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  1. Tarz

    April Fools

    Aside from the standard lame prank of telling other students there's a test next class, do you guys have any ideas for April Fools pranks?
  2. Well, it's a design lab, so I need something better than that.. I guess I'll go with a camera, a stop watch and an electronic balance.
  3. I need something that can measure mass vs time and graph it.. like a probe, but for mass. Maybe there's something like that for the graphing calculator? Anyone know?
  4. Tarz

    [SL]Mathematics Help

    K thanks I guess that's the only way.
  5. Tarz

    [SL]Mathematics Help

    I can't download. But yeah, I guess it's not an IB style question. What about this one? This one I'm actually confused about... It's in the anti-derivatives section, so it should be solvable without actual integration. It's referring to the distance, not displacement, which I don't know how to find.
  6. Tarz

    Equilibrium Lab

    Anyone know a simple equilibrium reaction that I can use for a lab testing the effects of changes on equilibrium? All I can think of is acids and bases... and I don't know what I can use other than change of concentration. That kind of a lab seems really boring and obvious. Can anyone think of any good equilibrium reactions?
  7. Tarz

    Should I Take IB, yay or nay?

    IB steals your soul. You get lower marks for more work and then universities don't even care. (At least in Ontario) I have friends that party every other day and they get 90s in the regular program.
  8. Tarz

    [SL]Mathematics Help

    I'm studying for a test and I came across this. I don't understand how to solve it. For a) I get as far as knowing that y=-x has to be tangent to y=1/2 x^2 + c, but I don't know how to solve that. I think the derivative of y=1/2 x^2 + c has to be the same as the derivative of y=-x... so y=x and y=-1 so x=-1. That's where they intersect. But how do I get C? (-1,1) is where the two lines intersect... so that's a point on y= 1/2 x^2 +C. So 1= 1/2 (-1)^2 + C has to be true. So 1= 1/2 + C. C=1/2. LOL WTF I SOLVED IT Well, does anyone know an easier way to do this?
  9. Tarz

    TOK and Math

    Ohh quantum physics is a good TOK topic!
  10. Everyone says that they would help him, but I really doubt anyone actually would if they were in that situation. Hmm.. how can we test this theory? Oh, wait they already did! No one stopped. In my opinion these are the factors affecting their decision making at the time: 1. They paid thousands of dollars to get up there once and stopping for someone would probably mean having to come down afterwords 2. They didn't know what situation he was in, how long he was there for or why he is laying under a rock 3. I'm sure most of them (like me) were pretty confident that if they stopped they couldn't do much to help him. (all I know about first aid is how to clean a wound :/) 4. They were freezing... how can you think about someone else's life while yours is on the line? Do I really need to go on? Obviously no one stopped and obviously they had many reasons not to. This is such a controversial issue only because of the potential it has for sensational headlines in newspapers. "ZOMG THEY DIDN'T STOP :'(" Get a grip.
  11. Tarz

    Extended Essay

    mimii, I don't take psychology, but that sounds pretty good to me. As long as.. "agoraphobia" is not really boring that is. My EE was on the Reichstag Fire I think I did well. We'll see. I discussed the different theories and came to the conclusion that those Russians are bastards... They spread so much propaganda, some people still believe that it was a Nazi plot. Oh, well, at least I know who did it Van der Lubbe acted alone. He did it all himself. I think he was a pretty cool guy... too bad they hanged him.
  12. Tarz

    What song are you listening to?

    Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 19 in F major
  13. Tarz

    TOK Presentation

    [quote name='greaterthaninfinity' post='39977' date='Mar 11 2009, 02:51 AM']I think a great one would be stem cell research. It's directly linked to the AoK of biological sciences. Different people will obviously have a different outlook on this topic; anything could easily be tied to knowledge and interpretation, really. [/quote] This. Another fun current topic is data mining through the use of the internet.
  14. Tarz

    TOK and Math

    Calculus? It's gets really abstract... but in the end it miraculously works
  15. I think optimal betting size is plenty. Poker game theory is pretty complicated to begin with. Just calculating the chances of winning is hard enough. It's been done though, so it's not the most original topic. However, for this reason it will be easier to do. I bet you can find a lot on the internet about poker probability. It's a safe topic. You don't have to come up with something entirely original to begin with. It would help though if you introduce something somewhat new, for example the chance that the other player will read your face and how the introduction of this affects the strategy. In fact, now that I think about it, it could make up a good portion of your EE. haha another thing I just though of is "the effects of alcohol on poker game theory". Introduce a chance, because of alcohol that players will be playing with less foresight and imagining larger chances of winning. Another topic would be analyzing different strategies - ago, conservative, beginner (random), expert face reader, etc. Man, this essay sounds really fun. Too bad I already wrote mine

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