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  1. I did HL maths, physics and economics and got into engineering, but, if you want to do chemical engineering SOME universities may want both physics and chemistry at HL. I never did economics before IB and it was my easiest higher level. Moreover, standard level economics do 2 papers while HL do 3, but the higher level only paper is easier! It is mostly simple calculations (which you will be good at) instead of long essay type questions. I would not recommend standard level economics to anyone - if you're taking it it makes more sense to take it as a higher level subject even if that means taking 4 HLs. I hope this helps, feel free to ask me any questions you might have
  2. If you are applying to the UK, then you need HL physics for most types of engineering but HL chemistry would let you apply for chemical engineering. US on the other hand would be willing to take you into their engineering program with SL physics provided you take some physics courses in first year of uni.
  3. I do not think the modern third wave feminism is needed. In fact I would go as far as to say it is causing more harm than good. Gender equality has been achieved under the law but equality of outcome has not (e.g. 50/50 gender representation in all jobs) and probably won't be achieved - but that is not an issue that needs to be fixed! I think modern day feminism is at best misguided and at worst intentionally ignorant of facts. Men and women do have measurable differences as a result of our biology which can be observed in the real world. While each person is an individual, the average differences (both physically and mentally) between men and women explain why firefighters are mostly male and nurses are mostly female.
  4. I am unable to classify my stance as either "pro-life" or "pro-choice" simply because I believe both of them are too extreme. Some pro-life positions involve abortion being illegal under all circumstances (including rape) which I do not agree with. Some pro-choice positions on the other hand involve abortion being legal under any circumstances and at any time including third trimester and partial birth abortions - which I also do not agree with. I do think that majority of people would disagree with the extreme views from both pro-life and pro-choice. I also think that many people who have very similar / same views would not necessarily both call themselves either pro life or pro choice. What do you guys think? As for my personal views, I would agree with the idea of a time limit being placed for legal abortions with the only exception being threat to life.
  5. Hey, I am currently giving maths tuitions to a 10 year old who has ADHD and am struggling with it. I was wondering if any of you either have ADHD or have experience with such classmates could give me some advice? Would really appreciate your help . Thank you!
  6. ibstudent321

    Imperial College

    Got an offer for materials science and engineering of 40 with 6 in HL math + phy and SL chem. I ended up with all the 6s, but with a total of 38. Said they would get back to be after a level results....
  7. Hey! I've applied to both NUS and NTU in Singapore for engineering and was wondering if anyone else here had also applied. I would also be very much interested in any information you have about their student experience. Also, for grading is there a fixed bell curve which they follow, eg. top 10% of students get an A, or do they have a fixed grade boundary system. Thanks
  8. You can find them easily online. Here's the link for chemistry: http://isite.lps.org/sputnam/LHS_IB/IBChemistry/IBChemExams/HL_SL_2016.pdf
  9. Hey do any of you know where I can find practice question for option C? So far I've only done the specimen paper and questions from the oxford textbook. Also are there any data analysis tips/tricks I should know about for paper 3? Thanks!
  10. Although sometimes it felt like IBO was trying to screw us over (I'm guessing you heard about physics paper 1 and 2?) overall it was pretty worthwhile. CAS forced me to try new activities as I never participated much in extracurriculars before (I'm a typical introvert). And, I know this is an unpopular opinion but I think tok was useful as it forced me to look at things from other perspectives even if I don't agree with them. Most of it was pretty annoying and overly convoluted, but it did make me more open minded.
  11. It's pretty much impossible. The exam papers come in sealed envelopes which are opened by the invigilators after all candidates enter the exam hall. The invigilators are not from the school. They are also the ones to collect papers after the exams and prepare them to be sent off. Your subject teachers are not allowed in the exam hall when you are taking the exam.
  12. Thanks! That helps a lot. Good luck for tomorrow btw
  13. Hey, Are nuclear energy levels and atomic energy levels the same thing? Also shouldn't the atomic line emission spectra be evidence for this?
  14. ibstudent321

    Physics Question

    If you take the Normal vector and Friction vector to be on the y and x axis respectively, it means that Weight has both an x and y component. I think you need to resolve the Weight vector into it's components. Since it's at a constant velocity there is no resultant force and the "horizontal" and "vertical" components should be equal in both directions. I think that's why they gave you the graph paper background. C doesn't balance in the x direction D doesn't balance in the y direction
  15. If you are behind on topics or need to learn whole topics altogether, there are some really good youtube channels. They are mostly for the old syllabus but as long as you know what's on the new syllabus you should be fine. Recommended youtube channels: Mitch Campbell Chris Donner Physics Made Easy Good Luck!

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