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  1. Yeah, kinda my opinion as well.... But for facts? I don't want to take quotes, or paraphrasing or anything. But something like "30% of Napoleon's troops were wounded at the battle of _______" without any direct referencing apart from a footnote would be fine you think?
  2. Hey everyone. I'm currently doing my history EE on the impact of Gibraltar in the Peninsular War from 1807 to 1814. I was wondering if I was allowed to use different language sources? I have used about 15-20 English sources so far, but I have found 2 books from the nearby uni library and they're incredibly helpful; the problem is that they are both in Spanish with no translated version available (I googled, I checked). My supervisor only speaks English and of course my EE is in english. Am I allowed to use these Spanish sources for information if I speak Spanish?
  3. Thanks guys. I'll try and use these sources. My TOK teacher is just absolutely aweful... Lol, our deadline is next tuesday and she just gave us the planning sheet 2 days ago.
  4. Hi guys, so my TOK presentation is coming up but my teacher is absolutely horrendous. She is the IB economics teacher and hasn't a clue how to teach TOK, unfortunately for us. I've been given some help from another one of the TOK teachers that actually knows what they're doing, but unfortunately he can no longer help me as he has too much to deal with right now. I was wondering if this question and real life situation is alright? " Is there a point at which multicultural tolerance should be limited? " Real Life Situation --> Person wearing hijab in their passport / through security commits crime in airport. Unable to identify which person with hijab perpetrated crime. Alternatively, I saw a story about how a mosque was being built near the site of 9/11, and also another incident about someone being charged with referring someone as 'black' rather than 'african.' Are these ok?
  5. So if I conclude that it's influence was great, but still minor to other factors, then that's okay? I don't -have- to argue for the main topic of the essay?
  6. Right. The problem may be in gathering lines of argument. My IA for history is much easier because I'm doing the motives for De Klerk entering into negotiations for the end of apartheid. Things like: - Black majority violence increasing - Economic factors / UN economic sanctions - UN / Foreign - moral sanctions - Changing liberal situation in National Party. I've found it a bit harder to find things similar for this topic... I've changed the first part of the question to "what was the impact of Gibraltar on Napoleonic Spain's defeat" so I can perhaps talk about other factors? Something like... - Gibraltar's strategic impact - Gibraltar's other impacts - Other factors for why Spain/France lost the war. Economic factorsPolitical factorsMilitary defeatsDoes that sound good?
  7. Ehhh doing it myself is no fun. But you're absolutely right. So I've researched and I think this might be a good question: "What was the role of Gibraltar in Napoleonic Spain’s defeat in the Peninsular War from 1808 - 1814?" I can re-word it a bit, but is this acceptable?
  8. Hi guys... I want to do something relating to gibraltar, something that will help me with my History/Int. Relations personal statement next year for uni. I have no idea what I want to do and what I would need. Some topics don't have any primary sources, some have more? How many of these sources do I need?
  9. Yeah Spanish Civil War is huge where I'm at! It's on all 3 papers in fact... I'm just stuck on what I want to do. :I It's a problem, thanks though!
  10. Haha thank you for that, I was aware. But yeah you're right it is too large. My IA topic that I've just picked has to do with how F.W. De Klerk's presidency ended apartheid from 1989-1994, however that's not IR enough for my extended essay which I'm planning on using for my personal statement. I like the Spanish topic, although my IB coordinator says there should be no overlap between coursework and the EE; it needs to be niche. Is that entirely true or is that some odd thing that's been made up...?
  11. Hello, I'm new to this site and was wondering if I could get some help. My school has just recently started the extended essay and I'm having a bit of trouble. My subject of choice is history and to aid me in my quest for UK Uni acceptance, I'm focusing more specifically on international relations. Now, the problem so far has simply been the process of choosing a subject and formulating a question. Normally, I would go talk to my supervisor about it, however I haven't -really- done anything since our last meeting 3 weeks ago and our next deadline is in just two weeks. I don't want to come to him with little evidence of work, so I want some help with my question here. First of all, my topic is rather broad and I need to narrow it down. Something along the lines of 'how the Crimean War was a blotch on the peaceful era between 1815 and 1914.' Obviously that's an immense topic and so that needs some narrowing down. Once that is narrowed down to a more specific topic, then the actual research question will be easier. Alternatively, if anyone has any better suggestions relating to IR then I am open to them. Please note: the teachers at my school have stressed lingual abilities and more recent events. By this I mean that: - There must be plenty of non-translated english sources. ( - Unless I'm truly motivated, it should probably be 19th/20th century. Even the 19th is considered quite difficult comparatively and I want to find a fun, original topic, however I don't want to kill myself by picking something too hard. Thank you!
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