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  1. Just curious on the fact how being robots are not nice at all? Sorry for the late reply. Every human being have different brains than eachother, just like fingerprints. This can be proven by different points of view people have, such as it is on gay rights (just an example). By saying "being treated by robots" I meant that rejecting the different points of view people have and expecting solid similarity from everyone. How can everyone hold the same fingerprint ? Let me give an example from the justice system. Would it be just to give the same penalty to a child molester who raped his neighbors daughter just to feel good and a man who stole food from 7-eleven to feed his kids ? This case is of two men with completely different morals getting the same award or punishment. Communism works similarly by forcing a man who wants to go to college and become an engineer and a man who wants to become a traveler and taste finer things in life to do the same jobs. People's thoughts and emotions cannot be ignored, and unfortunately, that is communism's biggest flaw.
  2. I did not have the chance to give you a detailed answer, in fact, I just saw your response, and I would like to respond back. In comparison with European countries and The States, Turkey might seem like a third world country, but it has every resource and opportunity to guarantee people's life standards. But awkward enough, no one in the government does such a move, and we do not know why. A simple example, Turkey is one of the countries that has the highest child abuse rate. The government has the power to decrease this rate, such as doing further investigations and educating the police forces on the issue. However, it only gets higher, and the only thing we can do is go to the streets and protest, which they do not listen. With the little piece of information I just gave you, I have the right to question this disaster and ask the government why it could not be stopped. For instance, someone took their time and compared the coalmine disaster rate with another country (I think it was the States, I don't really remember) and checked the precautions those coalmines took in order to prevent a collateral damage. In comparison, it is understood that Soma was simply saving money by not making the necessary checks in the mine or increase the security of the workplace. A saved miner also stated that the workers in the mine were informed before an inspection, and make the flaws look fixed, so the workplace would pass the inspection. As you might know, Turkey is a candidate country for EU, but has to fix many standards accordingly in order to get into the union. So they have to take models from Europe. Here is a demonstration of Soma and a coalmine in Germany, whom Turkey must take models from. Maybe it cannot be as developed as the model, but it should be better than this. So I don't know what English news agents are showing but this one should not be a collateral damage in a technology age like 2014. Nice sign by the way
  3. The English topic needs a little more narrow down. You might pick a certain piece of work such as "To what extent can Shakespearean stanzas in the play "Romeo and Juliet" be readapted in modern contexts? " or a theme such as "To what extent can Shakespearean stanzas on love (or family) be readapted in modern contexts?" I recommend you to pick the first one though. Or do something crazy and do both "To what extend can Shakespearean stanzas on family in the plays "Romeo and Juliet" and "King Lear" be readapted in modern contexts?" If you narrow your question down to this, which I would do if I was doing Group 1, pick two pieces of work so that you will have more supporting points in your paper, and you will be able to do comparison,which is so IB. It is not very easy, but it will get you more points, if that's what you're asking for. The ITGS topic looks a little too broad to me too. I think you should pick a certain social network, a specific impact, and a specific event. " To what extend Twitter can manipulate people's political view in Egyptian Revolution?" I don't know much about ITGS I'm afraid. Someone else must help you out with Economics, and Visual Arts question looks fine. Hope this helped.
  4. Hello everyone ! I am writing an essay about how a social status or a culture is represented in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, but I have no idea what to talk about. Do I need to analyze quotes ? The setting and how a character is represented ? Or a simple literary analysis, analyzing the literary analysis, target audience, vice versa ? I am not sure. Please help me out on this
  5. 1. People simply call me "the weirdo who is sitting at the very back all the time" (alright, I just made that up) call me Zey if you like 2. Turkey 3. I don't remember, I think a teacher mentioned it 4. To ask people the questions I have, because I have to admit, not all of my teachers are very helpful 5. Few months ago 6. English, Turkish and film 7. Next year ... 8. Studying journalism in US 9. Listen to music, read some books, watch some good movies, bake cupcakes, creep on my friends ... 10. I don't know, actually.
  6. I decided that this area is the only one I am strong in, and I am very eager to help people (simply because I have nothing else to do), so I would like to share my Bible (that I wrote) about media literacy analysis with the IBS community. Enjoy ! --> You need to know a little about the news agent that you received your article from. Read some other articles of theirs and see if they are biased or not. This is not very necessary but very very helpful. --> Look at the title. Sometimes that tiny little phrase will structure the half of your analysis, so it is important. It gives you a little glimpse of the context of the article and gives you an idea of what perspective you are about to read. --> Check out any strong words used by the author (such as "Putin's empire" "failure", "rioter", "terrorist" vice versa.) Give extra emphasis on 'this mark' because it symbolizes sarcasm (For example: 'graciously suggesting' means 'meanly forcing'). If strong language is used, the article is biased and somehow provocative. --> Check out any soft words used (which is euphemism). Soft words are used in order to be gentle on people's feelings so people would not be provocated, the opposite of the purpose of strong language.Here is a simple example of strong language and euphemism. Large number of people dead: Massacre (strong language) Collateral damage (euphemism) --> Check if the article is telling a story or showing what people say or think (this means quotes used) Personally, if the article is telling a story, the topic needs further investigation. Make a list of the persons who owns the quotes used in the article and find out which side of the story they represent: for or against. They usually represent for side, but still be precautious, because this is IB. --> A journalist can also choose the information that he or she wants to give to their audience. Analyze the information given by the author and find out the purpose. The source of the information is also important, so people would be more relying on that. Check the source is mentioned or not. If the source is not mentioned, it might not be as reliable as the reader thinks. --> Vague language is contained the information given by the author. If you have the phrase "several rioters" instead of "nine rioters", or "a number of public areas is damaged" instead of "a school, two supermarkets and two bookstores is damaged", it is vague language, and it also means that the author does not want you to know much about this. Find out the purpose of this usage of vague language. --> Target audience is highly important. Read the article several times to understand who does the author wants to reach. Make a little background research about the news agent if you don't know which country they originate (yes, it is VERY important) --> Always remember that these methods mentioned above are serving a purpose, and that purpose is what is author trying to imply on their target audience. Context and purpose is extremely important, because they are usually the basis of your thesis. If strong language, alarming information or no information and quotes from one side only or no quotes are used, the article is provocating. If the article contains euphemisms, and quotes from both sides and general information, the article is written to inform people about recent updates. --> Keep in mind that media is the biggest power in the world, because it can easily manipulate people's ideas. Remember that you are aware of the tricks and methods used by media to manipulate and making an analysis out of it, and be proud that you are smart enough to do it while concluding your analysis paper. If I ever have some freetime (hopefully) I might make it broader and more detailed and put it on the Files section of the site. Have a nice survival !
