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  1. During vacations, I decided to re-do my whole IB workbook from last year and this year (updating it) and I followed this guide: (the very same guide from ibsurvival) http://www.ibo.org/diploma/curriculum/group6/visualarts.cfm(the official site guidelines) http://www.ncbis.net/Editor/EditorImages/Visual%20Arts.pdf(and this one, i think it is official too) Not to worry though, I haven't thrown away or scrapped out my other old IB1 workbook, I still have it. I just decided to re-do and majorly improve it in a different workbook, that's all. After I finished and handed in to my teacher, he said that it probably won't be a good such a idea to do that, since my other IB1 workbook has already been graded. However he was quite impressed when I showed him my freshly new replenished workbook and that he'll maybe considered taking a look at it. The problem is that most of my classmates tell me that I'll probably fail about re-doing my workbook.. (they're probably envious, but maybe they're right??) What happens if I did all this work for nothing? Is this ok?
  2. Thank you for the replies. By the way, yeah, it is actually not necessary to make a TOK presentation interactive. It's just that everyone in my group made some sort of interaction, so I thought that would make my TOK presentation a little dull or boring. Also, I already have my real life situations and actually have a picture of "some fake-but-beautiful-ish-looking person", and that idea @whatislife mentioned is actually not a bad idea. I might consider it. But I was just making sure I had all of my questions answered. Thanks !
  3. So I already have my TOK Presentation ready, which is based on the topic issue of 'Plastic Surgery', and I already have my knowledge issues, WoK's and AoK's.. etc. However, it seems like every person who presented their TOK presentation in my class made some interaction or made their presentation interactive, I have NO clue how to make a presentation interactive... I was going to go with the idea of "Can someone tell me what surgical procedures are the most common? Anyone?" but that would sound way too monotonous Please I really need ideas to make a TOK presentation on 'Plastic Surgery' interactive, I'm literally out of time
  4. familyjewels

    November 2014 TOK TOPIC 4.

    My TOK essay is due in 4 days and this is the question I've been assessed, either way I'm still working on it
  5. familyjewels

    What song are you listening to?

    sky ferreira - you're not the one
  6. familyjewels

    What are you procrastinating on?

    my history internal assessment essay and my TOK essay, and the VERY FINAL DRAFT is next week.. oh lord
  7. familyjewels

    Anyone going to UBC vancouver this year (2014-2015)?

    exams are still in november for me although i'm actually applying for OCAD University in toronto or Niagara College in niagara falls (canadian side)
  8. familyjewels


    mac all the way, just make sure you have the following apps: word, ppt, excel, an electronic calender, organised files, whatsoever
  9. Question: How are ethics involved in the study of Human Sciences? How do these affect our ability to move forward in our knowledge of human behaviour? Our last task for this semester, this involves Human Sciences and ethics, however I need help with the last part of the question which is "How do these affect our ability to move forward in our knowledge of human behaviour"? What does that suppose to mean? All help, guidance or advice will be appreciated, thank you!
  10. familyjewels

