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  1. Hisham

    HISTORY HL/SL Paper 2

    I did topic 4 question 8 on the success 2 dictators had on controlling religion, and topic 5 question 30 about gorbachev's role in ending the cold war. I chose #30 even though we didn't study him extensively because it was super similar to the Paper 1 we had!!
  2. How did you all do? I was glad that paper 1 was on Gorbachev and East Germany because I studied that a lot over the school year. The last question is the only place of worry for me, because I always tend to lose marks for not citing enough sources lol
  3. Hisham

    Biology Paper 1 & 2 HL

    I thought they were both easy. Paper 1 got me stumped a little just because I didn't review ecology and evolution as much. The questions in paper 2 about methane and water were also a little weird because I didn't review that as much as I should've. But over all it wasn't that bad
  4. Hisham

    IB English Literature HL Paper 2

    Agreed. I used A Room with a View and The Awakening and the prompt worked perfectly
  5. Hisham

    Question regarding the blue cover sheet

    You are supposed to answer all questions in Section A and choose one or two in Section B depending on your level!! So your cover sheet should say Section A: ALL and Section B: whatever questions you chose
  6. Since it has been 24 hours, how did you HL Lit students do?? I chose question 8 (i think) under the prose fiction section that talked about how characters often are trying to escape something or someone. I personally thought it was pretty easy, I easily wrote 5 and half pages. How did everyone else do?
  7. Hisham

    English A Literature HL Paper 1

    I did something similar to this. I talked about the diction and style, and I talked about oxymoron and enjambment present as well.
  8. Hisham

    English A Literature Paper 1

    I chose the poem. It was a lot easier to analyze than the prose. I feel like I maybe got into the 6-7 band which is pretty cool
  9. Im pretty much just reviewing Literary terms and going over the overall format of my commentary as well as doing some mock exams. Im def. choosing the poem; way easier to comment on that prose In my opinion! There's really no way to study for Lang A P1. Im just crossing my fingers and hoping I get an easy poem!!!
  10. I was worried about tomorrow's exam but im not anymore. Just review literary terms and be able to throw them down when needed. Id recommend choosing the poem instead of prose, because it's way easier to see things to talk about but that's just me. There's really no way to study for the unseen commentary. Just cross your fingers and try hard
  11. Hisham

    Musical Links Investigation Help?

    The song I chose aired on a news program (it was sung recently but the type of music played is classical) so I don't think it has a name.
  12. Hey All, I am in Music SL, testing in about two months. I am trying to work on my MLI and considering that it is due to 2 weeks, I am definitely cramming. My two cultures that I want to compare are Spanish flamenco music to classical Arabic music. I definitely found my links (instrumentation, structure, etc) but I have some questions on the investigation itself. Is a discography required? I am going off of songs I found on YouTube, so its not from a disc. Even if I wanted to choose different songs, Im pretty sure that I couldnt find discography with Arabic music on it easily. Second, does anyone know how to add segments of sheet music onto the media script? On some sample ones Ive seen, the people actually put segments of staff with notes on them onto their media script. Anyone have any tips? Anything is greatly appreciated!
  13. Hey all. Im currently in my first year in DP, and will be testing in Music SL in a couple months. For my IA I am doing solo performance on the Violin (Canzonetta, Summer from Four Seasons) and Piano (moonlight sonata first movement). I will be recording my songs live in a week, and I am getting a little nervous on how strict the IB Music examiners are when it comes to the solo performance. Music is really subjective, and I'm worried that the examiner I get will be really strict. The criteria I am worried about is C and D (communication, and understanding of style), because I don't really know how it's possible to grade someone on how they understand the style of music... Also if there are a couple of wrong notes here and there, will that lower my score down to mediocore or poor? We're still high schoolers not professional musicians, so in general are the examiners really strict? Thanks to all who answer!

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