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  1. This year, I'll be in IB Math SL. Although I would prefer to take HL since I plan on majoring in Physics, my school doesn't offer it (nor do they offer IB Physics, so I'm taking AP Physics along with my IB courses). I plan on applying to several selective universities, none of which grant credit for SL exams; this will make it challenging to enter with enough math credit to follow the desired course sequence relevant to my major. However, they do seem to offer credit for AP Calculus AB. Although my school does offer Calculus AB (but not BC), I don't want to give up on the IB Diploma in order to take it. I don't have room in my schedule to take both, either. This brings me to my question: Does IB Math SL overlap with AP Calculus AB to the extent that I could take the AP exam (and score a 4 or 5) in order to earn college credit? If not, would it give me enough background in calculus to place out of a first-year college level calculus course? I appreciate any insight, especially if you've had exposure to both classes.
  2. @ElvenRanger: Thanks for the advice! I was curious about the Physics classes; glad to hear that Physics B has improved (I heard that they covered way too much, too). Sounds like English might be a pain, but at least I was warned beforehand Hoping I have a good Physics teacher, but i guess I'll find out soon enough. Anyways, this definitely helped- much appreciated
  3. @munsteroar: Thanks! I definitely appreciate the advice; I was a bit concerned about the amount of time TOK would consume on top of my other classes, especially with CAS to complete. Glad to know it shouldn't be a problem!
  4. Thanks! I'm fairly sure I can manage it now- I'm generally fairly talented when it comes to time management and, as suggested by my class choices, am passionate about science. As for the questions about German, this is the only path which my school offers. IB German V (or German B SL, I guess the school just renamed it) is a continuation of German IV, so there will be no problem transitioning. @r111: I would prefer to take IB Physics, but my school doesn't offer it for some reason (maybe they preferred the AP curriculum). Thanks for the advice!
  5. I'm preparing to enroll for classes next year, and I've decided to complete the IB Diploma. I know what I want to take, but I'd like a few opinions as to whether or not it's too much. Junior Year: Mathematics SL Biology HL Chemistry HL English HL History of the Americas HL German IV Theory of Knowledge (offered before school) AP Physics B Senior Year: Same, but with IB German V instead of German IV and AP Physics C instead of B I definitely plan on majoring in at least one science in college (would consider double majoring), and I genuinely enjoy all of the subjects listed above. A little background; I'm in top 2% of my class and, despite taking all advanced courses for the first two years of high school, have not been genuinely challenged by any of my classes. I'm definitely willing to put forth the extra effort, but I need to know just how challenging this would be. I would appreciate feedback from anyone with IB experience!
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