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  1. Hey guys, I felt that Paper 2 went better than Paper 1. Last year, the grade boundary for a 6 in TZ2 was a 70/120, and has anyone noticed the increased amount of questions? I couldn't finish it, noone in our class could. As for the calculator, I feel that as long as you write enough steps to show your line of thought or path of thought, the examiner will understand what you did. I for instance had lots of graphs, and I wrote the equation I had graphed on the graph for instance and wrote the necessary steps as well, and I think it shouldn't be a big deal. I don't think that the examiners will just completely ignore your answer, they have a job and that is to examine. They get paid for this, and they have to do it seriously because this affects our lives, and therefore they're gonna try and understand your way of thinking, so if you feel good about the amount of steps you showed when solving and you think that's enough, then you shouldn't worry too much about it.
  2. I think both papers were hard :/ I hope the boundaries drop this year. Most of my class found paper 2 and 1 hard.
  3. Hey! New to the IB? Good luck on the hard journey and we hope to see you make it to the other side (survival, lol). Anyway I wanted to give you my thoughts through my experience. The first thing u should ask yourself is where you want to study. If you want to study in the UK and know what you want to study then subject specifications are important and you should think about universities you may apply to and look at their subject requirements and then choose your subjects accordingly. One thing I did was drop Art HL to SL and SL Spanish B to Spanish B HL. This was a strategic move for me to get more points, because I know Spanish and it was easier for me but at Art HL I could have gotten a 5 predicted. Dropping it down made me do less pieces (from 12/18 to 8) and saved me some time, and I ended up with a 7 predicted. There is a lot Ican tell u about visual arts, although the syllabus may have changed. It is very to me consuming and if you do want to get a high grade, it is very hard. It's not very common. I worked a lot to get a 7 predicted. Looking at the subjects u chose, and seeing that u may not think you're good at Art then I would suggest you drop Art and keep history. But also keep in mind that choosing Art will take the pressure off final exams ass you will have none and that history is also very hard. On the other hand, if you want to pursue further education elsewhere where IB points aren't important, then either go for what will make the journey easier or more interesting, if you want it to be. I realized that time management was very important in the Ib and I had to change subjects and levels to make things easier for me, because, you will want to have easy subjects. Keep everything in mind, and if u have more questions about Art or Spanish or anything else feel free to ask me I hope u make the right choice good luck with the beginning of IB, it's so much fun
  4. Hey! If you're taking Spanish B HL or SL it would be cool to have a group to chat about things If you're taking Spanish B HL I'd appreciate some feedback on how u practiced all year (if you have )
  5. I'd have to agree with Garrett. I took Visual Arts SL (switched from HL) and I really enjoyed the experience and I can help you. I don't know how the curriculum changes but one of the best advantages is that you get to take 5 exams instead of 6 as there are no Art exams but you do have an exhibition and you have to work during the year. If you don't mind that and you are interested in Art (You should be if you want to get a high grade) then you can take it. Good luck choosing! but remember your choices should make sense depending on what you want to study.
  6. Hey! I think that you should definitely talk to your coordinator about this and tell them. I think it won't be much of a big deal but just make sure you tell them. Sometimes I have seen them put exams in blue envelopes for safety. But you should still contact your coordinator.
  7. You could, although if you connected it to Spanish language you could relate it to Spanish and make it interesting. For instance, there are certain places in Spain that are named after Arabic names. Guadalajara (Wadi al Jara) or something like that or Guadalquivir (Wadi al Kibeer) Which translates to Big Valley. There are also other things that can be seen and denoted in the Spanish Language not just places. Being Palestinian and having lived in Spain I can tell you there are many more similarities. I think its a nice idea, tell your supervisor and if you like it go for it. My advice would be to create a balance between easy and interesting because its very important that its easy for u.
  8. Yeah Generally. Do you think themes such as the defiance of rules, guilt and blame, family, tragedy and death are also strong similarities? Also, other than the books, do you have any resources that you used for studying that you could share? I'd greatly appreciate it
  9. Wouldn't that be considered somewhat close to a history essay? Have you considered doing something about the Spanish language and changes in it? like for instance you could talk about how Arabic and Spanish may be similar because the Arabs were there and how the Spanish language may connect different cultures (European, Arabic). You can also talk about culture in general and not just language.
  10. Yeah I mean obviously you need to use examples. Theres really no way u can answer without examples but I was worried about real life examples like the Great Depression or Obamas Fiscal Spending, US Supply Shock 1973 (OPEC) etc..
  11. Yeah. I have and I am taking both for my exam. Oh cool so how would u suggest studying? I haven't read much of both and am worried about the Paper. What do you think are some similartiies and some differences?
  12. Lol the exam was very easy but I think I may have rushed near the end. I'm gonna miss the feeling of doing an Econ SL Exam on Micro and Macro again and that feeling of ease that comes with it
  13. Thank you kind person! Good luck everyone Lol very welcome, I hope this is the most stressed we'll be!
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