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  1. Sure, I'd be in. I've taken the HL and Further exams and would be willing to give whatever advice I could. EDIT: completely mis-read the post; I took these in the 2014 session and thus am not taking it in 2015, but I'm still open to help you guys out if you want.
  2. I don't believe we ever actually receive our marked IB papers, but our results are available (at least in the US) sometime in July.
  3. #3 on P3, PDF for Y and associated unbiased estimator, is the one I'm pretty sure I got full points on. I felt pretty confident about 2 except for the last part, with the angle between regression lines (hoping for FT marks on it). #1 and #4 were ok imo, but I wasn't feeling too hot on them. In regards to Papers 1 and 2, I'm expecting 100+ marks on Paper 1 and 90+ marks on Paper 2. Again, these are the TZ1 papers.
  4. Agreed, especially for Paper 2. You can read and memorize all you want, but Paper 2 really tests your ability to apply all those concepts that you've memorized.
  5. Took the TZ1 exam, and didn't really like it because of the new topics added into it. Like you, I'm hoping for 40+ as well because of the 7.
  6. Shrev64


    It is a very good idea to have a graph on there, as the IB graders love to see you not only present your data in an appropriate and aesthetically pleasing fashion, but they also want to see if you can correctly analyze and interpret it - the latter is necessary for the CE aspect.
  7. Alright, good to know. Thanks to both of you for your help, and glad to see more people taking FM
  8. Pearson has new option books, but you can only get it if you buy the core book (it's an e-book online). H&H said they would publish the further book by late 2013 but they've postponed that to June 2014 by now, procrastinators. Oxford is supposed to be the publisher that works with IBO and publish the book once the new syllabus is out, but the options didn't come with the core book. I did a search online, apparently they've just published it. Yeah, my class has H&H's Options books except for Discrete Math, Linear Algebra and Geometry, the former of which is an Option, which got postponed as you said. I just noticed I mentioned Cambridge twice; Cambridge hasn't started on theirs, while Oxford's is available, as you also said. My apologies.
  9. Hey all, so I happen to be taking the Further Mathematics exam in May 2014 (a little under two weeks from this posting) and I was wondering what people thought of the Specimen paper, and how the curves will be. I personally got ~120/150 on Paper 1, and am expecting at most 90/150 on Paper 2. Are these scores even remotely close to a 5~6 level (it's what I'm aiming for)? Also, any thoughts on what the score boundaries might be like? Thanks.
  10. All of them. As far as I know, all textbooks (Cambridge, Haese and Harris, Oxford and Pearson, I don't know about the IBID one) except the Oxford one have an options textbook. I have the Cambridge one and the Pearson one, they are both quite good. The H&H one I don't know, but at least there is an options book. The main issue with this is that Haese and Harris and Cambridge (which are merely course companions) are the only publishers who have come out with options textbooks that have been updated for exams May 2014; Cambridge and Pearson haven't even started on theirs. In addition, H&H and Cambridge haven't released Further-exclusive topics, though I doubt that applies to you. If you want to order textbooks now, which cover PGFs and how to deal with bivariate data, you could get it from them, or look online to see what's changed from last year to this year. At this point, I would recommend any video lectures or explanations you can find online, if you haven't covered any of this already.
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