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  1. capitalist

    Official November 2009 IB Results Thread

    By the way does anyone know whether IB Maths HL OR HSC(Higher School Certificate in NSW Australia)'s Maths Extension 2 is harder?
  2. capitalist

    Official November 2009 IB Results Thread

    By the way will all Australian universities simply look at the "IB to UAC" score ranking chart to know what your score is?(http://www.uac.edu.au/undergraduate/faq/ib.shtml) If so, it gives the IB students a great advantage in terms of grades required for admission.
  3. capitalist

    Official November 2009 IB Results Thread

    Just within my expected range: Subject Grade (predicted grade in brackets) 2009 NOVEMBER CHINESE A1 SL 5 (5) 2009 NOVEMBER ENGLISH A2 SL 6 (6) 2009 NOVEMBER BUS.& MAN. HL in ENGLISH 5 (7) 2009 NOVEMBER ECONOMICS HL in ENGLISH 7 (6) 2009 NOVEMBER PHYSICS EE in ENGLISH D (B) 2009 NOVEMBER PHYSICS HL in ENGLISH 6 (6) 2009 NOVEMBER MATHEMATICS SL in ENGLISH 7 (6) 2009 NOVEMBER THEORY KNOWL. TK in ENGLISH B (B) Additional/Extra subjects None EE/TOK points: 1 (2) Total points: 37 (38) Results: Bilingual Diploma awarded 12 course unit credit transfer to American universities!!
  4. capitalist

    Official November 2009 IB Results Thread

    By the way do you guys have ACTUAL results better or worse than your predicted grades?
  5. Hello, I would like to ask if I become a VIP member, How many English A2 paper 2 sample files would I get access to? And what's the grades/quality for them?
  6. capitalist

    Costs of purchasing VIP member

    Hi, I am a newcomer to this forum and I want to know whether the admin can reduce the price for purchasing the VIP membership in USD terms, and I would like to purchase it in USD terms because there's extra charge involved to use my US visa card to make online purchases in foreign currencies. Now 1 GBP is around 1.4USD but I can't see that this is the case for this site. site: 8 GBP to 15.74 USD, this is outdated as this price is quoted shortly before the financial tsunami now, after the depreciation of major European currencies against the USD, shouldn't 8 GBP be equal to 11.2 USD or something similar? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another question is that Does IBsurvival offer English A2 past papers?
  7. capitalist

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    hey by the way since I am an international student i got a question for the SAT too, particularly for the new score choice policy. Collegeboard has just introduced a new score policy called "Score Choice", which allows candidates to select which scores they want to submit to universities/colleges. So here's my scenario: I got a bad score for SAT1 for last year ~1600 and got a bad score in SAT1 ~1800 in Jan this yr, and I will retake the SAT1 again in June and I'm planning to use the new Score Choice program to only submit the June score to universities/colleges, so they won't know how badly I've done in the past. I've previously ticked the "Student Search Service" for SAT1 last year, and I've received alot of crappy college offers by mail since then, and soon I realized how bad "Student Search Service" it was, I've 'unticked' that and soon these college offers have stopped bombarding my home mailbox. However, I've been receiving crappy college offers since my (this year's)Jan scores are released in Feb, even though I have unticked the "Student Search Service" option in the Collegeboard website. So, does it mean that almost every universities and colleges can see my scores now?
  8. capitalist

    English A2

    By the way I did my individual oral in the first year of IB and I've got 24/30 (A:8/B:8/C:8)in HL criteria. Can it be submitted to the IBO and be counted?
  9. capitalist

    Language A2 Individual Oral

    hey, i'm a student from Hong Kong. I did the individual oral in the first year of IB and I got 24/30 (HL criteria A:8 B:8 C:8) for a passage in the Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. However, I'm doing English A2 SL, but my teacher marks me using HL criteria so that I feel that I need improvement, yet I don't know what will I get if he were marking my idv. oral using SL criteria. So, I'm just wondering what mark will I have if the same oral task were assessed using SL criteria? Will the marks be inflated alot? Thanks
  10. capitalist

    Written Task 2 (Eng A2)

    Also, bear in mind that the rationale has no word limit as long as it doesn't exceed the written tasks' word count itself or make it too long. So it is advised to fully explain the styles and techniques of your written task inside your rationale. e.g. how and why are you writing in a specific type of register and tone? Justify it.

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