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  1. Thank you, this information is very useful. Whilst writing an essay I asked myself "why am doing this?" and the question has been coming up a lot in TOK. Nobody has explained any benefits at my school. Have you found it benefitting?
  2. I'm currently in diploma and I am wondering what are the benefits of it? I have started TOK and it got wondering about the actual benefits of the IB diploma. At universities, scholarships, recognition, etc...
  3. thank you, I have looked at Waterloo and it does look good, is it difficult to get into Waterloo? If you know?
  4. I knew that Harvard was tough but I didn't think it was that tough! That's insane! You got 45 and didn't get in, I'm hoping for a 42. Perhaps I should just stay in Canada, at least there is a chance of being accepted. My current marks are after conversions too. My extracurricular activities aren't exceptional (it's really just for CAS, as my social skills are somewhat lacking). Thank you for the information though, it's really helpful.
  5. I would like to go into engineering and I was wondering what is the best engineering university in Canada, and what are their requirements?
  6. I think that the link that you gave me was for the official IB EXAMS, my marks are just for the coursework so far. They are also influenced by the provincial school board. You think thats hard? Have you seen TOK? Anything below a 70 is a fail! I have a C in TOK currently because I have one mark so far which is 90%! I don't even understand the point behind TOK...
  7. Thank you, I just really need to work on TOK, the EE and study for my SATS then. I have 6s because in my school a 6 is 92%-98%, a 7 is 99%-100%. I wish universities would be a bit more specific on their requirements!
  8. I have already talked to my Physics Teacher, he is exactly helpful. Thank you for your advice though, I guess it does take a bit of time to develop the topic. Hopefully writing writing and collecting data is easier than this!
  9. I really want to go to Harvard University (I would say MIT also, but that's next to impossible). Maybe this is a little bit too ambitious, but I still would like to try. I am hoping to apply next year. Math SL-6-94% French SL-7-99% (currently, this will fall as this mark is purely from writing) Chem HL-6-96% Physics HL-6-96% History HL-6-93% English HL-6-95% What are my chances of getting into Harvard if I managed I manage to keep my marks like this?
  10. As the cos is equal to sin, the x and y values have to be the same. They both have to be positive and/or negative and the same value. Therefore those are the only two answers that could work. The others would have one negative x/y value and one positive x/y value. I hope this helps you.
  11. No, I don't think you can. Use Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc, just to be on the safe side. If you use Lenin and it turns out that you can't, then you're mark is going to fall.
  12. I'm just starting my extended essay, it isn't due until November, but we have been advised to start thinking about topics. I really want to do my extended essay on Physics (HL) as it is my best subject. Can anyone give me any advice on what makes a good topic? I keep thinking of really complex topics which could never work (unless I had a PhD in Physics). So far my best ideas have been: 1) How does different concentrations and temperatures of liquids affect the index of refraction for light. 2) Making and perfecting a trebuchet. This would mean finding the ideal mass, rope length, angle, etc. (Honestly, this doesn't seem at all like a good topic. But destroying stuff is fun.) My best topics has been waves and relativity so far, they are also my favourite. I have no idea what I am doing, and the IB Co-ordinator at my school is rubbish and hasn't given us any information. Can anyone please give me advice on what makes a good topic as I am getting rather desperate at this point. Frustration levels are going through the roof.
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