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  1. I would definitely take it as HL if you have a decent level of english, I found it pretty easy taking into account it has low boundaries, and the difference with SL is not a big deal.
  2. I also found it pretty straightforward. Yet, I didn't know if, in the first text, the last word to complete was pourvu qu' or lorsqu'. What did you put? hi! yeah I found that contextually, both made sense but I remember putting "lorsqu'" - it was really a 50/50 guess for me, since I thought they could both fit. also, on P1 the UN interview on hunger -- When you had to put the T/F statements with justification, I marked them all as "false", which usually doesn't happen but oddly enough I felt like the first two statements essentially said the same thing. What do you think? Wow it was also a 50/50 for me, but i wrote pourvu qu'. Yeah they were also all false to me, and i justified similarly in the ones you said since they were asking almost the same, I think (and hope) we're right with that .e"
  3. I also found it pretty straightforward. Yet, I didn't know if, in the first text, the last word to complete was pourvu qu' or lorsqu'. What did you put?
  4. You should definitely take Chemistry SL. I take french B HL and the difference between SL and HL is not that much, same with English Lit. SL and HL, you could pick any at HL, but Chemistry HL does have a load of additional topics.
  5. I chose A but both seemed possible to me IDK.
  6. Hello! So for my exams I´ve been mostly doing well because I studied practicing with numerous past papers. I wanted to practice Paper 1, but for French B HL I can´t find any, I only have the one from may 2015 which I made as a mock, and the specimen one. Does anybody have any, or knows where I can find it? Past paper 2 exams would also be helpful. Thank you all so much in advance!
  7. Yo escogí el texto en prosa "La escopeta" y escribí que los temas eran el olvido y la soledad. Escribí que habían muchos simbolismos (escopeta, pajaro azul, bosque vs. pueblo, etc). También habían muchas metáforas, lenguaje descriptivo, narrador omnisciente, suspenso, etc... A mi curso le pareció bastante fácil el examen y la mayoría escogieron el poema. Qué tal te fue? También elegí La Escopeta. Yo dije que el tema era la fugacidad del tiempo y el salto entre realidades. Sí, estaba plagado de metáforas, símiles, símbolos e imágenes, entonces no se me hizo nada difícil. Creo que nadie en mi curso escogió el poema debido a lo corto que era para escribir de él por 2 horas
  8. Everything was fine for me with Spanish , English and Biology, until I faced those terribly hard Math SL exams DX
  9. not much apart from headache. But I'm about to have more than that with the fact that i got my Spanish and Math paper 2s tomorrow Dx
  10. Yeah exactly.I did option D and E. The qs were rather nice and smooth and it was just a bless after the previous papers I know right? I also did D and E for SL TZ1 and it was sooo easy, they didn´t ask to label anything in neurobiology, and the didn´t ask about any concrete data of human evolution or half-life
  11. TZ1 Here I did excellent on Paper 1 except for the water as a coolant question, since i didn't choose the evaporation option My paper 2 was also fairly easy, I chose the first question on section B (about prokaryotes, defense system, and antibiotic resistance), yet, I explained synaptic transmission on the question that asked about how a nerve impulse passes through, and I'm not sure if that is what i had to answer
  12. Hot because omg it's a cat
  13. Anything over 38 would be amazing actually
  14. Hello everyone! So me and my other 7 friends which are taking French B HL seem to be in trouble with the written assignment we already submitted through the ib webpage (and it´s more than one problem). Firstly, our teacher seemed to look only at the 2013 guide and he informed us that was the latest guide, unfortunately there's a 2015 one. The written task word count specifications changed from requiring a 150-word rationale, which seemed to accept about 5 less words or 5 additional ones, to requiring 150. Most of us made a rationale of les than 150 words (about 148), and we will be losing points for something that was not really our fault since we trusted our teacher. On the other hand, our teacher filled the cover format without our consent, the format says this should be done by the student with the help of the teacher but he seemed to ignore it. Appart from ignoring it, he only checked two of the three requirements that the ib specifies us to have on our tasks. We all included our names and codes on the top right corner and the format asks you to assure you don´t have them and then check on a box that you fulfill that requirement. He did not tell us about it and he uploaded them with the box unchecked. The day after he uploaded them we noticed what he did, and in his defense, he just said that we were focused on really small details. I guess he ignored that it could cost us more than 3 marks on a work that is worth 20% of the total grade. We talked to our IB coordinator but he just hinted us that we could not do anything since the work was already uploaded. Does anybody know what should we do next? We really don´t wanna give up free marks on our works. Thanks for reading!
  15. It actually says "The word limit for the written assignment at SL is 300–400 words, plus a 100-word rationale, and at HL is 500–600 words, plus a 150-word rationale." Mine has 148 so i think you should try to stay close to 150 and i really don't know what happens if you exceed the 150 but my teacher told us not to. That is correct for the written assignment last year, but there are some changes in language b written assignment this year. In the new subject guide, it is written for SL "Written assignment: Receptive and written productive skills Inter-textual reading followed by a written task of 300–400 words plus a 150–200 word rationale, based on the core." and for HL "Written assignment: Receptive and written productive skills Creative writing of 500–600 words plus a 150–250 word rationale, based on one or both of the literary texts read." Oh my, do you have a link for that guide? yes, here it is : http://www.neworientalgroup.org/new_edc/style/pdf/curriculum_2.pdf oh my, now I am in trouble (thanks though). I guess these rules for sure apply to me that i present the may 2015 examinations :l
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