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  1. Bude

    What to expect from Chemisrty HL

    https://www.youtube.com/user/richthornley is your man. You can watch his videos now and they'll cover most of the course. If you have done IGCSE Chemistry, you will find SL Chemistry very easy. HL is harder, but I think it's mostly logical. It's not too bad tbh.
  2. Consider examples such as the Stanford Prison Experiment - the ethical barriers of repeating that, etc. Also see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6GxIuljT3w
  3. Bude

    IB advice

    Physics SL, the key to success in that is dimensional analysis, Chemistry HL, you will probably find the SL content very easy, but HL is a fair bit harder. Use this guy's videos though: https://www.youtube.com/user/richthornley
  4. Bude

    Tell me your Group 4 stories

    Ours was reallllllllllllly smooth. Finding Planck's constant using an LED, simple circuit, simple calculation, ggwp
  5. Yes. Consistent practice on topics that you aren't good at is the key. In particular, make sure you know the big topics like Complex Numbers and Lines and Planes really really well. As ajRooter said, if you're doing HL Maths you really should be spending at least half an hour extra every day if you want to do well. Do practice questions from your textbook, or get the IB question bank (expensive but a lot lot lot of questions)
  6. Bude

    Describing IB in Three Words?

    Disciplining, educating, rewarding
  7. I heard it's very easy to check if you've done something wrong in the Calculus topic, and my teacher specialises in that, so that's the one we'll be doing. No idea what it'll be like though, I think we start it next academic year.
  8. Bude

    before starting IB

    It depends on your subject choices, but all I can say is: If you're doing Chemistry, look at RichThornley on YouTube and watch his videos. You'll find lessons a lot easier if you've done preparatory learning. If you're doing HL Maths, practise your algebra as much as you can so it doesn't go 'rusty'. If you do go 'rusty' you will probably have a hard time catching up and find HL Maths almost impossible at the start of the year.
  9. I think a breeze is maybe a bit strong xP The SL components are also the easiest bits by a mile. The HL aspects are quite hard! In my humble opinion. Lol whoever said 10-15 pages of commentary either : (a) Is exaggerating (b) Has huge handwriting © Writes on notecards The commentaries aren't that long ;'D They're normal 5 paragraph essays, albeit the paragraphs have to be pretty long. They're pretty easy to score on Getting a 15 or 16 out of 20 should be accessible. And neah you shouldn't start studying that early. Maybe math but the rest no. True as that may be, the HL components are pretty hard or well, challenging. I admit SL is pretty cute stuff, but HL Chemistry is the real deal. I meant to say that the SL components will be a breeze But HL stuff isn't too bad if you use the learning resources well, Rich Thornley for example.
  10. So HL Chemistry will be a breeze mainly as the SL components are basically IGCSE Chemistry material. HL Maths is very challenging, and I suggest practising a lot before you actually start the course - you need very strong algebra.
  11. Bude

    Can communism ever work?

    Human nature says no.
  12. Bude

    Boarding School

    I go to a boarding school and I absolutely love it. If you're the sort of person who gets distracted at home and aren't disciplined enough to do your work, it's probably a good option. It really helps prepare you for future life too.
  13. Bude

    IB Planning

    If you like understanding and learning, you will find HL Chemistry relatively straightforward. Watch this guy's videos if you want an early lead. https://www.youtube.com/user/richthornley The way we learn Chemistry at my school is to do all the topics at SL, then do the HL components of them.
  14. Bude

    Taking 6 HLs + 1 SL?

    Not worth it imo. And don't underestimate HL Maths.
  15. I used the Nuffield Advanced Science: Book of Data True value is the literature value, I think you should just be able to copy these and say where you got them from. It goes from methanol down to pentan-1-ol.

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