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  1. Is it my HL IB Film class and I will pick movies later, but i need a good question. What do you think?
  2. mellonstarburst

    Part time job and Full IB?

    So my family income is pretty low and I want to help them out (also it would look good for college), but I am in full IB and people always say it is arduous to manage good grades and a job. I want to try to see if I can only work on the weekends, but what do you think I should do? Anyone has any work experience and managed straight A's in SL IB courses? Thanks!
  3. Is there somewhere I can find practice IB exams for me to get an idea of what I am going to face? I feel like my teachers dont prepare us enough. I am a Junior. I am taking Latin SL/French SL Pre Cal SL Biology SL World History SL Film HL English HL Thanks!
  4. mellonstarburst

    What do I tell my best friend about my essay?

  5. She is in another country and she is coming back next week. I am supposed to go over to her house and I am so excited!!! But the thing is, she wants to read my essay that we had to write over the summer. I do not want her to read it and I dont know how to tell her that without sounding harsh or rude. I dont want her to think that I dont want her stealing my ideas. Thanks
  6. mellonstarburst

    Latin is killing me!

    thanks <333333
  7. mellonstarburst

    Latin is killing me!

    So I have to take latin if im going full ib which i am. Latin 1 and 2 were pretty hard and i still dont know my conjugations. Any tips so i can survive and keep my straight As on my report card (which i highly doubt)?
  8. mellonstarburst

    No more CAS?

  9. mellonstarburst

    No more CAS?

    Is it true that CAS hours are not needed anymore because the students don't really enjoy them or whatever? I can't contact my CAS coordinator or anyone from school since they're all busy during the summer
  10. mellonstarburst

    Do virtual races count?

    Does The Peace & Love Bus Virtual Run – 5k/10k/Half Marathon count for CAS?
  11. mellonstarburst

    My dad teaching me how to.swim for a week?

    CAS hours start sophomore summer for my school. Thanks!
  12. So for we're going for a vacation for a week and there is a swimming pool at the hotel. My.father said he'll teach me how to swim in a week. Will it count for Action?
  13. mellonstarburst

    CAS Planning and Reflecting/Writing

    Thanks!! Sent from my Huawei-U8665 using Tapatalk 2
  14. Thanks guys! I asked my coordinator and she said both learning and teaching count!
  15. So my father wants to teach me an instrument so iwas wondring if learning could count? If not, would teaching my sister an instrument count? Thanks!

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