  7. I think not only Islam, but the term religion as general is terribly corrupted. For example: Islam started as the religion of respect, tolerance, and kindness. "Namaz" was a concept to work the body, aptes was for cleanliness ("Temizlik imandan gelir." --> Cleanliness comes from belief) pork was prohibited because there was a major disease spread by hog meat that time, and men were allowed to have more than one wife in order to protect women. I found this from my researches as an agnostic. But now, we see people discriminate, humiliate, and even kill each other in corruption of religion, which is a terrible view, and the things I just counted are seen enough to go to heaven by a group of uneducated people. I don't know if there is anyone who thinks this but there is a belief that all terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists, and it is just very, very sad.
  8. The answer is b)40. 2SO2 (g) + O2--------> 2SO3 (g) In order to make sulphur trioxide from sulphur dioxide, we need one atom of oxygen. One oxygen molecule is broken down to two pieces and meet the need of two sulphur dioxides.If the oxygen atoms join to the pre existing moles, the number of moles stills the same. I hope it is helpful.
  9. Is there a problem with the website ? And by the way, if we hit 200, then hitting 300 will be asked, so I suggest not to go in that road.
  10. You know you're in IB when you: -drink at least a pot of coffee every night. -have a sharp change in your sleeping hours (I mean 7 to 3 hours sharp) -feel like your right arm (left if you're a leftie) is amputated when your MacBook is taken away from you ( ) -hang out in Starbucks with your homework occasionally -ponder on life mysteries more than thinking why you're still single -see yourself doing math functions in your dreams many and many more examples
  11. Instead I have allergies ... NP has a bad stomach because he or she ate too much
  12. I once was so drunk that I tried to smash my beer bottle on a guy's head to see if the bottle or the guy's head breaks first, no rage, no hatred, nothing. Good thing I missed, and I am still thankful that he did not press any charge.
  13. Turkish people will hear me on this one, a coalmine "accident" just happened in Soma several days ago. (correct me if you see any information wrong) According to the news articles, there had been an explosion in the power unit of the mine station, killing hundreds of people working in there. But there are a lot more rumors going on about this, such as there was fire in one unit, but it was covered with concrete, then there was a lot of pressure in the unit, causing an explosion. Nearly 350 people were dead, and 400 people (last time I checked) were saved. Another terrible rumor is, local forces will not save trapped people anymore. They will cover the fire with lye, leaving alive or dead people doomed to become coal. The government does not have sentimental approach at all. Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says it is fate who killed those workers, and giving people examples from hundreds years earlier. Two weeks ago (before the explosion), the opposing party gave a resolution on Soma for it to be checked, but it was rejected by the government, telling that the opposing party is giving aimless resolutions to keep the agenda busy. On top of all of this, one of PM's advisor (Yusuf Yerkel) kicked a citizen in front of public for booing PM. Here is a picture if you hadn't seen it yet. PM also punched a citizen who booed him because his father is dead in the accident, and made a press statement such as: "You get a beat if you boo this country's PM". And unfortunately, other government members support these people. These are the details that came to my mind now. What do you think ? How does the media in your country show the disaster ? Does the media in your country shows this disaster at all ? What do you say about government's approach ? What can be done by the public to help people who lost their relatives in the explosion ?
  14. Being an IB student, I ponder on these types of questions more often that thinking about what should I do that weekend. (critical thinker, duh !) So I would love to give my opinion on this one: No, it will never work. Here is why. Did anyone watch Metropolis ? The German movie released in 1927 and disappeared after premiere ? In the beginning of that movie, there is a big explosion in the system, and no one could find out about the problem before it popped up. Because they lacked a superior power to make checkpoints in the system and work on the problems that they see. But in communism, everyone is equal, so there is no superior power to check the problems before they show a disastrous conclusion. Let's admit it. There is that nerd in our class whom we are extremely jealous of his or her study habits, and usually, he or she is done with EE in the middle of the first year. But we procrastinate, delay it until IBO asks our EE from us, write it in the last day and get a C (at least that end is waiting for me). I am trying to say: in communism, everyone in the community have same chores, same amount of time, same income, but have different capacity of intelligence and working habits. Communism rejects individual's capacity, skills, strengths and weaknesses, desires, IQs and EQs, and treat everyone the same way, just like robots, which is not nice at all. I have a lot more to write, but I can't think right now.
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