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  1. annagazdeliani


    Hello everyone! I have psychology SL mock exam in 3 days. Do you think learning outcomes will help me? and do you have any past papers to share with me ? YOU WILL SAVE MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you in advance
  2. annagazdeliani


    Hey Guys, I am wondering if only learning outcomes would help on mock exams in biology, because I am struggling reading whole book. Do you have any past papers that you can share with me ? Thank you
  3. annagazdeliani

    Psychology Past Papers

    Hello Everyone! I am in a big trouble!!!!! I have 4s in psychology and I don't know how I will manage to increase my grades in Mock EXAMS!!!!! Could please tell me where can i find psychology past papers 2010-2014 may exams? thanks in advance
  4. annagazdeliani

    IA Topic

    Hello everyone ! So i had my IA about flashbulb memories last year, and this year came new psychology teacher who told me that I can't do that experiment. Now I am going to do new Internal Assessment and due date is on 7th november. I researched many experiments, but my teacher did not like even one experiment. She said that I have to research something about memory, or memory which involves music. I need very simple experiment. Can someone help me? Thank you
  5. annagazdeliani


    Hello Everyone ! I am doing internal assessment about Maria Antoinette, but I didn't come up with good question. How significant was role of Maria Antoinette in French Revolution- is too wide, right? Can you help me? Thanks
  6. annagazdeliani


    Hello! I am doing IA about Flashbulb Memories and In introduction i should start with general information about memory? Thanks
  7. annagazdeliani


    Can I use IA topic, which is done already?
  8. annagazdeliani

    Extended Essay in History

    Thank you so much!!! You encouraged me to do well:)
  9. annagazdeliani

    Extended Essay in History

    Hi I am writing EE in history about Georgian war In Abkhazia 1992 with Russia. After that war, Abkhazia was not Georgian part anymore. So my supervisor gave me advice to write about views of different historians about the same event: 1) Georgian interpretation of events. 2) Russian interpretation 3) View/ interpretation by other historians (non-Geo, non-Russ). Do you think it's good topic?
  10. annagazdeliani


    I do not have very good grades at this time in Psychology, History and Math. But I've already started improving it. Do you think that it's possible to get good grades If i will try hard on exam in JUNE ? I am in DP1. I am worried about it Should I take a certificate? or It's better to try hard. Psychology- Standard Level, History high and Math study
  11. annagazdeliani

    History IA question

  12. annagazdeliani

    History IA question

    I know that it's cheating. I do not want you to give me research question, but only interesting topic about cuban revolution. I will think about it Thanks
  13. annagazdeliani

    Human Rights essay Q

    you have really good Extended Essay question:) And I think you should restate your question ჰაჰჰაა არავინ რო არ გპასუხობსოოო?
  14. annagazdeliani

    History IA question

    I want to do Internal Assessment in history about Cuban Revolution, Do you think it's a good idea? If yes can you help me with my research question? or do you have any other suggestions about another topic, which would be interesting? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE BEST REGARDS ANNA

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