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  1. It's one of the best investments I have made in my life, well worth the money.
  2. Hi, If I rewrite some exams to increase the grades, do I then get a "revised" diploma with the new grades or do I just get some certificates of those subjects and grades?
  3. Hi, I have got 7s during most past papers mock we have done in school so it was a big surprise and disappointment to me when I only got a 6 in the finals. I need 5 % more to get a 7. I got 24/28 from my IA and it felt like papers 1, 2, and 3 went well as well. Should I ask for a remark since I really want that 7. How likely (or unlikely) is it that I would get a grade raise?
  4. Not very happy with my paper 1, questions 9 and 10 were unlike anything I had revised..
  5. The invigilators in the school I go to are our teachers. On monday we had Physics paper 3 and then the invigilator was our biology teacher and the other supervisor was our English teacher.
  6. Hi, can anyone explain how to solve the following Maths SL calculus questions?
  7. Paper 1 was pretty okay in my opinion. Paper 2 on the other hand was a nightmare, and it's 40% of the final grade..
  8. As far as I know you can write whatever option you want.
  9. I think it is unnecessary. When my class did the IOPs the student asked if there were any questions, and very seldom did a student ask a question. Then our teacher asked a few questions and that was it. I got 27/30 marks and I hadn't prepared to answer any questions nor did my teacher mention the questions she asked when she gave me the marks and feedback. So I think the questions afterwards will not influence your marks. If you collude with a classmate and make up questions for he/she to ask then that's a breach of IB rules. It is unfair that some do it and in that way seem to know the stuff better than they actually do, but as far as I know the questions afterwards don't influence your marks.
  10. See it from the bright side, sex is an available alternative Not everyone is that lucky.
  11. I think the only requirement is that you write with black or blue ink. So I am pretty certain you can use your fountain pen as long as the colour of the ink you use is black or blue. However, I suggest you bring a "normal" pen to the exams as well, in case you are not allowed to use the fountain pen.
  12. Easiest: Economics HL and Maths SL Hardest: English Language and Literature HL
  13. Favourite: Economics and Psychology Least favourite: Physics
  14. I do not have an answer to your question, but I am also interest in knowing the answer
  15. I completely agree, everyone should have the right to love/marry whoever they want regardless of gender. Marriage is personal and no one should have the right to determine who can marry who etc.