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  1. SeverusSnape

    7th subject IB Music too much?

    You should do music! It's a really fun class. There is a group performance option, so for me I didn't need to do anything outside of what I normally do. In the class though, you learn about all the different types of world music and then go through the different eras in classical eras. All the way from Gregorian chant to modernism. I took Music HL, but I would only do this if you are serious about music, as three compositions and solo performance are required. But SL is a great option. It was probably my favorite class that I took in IB. Having hard HLs, you need a class that is fun
  2. SeverusSnape

    Biology SL TZ1 Paper 3

    We did options A and B as well. I was really suprised by the lack of questions over human evolution, the brain, and specific drugs. For me, the six point questions were both really easy. The one thing that got me was the Hardy Weinberg equation calculation. We had done them in class, but then I didn't see any of the actual problems on practice tests, so I didn't study it. But it was only two marks or something Any other option A and B people?
  3. Shows as much of your work as you can. Even if you just use n solve for an equation, still write out what you will be solving. For example, I always write out the equations for the normal and binomial distributions, even though I only do them on the calculator. Just be really clear and don't make the grader guess if you actually know what you are talking about of if you just got lucky when you plugged it into the calculator.
  4. SeverusSnape

    Biology HL TZ1 Paper 1 & 2

    Oh, cool, that was what I put as well
  5. SeverusSnape

    Biology HL TZ1 Paper 1 & 2

    Does anyone know what the correct answer was to the question about the nerve cells thinking? Also, what did you answer for the picture of the or spermatogenesis? Were they pointing to a germline epithelial cell, sperm stem cell, or spermatogonium?
  6. SeverusSnape

    Pen Pals? Facebook/E-mail friends?

    Hola, como estas? Soy de los estados unidos y soy en mi ano final de BI. He tomado un clase de espanol por seis anos (pues, esto es mi seis ano) y puedo hablar asi asi, mas o menos. Yo anadire en facebook y puedo te ayudar con preguntas que tienes. Buena suerte! Lo siento, no se como anadir los accentos con mi computadora. (Escribi esto en espanol para practicar, pero puedo hablar con tu en ingles si tu quieres practicar tu ingles. Aunque, es muy bueno!)
  7. SeverusSnape

    English A Lit - HL Paper 1

    Yes, I did! I used TPCASTT as a model and talked about the connotations, shift, and theme. I had a really long paragraph for connotations where I commented on allusions, diction (use of sea specific words), imagery, figurative language and some other stuff like lack of rhyme scheme and meter. Then, for the shift, I talked about how the pronouns changed from one to we and our (if that's correct?) There was some pronoun shift and I talked about what its implications where. Somehow, although I wrote 8 pages on the poem, I'm having a hard time remembering what specifically I wrote about... What about you?
  8. SeverusSnape

    How difficult is this choice of classes?

    Only you know how difficult classes are for you. If you are good at the sciences and enjoy them, it shouldn't be too big of a deal.
  9. SeverusSnape

    faculty of arts- mcgill

    You've probably had your questioned answered by now, but I recently went to an admitted students sessions and spoke the the admissions officer there. According to her, you can minor in a different faculty than your major. So, with an arts major, you could still minor in biology. I don't think you can get a BS arts and science from the faculty of arts. To get the combined degree, you would need to switch into the faculty of arts and science, which is possible. However, she said the science faculties are the hardest to transfer into. Good luck!
  10. SeverusSnape

    How was your ioc ?

    Just go through everything on TPCASTT, throw in a connection or personal example, and you'll be good.
  11. SeverusSnape

    IA Questionnaire

  12. SeverusSnape

    Self-study English A HL?

    From what I can tell, your English is good, so self studying shouldn't be too much of a problem. I don't know your schools specifc rules about self studying, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do it. Plus, there is a teacher at your school who teaches HL English A, so you will have guidance.
  13. SeverusSnape

    SL courses

    At my school, SL cources are for one year, and HLs are for two. HL Math kids take BC Calc the first year and then HL math. This is the exception student who will take the HL class, but then test at the SL level. We have seven periods in a day.
  14. SeverusSnape

    One month left :/

    Study leave? Do you guys get time off just to study for IB exams?
  15. SeverusSnape

    English Language Group 3 Extended Essay

    I know for History IAs, you can't right about anything that happened within the last ten years. For example, you would not be able to write about the 2008 US presidential election yet. Have you checked to make sure that this doesn't apply to EEs? For a liberal US news MSNBC would work. And any of the sites you have listed for the introduction would work well. Perhaps you could also find a book that talks about the history of the Ukraine (especially if it mentions the USSR).

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