    Tips for new IB student

    -Try not to procrastinate... and never postpone deadlines, it will just pile you up with more stuff. My biggest procrastination tool was tumblr... (I deleted it for good ). Quote from Marina Diamandis aka Marina and the Diamonds (who did the IB) on twitter: "Thnk God Tumblr wasn't around when I was in high school because I literally would have never graduated." -Finish the internal assessments ASAP. This literally helped me, I finished my extended essay (it's due for august, I think) and my other internal assessments (history, spanish and one studio work left for visual arts) -Have a back-up plan... let's say, your electronic information somehow disappears and you need to start all over again, so take a USB or a hard drive with you and treat it like your baby because all IB assignments are crucial, to be honest. For example, for Environmental Systems and Societies, do not dare in deleting projects or tasks from the first IB year, because that piece of information could be an internal assessment (basically do not delete or loose any information from the first IB year in all courses, since the IB is a two-year programme). I also found helpful this trick a friend told me: when you're printing your assignments, always send them to your e-mail, because nothing is erased there (unless you do it, of course), and if somehow you lost your information in your laptop or USB, you can always check your e-mail -Organise everything in a big folder with sections... kind of like this one: http://styleandcentsability.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/blogmarch2010011.jpg, but bigger. Same with the electronic information: have folders and name each one with the specific course you chose (Folder 1: English, Folder 2: History, Folder 3: Visual Arts, etc...) -If you're a good listener and you can remember stuff what your teacher said in class, perfect. However, if not, have a little notepad and write any information your teacher said during class. This actually helped me a lot, my spanish and history teacher doesn't really care if we fall asleep or didn't copy any notes in class. -Always have a few intelligent buddies by your side haha... I usually stick with a friend who's a genius at Maths, since I'm so crap at it, and by the way, they can even tell what's for tomorrow or what's for this weekend, etc. -Even if your teachers are a little arrogant or unsupportive, never face them or get into an argument with them, IT'S NOT WORTH IT. I'm in my last year of IB and I'm taking it very serious. Mostly for universities in Canada or the UK.
  11. familyjewels

    Several questions on Group 6 in general

    Well I want to study anything related to creativity (which include arts, music, theatre, film, etc), so basically yeah, it depends on the career you choose. Let's say, I want to study graphic design (visual arts hl and maybe english will be the courses that need more effort), or lets say... architecture (physics, maths and maybe visual arts, mostly for people who have good drawing skills, will be the courses that need more effort), so yeah and also i would suggest a 6-7 of the courses that will help you grant access to a particular University. My teacher actually told me that, apart from having a good IB diploma score, a good portfolio is crucial for admission with the visual arts course (if you want to study anything related to arts) and having at least a 6 or 7 in the final IB grade. I think my answer was too biased, so consider it if you want...
  12. All my studio art work is due in a week and I only need ONE final art project to complete everything. I decided to add something new, which is the 7 deadly sins. That's not my theme by the way, it's actually identity. So I'm using this as a source to finalise my studio art works. Current problems: Ran out of ideas, only have 5 days left (everything's due on June 20th), and my ideas were rejected by my art teacher because they were way too cliché (I agree too...). I'll have 17 art works in the end and I know I don't need more since 18 is the max and 11 (I think) is the minimum. However, it wouldn't seem right if I only have 6 deadly sins, when they're actually 7. That's my dilemma. Any ideas? Please, I'm desperate.
  13. I finished a few days ago actually, it was just our IB coordinator who was pressuring us... Anyway, since my theme is identity, I usually develop my ideas with surrealism techniques and the human aesthetic, of course, combing and using techniques from other artists, this time I'm using Louis Icart's techniques and water-colour for this chapter. 7 Deadly Sins, chapter: Lust: Just drawing a woman pleasuring herself and it looks like a Yin-Yang sign (don't really know how to describe, so i'll just post a picture soon), so basically it's vanity and lust, I guess. Gluttony: A woman eating a man's brains (which is not his brain actually, they're just fruits, veggies and other stereotypical foods) with a fork, whilst the man is showing a cold and frightened appearance. Greed: I call this one: having, pleasuring, burning and smoking IT ("it" means money). It basically shows a, sort of, comic strip of a woman having loads of cash (1st square), then just pleasures herself with the money (2nd square) and in the end she burns the dollar (3rd square) and proudly smokes it (last square). Sloth: A man stuck in a tree and the roots are linked with his body parts... so basically it just shows how the man won't move at all and stay where he is. Wrath: Basically the sign of 'drama', you know, the one of the sad and happy one? Yeah, so in the right side it shows a calm and steady women embracing her alluring beauty, whereas, in the other side (left), shows a choleric and evil one, and flames are coming out from their eyes and mouth. Envy: An angry woman-snake figure looking herself in the mirror with utter dissatisfaction. Pride: A woman looking herself proudly at a mirror and basically the expressions in her shows that she's incredibly self-obsessed and thinks she's better than others (this one's way too cliche, but oh well... I really like how this one turned out). So yeah, those are my studio works of this chapter plus the 13 other ones, but I don't feel like explaining each one right now haha. I might publish them in this website, but I don't know if it's allowed... I really have no idea, do you think I should publish it here? If so, how do I do it?? By the way, my subjects are already mentioned in my signature and my bio, check it out
  14. I was stunned by the video... By the way, I already have some other ideas and I have more time actually, our IB coordinator was just upset that most of the class had a maximum of 13 studio works.. so therefore he pressured us (not surprised). Thanks for the ideas though!
  15. -Anti-anxiety prescription pills -Calendar where i put all my dates and dues and whatsoever -USB or hard drive (i once lost all my electronic information on the computer) -At least one intelligent buddy to help me with Maths ugh -Family, supportive -Internet, laptop, music, pretty much anything that eases my stress levels -Ib survival (god bless)
  16. familyjewels

