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  1. Thank you for your answers, I do agree, thank you sameer95, simply94 and viska. It is one of those subjects that requires you to rerevise by yourself. And I'll see if it becomes a problem when we start HL, thank you all very much and good luck!
  2. Hello! Well, i am not very sure, however, in my point of view, I think if you will analyse the literature using english terms and using ie: "he uses words such as ,, and ,, to show emotion" and stuff, I think it will work as an Eng lang & lit essay. + I think the topic would be very interesting!
  3. Im doing biology HL, however, we are very late in the progress. My teacher is not an ib teacher, yet, teaches us SL first then we will move on to the HL. Do I self study HL alongside the SL so that I can do well in the exams? If so, any recommended resources or study tips. Thank you IB family.
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