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    Good example of a lab with experimental data that does not match the theoretical data at all. Includes comments from teacher and an example of deriving the needed equation from equations given in the data booklet. Also includes a sample force diagram. Received 51/53 class score for demonstrating physics concepts and using proper lab format with a good conclusion. May be a helpful reference for when your IA data does not match up with expected results.
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    This lab has been submitted and graded by IBO. It received a perfect score in all categories. Research Question: How does changing the angle of incidence of light affect the power output of a solar panel? Includes calculations, graphs, steps to linearize data, and a conclusion to an inconclusive lab. Good example for when you don't get your predicted results from the lab.
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    IB Physics SL Year 1 This lab focuses less on procedure and more on data presentation and calculations. Efficiency for a toy car was calculated based on the work done to pull back the car and how this work done caused energy to be transferred from elastic potential energy to kinetic energy to gravitational potential energy.
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    Tests the effect of adding NH4Cl (a salt) to various liquids, such as distilled water and acetic acid, on the temperature change of these liquids. This is a full lab report including an objective, variables table, hypothesis, materials, procedures, qualitative and quantitative data, sample calculations, graph, conclusion, further investigation topics, and works cited. The lab was written for a 10th grade (year 11) Pre-IB chemistry course and received a 97%. The course was taught by the same teacher that teaches IB Chemistry SL and HL 1.
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    Examines states rights' and nationalism; economic sectionalism; and culture conflict between the north and south as causes for the United States Civil War. This was written for a 10th grade (year 11) United States history course. It includes references to several primary source documents (eg. speeches, government documents).
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    An essay outline for 10th grade (year 11) Pre-IB United States history discussing the economics and culture of the 1920s. This could also be used as bulleted notes for the 1920s's economics, wealth disparity, and cultural shifts such as the Harlem Renaissance.
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    This essay focuses on analysing Homer's language and how it demonstrates his respect for both Akhilleus (Achilles) and Hektor (Hector). The passage analysed is lines 97-184 of The Iliad. The essay includes references to jungian archetypes, diction, syntax, and simile. This essay was written for a Pre-IB Language Arts course at the 9th grade level (year 10). It received a 95% from the course instructor.
  8. Unfortunately, my school does not offer HL physics or SL history, so I'm a bit gimped there. Not having a stronger background in physics also fueled my decision to try and take HL math. I'll definitely consider doing AP physics as a senior, but I would have to take HL math for that since AP physics is all calculus based.
  9. I fell in love with Bio after taking an honors Bio course in 9th grade. My other options for a class would be Economics, Business Management, Design Tech, Art, Theatre Art, Psychology, and Film. Out of those, the only other course I'd considered was Design Tech because it would give me a good intro to engineering, but I really, really love Bio and the teacher who teaches it. In addition, most of the colleges I'm considering only give credit for Design Tech at HL and my school only offers Design Tech at SL, so I shyed away from it a bit. Also, I've been lurking on the forum for quite a while and it seems like Bio HL is one of the less difficult HLs. Is that true? Despite that, do you think it would be a better option? Also, I would be able to drop down into SL if HL was too much. Thanks so much for your opinion!
  10. So next year I'll be going into IB and my school requires HL European History and HL English. Currently, my plan for next year is: HL History HL English HL Biology (my school doesn't offer SL Bio) SL Physics Year 2 (I started SL physics this year in 10th grade; my school doesn't offer HL physics) SL Spanish SL Math So here's my problem: I really, really want to take HL math. I've always been really good at math and it's always come very easily to me. I've never gotten anything less than 100% on any of the exams in Algebra 2 and Geometry last year was basically the same thing. My elementary school didn't off any math beyond Math 7, so I started middle school in Pre-Algebra. I can't say for sure if I would have ended up in Algebra if my elementary school had offered a better math class, but I'd like to think that would be the case. In my school, SL 1 is a prerequisite to HL 1 in math (not exactly sure how it is in other schools). So here's the potential solution to my problem: take an online Precalculus/Trig course over the summer and go into HL 1 next year if I get a good grade. I've already talked to my math teacher and the IB coordinator at my school and they said it was a possibility. My math teacher said it would be very difficult but that if I'm determined enough, I might be able to do it because of my aptitude and love for math. I want to go into engineering (probably biomedical or aerospace) in college and I also really love math. Physics and math are my absolute favorite subjects and also the two that I'm doing best in right now (basically perfect scores in both classes). Because of these things, I think I'd really enjoy doing HL, but I've been poking around the forum and I've seen so many people asking if they should take math as a 4th HL and the resouding answer has been NO! So what I really want to know is if taking math as my 4th HL and doing a course to make up for SL 1 would be feasibile considering how well I do with math and my love for the subject or if you think it would be too difficult, especially because I have to take an online course to make up for SL 1 in just 3 months over the summer. Thank you so much for taking the time to read over this! Any advice would be appreciated!
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