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  1. elliex0x0x

    How do you format your psychology notes?

    I use microsoft one note. First I separate my notes into subsections for different topics (eg sociocultural, biological, cognitive) and then each of those topics I divide into 2 subtopics - theories and studies. In the "theories" I write down on a separate page each theory I need to know and the details of the theory, and then in the "studies" I write down the researcher of each research and then which theory it is associated with. Make sure you do this as it can be easy to have a study written down but no idea which theory it goes with! And then I source my notes from class, the textbook and the original study papers where I can. For example: And then on a separate page I write down a study (or two if necessary) related to the theory:
  2. elliex0x0x

    How to improve French (very important)

    I was probably in the same position as you at the beginning of the school year. I wasn't too bad at French pre-ib but as soon as I started IB, I felt helpless as I could barely understand the text, even less the questions. What I did was I got a French tutor familiar with the IB program and have been having a one-on-one session with her for an hour a week. I have gone from getting ~50% in tests to getting a 90% in a reading comprehension test and got a 5/7 on my mid-year exams. I also just got back from a couple of weeks in France and it is amazing to see how far I have come. I also purchases guide books from the museums in French there and did the best I could to immerse myself in the language. Seeing as you are from Canada, perhaps it could be possible for you to go and visit an area where French is heavily spoken in some holidays within the next two years. Also, my French teacher at school told me on parent-teacher night than she has seen students go from getting a 3/7 at the start of year 11 to getting a 6 in the final exams. Good luck
  3. What I do when I know I'm going to be away (as I will be for all of next week) is email my teachers in advance and ask if I can get the work early to complete, or if necessary get an extension for due dates.
  4. Hi everyone! I wouldn't consider myself a student who's bad at English, yet at times I find it hard to properly structure a written commentary and also find it difficult to extract from the unseen text what I must discuss in my response. Does anyone have any advice for this? Thanks
  5. Are you sure that you'd be allowed to do your EE in Film although you don't take it as a subject? Or perhaps that rule is only at my school.
  6. elliex0x0x

    What kind of bags do you guys use?

    Wow it sounds as if some people get their books bought for them by the school! Mine this year cost $1200! We have a lot of books as well (up to 4 for each subject) but we don't have every class on every day and some teachers let us keep the big/heavier books at home so we will only use them for homework. Definitely invest in a backpack with padding! We have our own school bag with padding on the back and 3 different sections, I use one for books, one for laptop and one for food. Padding/spongey material on the back will make all the difference and to be honest, investing in physiotherapy every now and again will help.
  7. elliex0x0x

    Relevance of Years 9 and 10 Grades

    Haha okay thanks, but what exactly is a GPA? We don't have it where I'm from so would they still be able to use it? And then will they look on my other scores from years 7 and 8 which was in high school for me?
  8. elliex0x0x

    SL Japanese or Ab Initio Spanish

    I had the choice between continuing with French SL or doing Spanish ab and I glad I stuck with French, however I have had to have private lessons with a tutor on a weekly basis but I am finding it fine and have managed to catch up to a predicted 5 when last year I was getting mostly C+ to B+ in French. Although at times I regret not moving to Spanish, your school might let you move down to Spanish during the first year if you find it necessary and you will be able to catch up!
  9. elliex0x0x

    My goal of achieving a 39 points in IB

    French ab is generally an easy 7 or 6 for most people if you are willing to put effort into it and will probably be your easiest subject. 39 points is achievable but with 4 HLs it is going to be really hard. You might want to consider dropping English to SL (as English HL is extra books which means extra time having to be spent reading etc) and I don't think it'll be necessary for any mathsy/sciencey course in uni! Or if you're a tiny bit worried about maths you could consider moving that to SL but it sounds like you're pretty capable to me! The idea to getting high scores is to focus on choosing the subjects you like/are good at for HL and making the rest as easy as possible
  10. elliex0x0x

    What have you read this summer?

    I too am from the southern hemisphere so I only get 2 weeks at this time of year, but so far I have read Out Stealing Horses be Per Petterson and I am going to read Emma by Jane Austin and Lolita.
  11. elliex0x0x

    3 places u want to visit after IB?

    Japan, California and Tanzania
  12. elliex0x0x

    Easiest subjects get a 7 in...

    Great to know as I have no choice now other than to take HL History and HL English Lit! Thought to be honest I am only aiming for a 6 in them both
  13. elliex0x0x

    How well do you know the 4th of July? (Quiz!)

    Another 43
  14. elliex0x0x

    Maths Studies or SL for completely unrelated course?

    I do Maths Studies and have done from the start of my program, but there was another girl in my class taking Studies along with Physics SL and ended up completely dropping out of IB due to being unable to cope with the mathematical component of Physics and regretfully wishing she'd chosen bio or chem. It only took her 6 months to drop out too.So I would be cautious if you thinking of taking STudies with HL Physics because you might struggle a bit there.
  15. Hi all, I was just wondering as someone who would be applying as an international student whether poor grades (mostly Bs but the occasional C or even D and I believe an E+) on my report cards from before IB would prohibit me from getting into some of the better university aka UC Berkeley, even if I were to score high on my IBDP and on the SAT tests and all of that Thanks

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