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  1. I'll be real honest, I used to really hate English at the start of IB. But I grew to like the subject even more over time. I especially enjoyed reading the Importance of Being Earnest, Streetcar Named Desire and Othello. I also really like Duffy's poems. It's a shame I didn't take Lang / Lit. I kinda missed doing creative writing.
  2. It could symbolize how women were more dependent on men back then. Stella has no job and needs hospitality, without Stanley she'd probably have no where to go. Similarly how Blanche is homeless, she needs to rely on someone else to live her life. This is shown through the fact that she slept around before moving in with her sister. Even though Blanche told Stella that she got raped by Stanley, she chooses to be in denial so that she can live her life normally and raise the child.
  3. Yes. It is possible. (*Edit) Although for some of the learning outcomes, the some command term aren't applicable.
  4. Get used to reading Spanish. Well I don't take Spanish, but I think the more words you learn the more you're better off. This doesn't really happen overnight, but with consistent dedication. You could find texts and read them, learn new vocab.
  5. Psych has one IA which involves you replicating a study (as for 2014) -> From what I've heard from other students, you learn nearly the same as HL but just have one less exam to sit. Chemistry requires you to hand your 6 best IAs: 2 designs, 2 data collecting and processing and 2 conclusion and evaluation. (just like any experimental science HL or SL, sounds like a lot of work but you're gonna do that for Physics anyways) -> You learn only SL stuff.
  6. If you like to do essay writing go for psych. If you prefer to do questions and calculations with some memorizing of laws do chem. Pick the one you'd think would benefit you.
  7. Even though I have never taken the SATs before, I come from a school where students that sit the SATs before the IB exams and send off their SAT results and IB predicted grade. There are cases where they receive "unconditional offers" and then they pretty much slack off afterwards.. I've heard that some people slack off so much they get really low IB scores, but the schools still accept them. I personally find it unfair that they don't work as hard as the others who apply to elsewhere that really depend on the final grade. But that's life.
  8. PPT / keynote is always the best. No technical difficulties. I hear it's better working in pairs than solo, they tend to score higher.. And I sorta scored pretty low (If you're allowed that is) Genetics - you bring up ethics?
  9. Do it on something controversial. Like abortion or death penalties. I thought that your batch had knowledge questions instead of knowledge issues? Here's something that might help. http://mrhoyestokwebsite.com/Presentations/Hints%20&%20Tips/Extracting%20Knowledge%20Questions.htm
  10. The group 4 project at my school made the whole year group do it, regardless of what you took. For each science you take you will be assessed on IAs, pracs and G4 projects. Your school sends off 6 of your best IAs, which each have a mark out of 6. Practical - based on how well your teacher thinks you do in practicals G4 project - depends on how well you do it. In total you'd have a mark out of 48. This will all be worth 24% of your final grade for that science.
  11. I also come from a school that doesn't make it mandatory to take a G6 subjects. But then this would give students an advantage if they were to study to become a doctor or a chemical engineer. I'm not saying that G6 is pointless, but our school allows us to not have a G6 subject because we tend to find it too hard.
  12. It can't be a group 4 science because we can't do actual experiments on humans or any living thing.
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