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  1. Any idea on what I can do? My school is out so my coordinator isn't going to be able to check her email.... Is there any possible way I can find these?
  2. This is going to be aimed more at the people who are going to take IB within the next few years. I made a large number of mistakes in this program which added unnecessary stress and since I can't take them back now, I might as well help out future students. 1) Do NOT underestimate the importance of your IA's. They seem so minuscule as you are doing them, but trust me, most of them range from like 20-25% of your total ib grade. If you do not try on these, I can promise you that exam time will be wayyyy more stressful because it is basically no longer possible to get 7's or even 6's meaning that you have to get as perfect scores as possible on the ib tests. 2) Don't pus CAS off until after it is technically due. This goes without saying.... it is not fun trying to study for ib tests, do regular homework, and try to finish up 25 hours of cas a few days after it is due. Remember, CAS is required for the diploma. If you skip it, then the chances of getting the diploma are 0. 3) Study throughout the year for the IB tests; cramming is not fun. 4) Do get review books for every class that you possibly can. For me, the review books taught me better than some of my teachers did. You would be surprised how much stuff you need to know that they simply cannot cover in the allotted time. 5) Something else I learned about IA's the hard way was that you need to do them on something you enjoy reading and writing about. This goes along with #1, but if you don't like your topics, it is hard to gather the motivation to actually try on them. That's all the tips I can think of for now, good luck to future ib students
  3. This is going to be the longest 1.5 months ever
  4. I forget which is which, but I highly recommend the one that says "specifically designed for the ib diploma" on the front and it is completely orange. This covers every objective statement and helped me do pretty well on the exam I reckon. Actually, just remembered. The one I'm talking about is pearson. It is very well written and easy to understand for the most part.
  5. Ibcrying

    Maths SL Paper 1

    I had a lot of trouble with it, given math is my worst subject. I'm hoping for 2 or a 3 at this point.
  6. Ibcrying

    Does IB usually curve the math sl test?

    Alright, thank you. That seems like Wow that seems pretty forgiving. Does that include paper 2 as well as paper 1?
  7. Anyone know if they curve it like with the sciences? Also, does anyone know about how many marks are usually needed to score a 2 or a 3?
  8. Ibcrying

    Biology HL TZ1 Paper 3

    I did ecology and conservation along with neurobiology and behavior. There were two questions I had problems with The bird song one completely threw we off guard, because 6 marks just seemed like way too much for it.... and I only ended up getting in about 4-5 points. I also had a problem with the invasive species one, which seemed like way overkill because I forget exactly how many marks it was, but it was worth more than what my book covered lol.
  9. Ibcrying

    Important formula not on the formula sheet?

    I am freaking out, I have never heard of nearly all this stuff...
  10. I'm not even sure what we were supposed to cover in it. We literally spent one hour on the very basics of it on one day... If you could pm me those though, that would be great!
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty worried about it, I know a little bit of basic information, but it's bad enough where my teacher just checked the books out to our class on Thursday.... I'll focus on that stuff, I guess I'll focus on that stuff mainly. Hopefully it all works out
  12. Haven't been taught hardly anything this entire year as the teacher just has the students teach and none of know anything either lol... I'm in history of the americas, with my prescribed topic being communism in crisis. I have two books; Causes, Practices, and Effects of War along with The Cold War. Any tips on what I should focus on/how to study for this? All my other tests have been easy, but I am seriously worried about not getting the 4 needed on this to get my diploma
  13. Ibcrying

    Biology HL TZ1 Paper 1 & 2

    Yes, nucleosomes regulate transcription Awesome At least I got a 1/40 lol
  14. Ibcrying

    Biology HL TZ1 Paper 1 & 2

    I can't remember the exact question, but what did you guys say for the one that said something along the lines of... "What directs replication?" Or maybe it was transcription, I can't remember. I had never heard of any question like this so I just made an educated guess of nucleosomes because the rest didn't seem right to me.
  15. Ibcrying

    Biology HL TZ1 Paper 1 & 2

    Yes the question with the nerve cells is in fact emergent properties. And as for the dna strand question, it could have been transcription or replication . I thought that paper 1 was a bit unfair because some of the questions they asked weren't directly answered in the objective statements... So I know I missed 2 for sure, and maybe up to 4-5 more, so I'm just hoping the IB curve saves me with a 6 or 7 on this test . Paper 2 was more than fair though as they were all basically objective statements. I did the first two questions, though I did have a problem with the GMO question. It had 8 marks on it, but even our book didn't cover more than 5 points, so I probably missed a couple marks on that one as well.

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