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  1. Lew Talon

    Ranking system on IB Survival

    Does anyone know? Like is 20 posts 1 star? or what?
  2. If I were you, start watching movies with spanish subtitles it helps so much. Also, I linked this to someone else before, so ill just share it here too, its a website that'll help you with the course. http://ibspanish.webs.com/
  3. Lew Talon

    Spanish Ab Initio Student Guide

    I never took Spanish in IB, but I have done 8 years in middle school and my first two years of high school (then went to IB) Here is a link I found this site, it might be helpful for ab initio - http://ibspanish.webs.com/
  4. Lew Talon

    History ia

    ~6 Not 100% sure, this is from my grading rubric
  5. Lew Talon

    Ib chemistry ia 36/48

    Im not quite sure, but I'm pretty sure thats a low 5. Its all graded differently though.
  6. Lew Talon

    McGill University IB Predicted Marks Deadline?

    Shouldn't it only be when you apply?
  7. Lew Talon

    Fourier Series: Noise Cancelling Headphones

    When it comes to an IA, a lot of research is required. I think honestly this would be a great topic, but you need to think about the main question on hand. Here is a site I found that might be useful. http://www.wired.com/2011/05/st_equation_noisecanceled/ & also you could use fibonacci numbers and the conventional discrete fourier transform
  8. Lew Talon


    Perhaps you should buy a study guide for your course and get some more knowledge from that and some exercises to make? What Mathematics SL book do you use right now? Im using the Oxford Math SL textbook - Any ideas where I could get a study guide from?
  9. Lew Talon

    Les Murray analysis help needed

    I haven't read this, and I can't find any analysis of it online, but here is a a small step by step guide to making a good analysis: 1.Read the poem once silently to yourself. 2.Read the poem again and find the literal meaning of the poem. 3.Read the poem again to find the connotative meaning of the poem. 4.Find the symbolic meaning of the poem. 5.Stop and ask yourself, “What is the author trying to say?” 6.Begin to analyze the different parts of the poem. 7.Identify the speaker and audience. 8.Determine the poem’s structure and organization. 9.Determine the rhyme scheme of the poem. 10.Analyze the poem in terms of poetic devices. 11.Draw your conclusions.
  10. Lew Talon

    IB HL IA - Done as a junior?

    I think what they are trying to say is, don't leave it to the last minute. You can do them next year, but why start next year when you have time now to start them, so then next year you will have less work to do and more work to allow you to focus on studying.
  11. I would like to help you guys with this. I'll come up with some questions and send a PM.
  12. Lew Talon

    Chicago citation question

    Personal communication such as e-mails, telephone calls, or unpublished interviews are usually cited in the text or a note, but rarely appear in the bibliography. For example: "In an e-mail message received by the author on December, 12, 2203, Sheila McCarthy stated that ..." If there is no year or month, place n.d. for "no date"
  13. I would recommend placing a lot in service or creativity, as action for a lot of people is easy to get (sports, etc.) But if you are not a sporty person than by all means, you could in fact put half of it in action, as it is a pretty physically demanding task.
  14. Lew Talon

    How hard was your Ib school to get into?

    My school here in Singapore is relatively new, and for that sake they are trying to drive as many people in as possible. But if you screw up inside, and get bad grades you will be kicked out.
  15. Hey guys, Alright ill be straight forward, I'm in Math SL right now, and I am getting an average 4. I don't want a 4, I want to at least get a 6. Also, dont give me the advice to go down to Math Studies, because I know I can do this, but I just feel like I dont have the right resources. Does anyone, have a guide, or maybe a whole overview (study guide) which might have some questions at the end or something. Just want to do this over break so I can be set for when I go back to school. Thanks so much everyone, I will +rep anyone who can give me this.

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