you rather write academic exams or IB exams?
  13. IbTrojan

    Which IB Sciences course should I take?

    Simply based on the courses you've taken, I would suggest going with the most theoretical/content-based science (I don't know much about ESS but biology fits that category the most) since you want to play up your skills here. Even if you're not good at the sciences, take the course that you think you could improve your strong skills on. I hope that makes sense - It sounded better in my head....
  14. I almost forgot that Languages even have textbooks... If you really need it, I would ask your teacher what they prefer (since they're teaching the course to you)
  15. IbTrojan

    You know you are an IB student when...

    I actually don't personally have this problem But I know of many others who do! You know you're an IB student when you have 12398434 textbooks for history.

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