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  1. I would suggest you use some quotes but not too many... only use the significant quotes from the texts you are studying to support your analysis, and yes it does make you appear like you understand the text more if you use quotes in your essay. Take some time in memorising some important quotes so you can use them in the exam.
  2. Qualitative is not the one with calculations. You mean quantitative.
  3. Hey, Please don't explain the plot in your EE. The only people who matter who will read your EE are: 1) your supervisor and 2) the examiner. Chances are both of them have done enough English in their life to understand the context of a lot of books already so please do not explain the plot. Your EE should be mainly about your analyzation of the text itself, based on your understanding of the book. Please please please, no plot at all. Unless you need it for a specific point of analysis, in which it would be fine to briefly mention the plot in your point, but it is best to exclude the plot in your introduction.
  4. I would highly suggest you to do books that have more literary value. Not saying Lord of the Rings is a bad choice, but you really want to analyze books that you can ACTUALLY analyze. I'm sure it can turn out as a good essay, but it's safer to go for some more classic choices but those that are not entirely overdone by everyone.
  5. I guess I don't know what they would require for IB. Since you said they have A-levels requirements maybe you can just choose the same subjects that they want for A-levels?
  6. biotonic

    URGENT HELP What should i take for IB?

    Economics is the way to go. It's really not that hard and if you are to compare SL and HL Economics, HL only has a few more chapters of stuff and an extra calculations paper in the exam!! Trust me, it's not hard. In my opinion it's the easiest HL out of my choices (besides Chinese B of course, which I'm also taking!) Business & Management is definitely the softer subject for HL, and honestly most people who take Econ HL in my school actually does Econ+BusMan HL (future in Economics and Finance and stuff). The only difference is that I did Economics in IGCSE and so that actually helped me for IB Economics. Economics is not hard, and if you get the IB Economics textbook by Ellie Tragakes, her explanations are the easiest to understand (honestly this book is probably better at teaching than your teacher) and you can definitely get a 6/7 for it!
  7. biotonic

    Preparing for bio and chem HL?

    Like what ellie said, the syllabus is a great resource for IB Biology. All the content that is required is listed there and you can easily make notes off of it. I'm doing Biology and Chemistry HL and honestly they are not hard to do together, just be sure to pre-read materials and study a lot. Good luck.
  8. biotonic

    Advice on 3HL vs. 4HL

    I guess you could do 4 HLs, although if you do this you will be taking 3 languages in HL. Since you want to do Humanities why not focus more on the social sciences subjects rather than the languages?
  9. Just for your reference, I am considering a career path in Medicine as well, and I am taking Biology and Chemistry HL. I did chose to do Math HL at the start of my first year in IB, but I dropped to SL shortly after a few topic tests because it was too hard for me. I think Psychology is a great subject, at least according to the people in my year. I take Economics HL because I think it is the easiest Social Science choice to do. Psychology is definitely worth taking and it should not be too difficult.
  10. biotonic

    English Extended Essay help?

    Students are allowed to write their EE in a different subject even if they don't take that subject, thus in your case I'm assuming you meant that you wanted to write an Eng. Lit. EE instead of Lang. and Lit. If you take a look at the EE Guide distributed by the IBO, they state that: There are 3 categories of group 1 extended essays: Category 1—Studies of a literary work(s) originally written in the language in which the essay is presented Category 2—Studies of a literary work(s) originally written in the language of the essay compared with literary work(s) originally written in another language Category 3—Studies in language. I'm sure it won't make that much of a difference because since you want to base your essay around a book or write a comparison piece, you can just go for English Literature instead of English LangLit as your subject choice for your EE. For the choice of books, I would suggest you think of a suitable topic before you select your books. If you think the 2 books that you do are comparable then you can definitely do them, just make sure your topic can be fully analysed in both novels. For example, I've wrote my EE on the roles of female characters in two dystopian novels, my friend wrote hers on the theme of madness in two other novels. Any literary novel is fine as long as it contains a suitable amount of text that you can analyse in depth. I would go for classical novels as they contain an extensive amount of literary value. Sorry I can't be of much help with the choice of books, I've only read Fahreheit 451.
  11. biotonic

    My economics extended essay topic

    First of all, the topic of government intervention in Economics is actually quite simple, as even the evaluation with the different stakeholders can easily be summed up. This would usually come up as a 15 marker on your exam, so I'm worried that it might be a bit limited if you want to use that as your research question. I think you still need to do some more research before you dive in to this topic. Primary research material is crucial to writing a good Economics EE, this includes obtaining information from different firms etc. that may benefit your study. So if you think you can find good research on your own, I guess you can do your EE on that. As Economics is a theory-based EE, I wouldn't worry too much even though your country doesn't have taxation on cigarettes, but it would certainly be better if you were to research on something that is actually happening. Instead of government intervention, why not try to write something on the theory of the firms? I'm assuming you are taking Economics HL, and this HL topic is usually referred to in many Economics EEs.
  12. biotonic

    IB Math SL or HL?

    Basically everybody who did Additional Maths in my school at IGCSE took Math HL, but then again everybody who did Additional Maths in my school at IGCSE got As and A*s. I guess you can try taking Math HL but if you find it difficult you can always drop to SL and change a SL subject to HL.
  13. biotonic

    Stuck choosing Ib subjects - Need help :\

    Since I take Economics at HL I'll tell you that it's really straightforward and easy to grasp. It's mostly theory-based with calculations at HL (no math at SL). Business & Management HL is easier than Economics according to my peers and it is said to be considered as a soft subject. I don't take Psychology at HL but a have quite a lot of friends who do and they've said that it's really easy as well because according to them, there's only 1 paper you need to take for your final examinations, and apparently it's just to write an essay within the time limit. According to my friends, Psychology is just about learning and knowing the theories and case studies and to apply those into your essay. Another thing is the essay questions are said to follow the syllabus points so all you need to do is learn the syllabus. Look around and download Economics/B&M/Psychology syllabuses for the IBDP to decide. (P.S. Psychology is funner than Econ and B&M). Your other subjects seem pretty balanced so it wouldn't exactly matter which of these subjects you take at HL!
  14. biotonic

    IB Course Selection

    If you're thinking of doing neuroscience, Math SL should cover it because Math HL (and Further Math) is designed for people looking to go into engineering/math etc. I opted for Math HL before I started IB and it was a bit difficult for me and I wasn't getting good grades so I dropped, because I also need to spend time working on Biology and Chemistry. Drop Math HL.
  15. biotonic

    Chose which one?

    Economics HL because Math/Physics/Chemistry HL combination will drain you and kill you. Economics HL is definitely easier since there's not much difference between SL and HL besides the chunk of Market Structures (Perfect Competition/Monopoly/Monopolistic/Oligopoly) and a Paper 3 for your final exams that require math. There's a huge difference between Chemistry SL and HL so choose wisely...

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