    What does your username mean?

    My username comes from Marina Diamandis' album "Family Jewels", and I also think one of ACDC's album is called "The Family Jewels". Fun fact: Marina Diamandis, known by her stage name "Marina and the Diamonds", did the IB
  17. familyjewels

    Can my IB Coordinator force me to take Math HL?

    well... my school forced me to take History SL (apparently it's because of the government education system in my country... or whatever that's called made every school teach us at least one history course)... Also, they forced me to take Spanish HL Literature... and I wanted that course in SL.
  18. familyjewels

    IB courses you wish you could have taken, but couldn't

    I would've loved to have: Psychology or Anthropology instead of History but it was a MANDATORY course in my school *I thought we were allowed to choose our courses in IB* Biology instead of ESS, although I'm fine with the ESS course, however the Biology course was taught in Spanish. Spanish in STANDARD LEVEL instead of SPANISH in HIGH LEVEL, but our school told us to take it in HIGH LEVEL. It was mandatory. Maybe Theatre, Music or Film, but I really love Visual Arts, whatever it was the ONLY option anyway. Apparently where I live, the government educational system (whatever that's called), obligated every school to teach us at least one history subject.
  19. TASK: “Using the examples of two recognised psychology experiments, describe and explain what can be learned about human behaviour through doing experiments”. -Does that mean their findings are universal? -What happened? -What did the experimenters conclude? -What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing experiments on humans? Any ideas of any human psychological experiments? All help/advice/guidance will be appreciated, thanks!
  20. familyjewels

    Marina And The Diamonds - an IB artist?

    I love Marina&theDiamonds so much, and I just discovered too, I'm very curious which courses she took
  21. familyjewels

    All-time Favorite Movies

    Scott Pilgrim is literally my favourite film of all time, besides, I'm actually doing my EE based on the comics :)
  22. I've always thought I was crap at math, but I never knew that Nov exams would be trickier, I thought it was the same for everyone... how about the other subjects? English? History?
  23. They're similar, the deal is that in my country, the school calendar system is different. We usually start school on the very first week of March and finish between November-December. So yeah, no big difference really. But I'm not sure, maybe it is?
  24. familyjewels

    TOK IA ESSAY - Main Body... help?

    I think you should stay away from things that are 'certain' and 'proven' within TOK. A lot of times the prescribed titles will try to sucker you into choosing a specific side to an argument. Most good TOK essays recognize that it is difficult to be certain about the validity/truth of a statement, especially when dealing with ethics. If you want to keep it, provide a source for the claim, and you're good to go. Your response made me realise and think a lot, thank you so much! Yeah, I really thought my introduction was crap, but I really needed some advice. Yours is really helpful (for someone who is practicing their TOK essay)
  25. Essay question: "To gain an understanding of the world we need to make use of stereotypes." Areas of Knowledge: Ethics & Human Sciences I have finished my introduction, I think it's alright (hopefully the teacher will like it as well), although, I really have no clue how to start my main body... I have a full vacation week and I want to use it to finish all the internal assessments and essays ASAP. Like now. Anyway, I don't know if its allowed in this forum, but here's my introduction so far (vvv link uploaded vvv). All help/advice/guidance will be appreciated TOK ASSESSMENT ESSAY.docx

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