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  1. That's a very bad idea ahaha, those are literally the hardest IB courses and unless you're very dedicated to studying very hard, this course combination could make life very difficult for you.
  2. Yeah exactly, but usually your percentage grades are higher.
  3. They do care about them for your transfer credits but for admissions purposes more often than not they will just resort to your normal percentage equivalent grades.
  4. I think the real question here is how are your IB grades higher than your percentage marks? In Canada, a 7 is usually the equivalent of a 99% so more times than not, your percentage are more favourable for admissions purposes than the IB requirements at Mgvill that are like 40/45 for engineering.
  5. Chemistry HL ALONE almost destroyed me. If you do that combination you won't be alive by the end of IB.
  6. An 11/24 is around a 3 or a 4 in Chem HL. The IA is only worth 20% of your final grade so your grade will probably only decrease to about a 6 if you get a 7 on the exam. Don't worry about your IA grade, the IA's are very difficult because they involve so much work and are so open ended. In general, the grades seem to be much lower in IA's than on written tests/exams. Like Gaby said, learn from this, move forward and concentrate on work ahead. The IA is done, so rejoice. This is not the end of the world:)
  7. I would go for option 2, you have quite a few more points in that option and even though it may look easier...you're in IB and you have 42 points! Universities will be impressed. IB is an advanced curriculum and is already considered to be a challenging workload for NYU and UCLA. I think option 2 gives you the best chance of getting into those schools.
  8. I highly suggest you take economics hl. It's not too hard of a subject and since you want to take economics in uni, it's probably a good idea to just get a background in IB. Honestly, don't even worry about not taking economics in GCSE. There are not prerequisites for economics hl. Taking economics hl instead of chemistry hl, for example, would make your life sooooo much easier. I wish I was able to take economics in my high school. As for maths, although taking Math SL may place you at an ever so slight disadvantage for Oxford, I have heard a lot of horror stories about math hl and it is considered to be one of the toughest course offered in the IB. Nevertheless, it really is up to you and how well you like maths and how good you are at maths. If you really like math and are good at them, go ahead and take math hl! This is your journey, my friend
  9. Couldn't agree more with "Sandy", the earlier you take them, the better. I did mine in IB12 and ended up only with a 26 on the ACT (very bad, I know) because I had all the other work in IB to study for so I barely ended up studying for the ACT.
  10. Yo I was literally in the exact same situation as you as I was forced to take 4 HL's with Chem HL and BIo HL being part of my course load. I am, however, going to test out in May in Bio SL instead of Bio HL though because studying for four HL's would just be too much. Anyways, that being said, I actually found Bio HL to be very, very doable.... like not that hard at all. Chem HL on the other hand.....watch out, it's really difficult and moves extremely fast. All in all though, doing four HL's and taking both Chem HL and Bio HL really wasn't too, too bad, you should be fine.
  11. I totally agree with "EL :3" about tutoring being a rewarding and fun experience. I personally think that being able to help others really brings a lot of self-pride. That being said, don't go too overboard with this. Remember, CAS is no longer about how many hours you put in but rather what outcomes you meet. I would have to agree with "ellie" in saying that you should do 1 to two sessions a week....max. Senior year in IB is tough enough without the extracurriculars ahahah, don't make this too hard on yourself.
  12. I mean if you have time man then go right ahead. Often times in IB I find myself struggling to catch up and really get to know even the topics we are currently studying. I guess it depends on how well you know the previous topics. If you feel like you really know your stuff and feel like it's time to move on and get a head start then by all means go ahead. But this becomes a bad idea when you're only gaining a superficial amount of knowledge in each topic because you aren't studying each topic enough. It can't hurt to just take a quick look at what's ahead though...
  13. Physics is generally considered the "harder" of the two courses between biology and physics but of course, that contains a lot of bias. I took Biology and do not regret it at all, I have really enjoyed it throughout my two years. If you find yourself a real math person that enjoys working with equations to solve complex problems, I would choose physics. If you love to learn about the body, animals, evolution, etc. and don't find memorizing facts daunting, I would choose biology.
  14. Yeah those subjects are fine for those careers. Law isn't as demanding in terms of pre-requisites and what not but what you have there is just fine. If you like history then maybe you might want to substitute that in for one of your courses because not only is it great for law but it requires a lot of essay writing which would aid in your journalism aspirations. Although in saying that, taking history is certainly not a must. English HL is great for journalism but does require a lot of skill/effort to achieve higher marks.
  15. I'm going to go ahead and disagree with this statement as it's not necessarily true. Although you probably aren't applying to a university in the States, I know for universities in the U.S. they have holistic admissions which means they look at more than just your grades but rather you as a person. Now if you're applying to a university in the U.K., for example, they do look at your predicted grades and they do hold a lot of value however, they do take into account your other accomplishments as a student such as awards, your courses, extra-curricular achievement, etc. Try to be a well balanced student. This will certainly aid in the process of admission. If you don't quite meet expectations and are within a point or two of that 39 points, they could still consider you.
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