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  1. Hey, As the most feared day is slowly approaching, I was just wondering as to what these results even look like when we hit that 'results' tab on candidates.ib.org Anyone have an example screenshot or something? thanks
  2. Wait, but on our exam there is a ST written on it. so teachers that mark it do know we are self-taught students. Plus the fact that we study something compleatly on our own is waaaayyyyyy harder than when you're in a class!? So it would make sense if the boundries arent AS strict as those who work their way through in class... Or at least that is what I have been told, and it seems to make sense, no?
  3. Hi, Im taking German A Lit self-taught, and was just wondering if there is any difference at ALL from the paper grading, than the ones from class? Like I go to a school where there is a German Lit class, but it didnt fit into my time table, so I had to do it self-taught. Thanks in advance for any help! AND GOOD LUCK '14 CLASS, WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!
  4. teegee

    IB English Lang Lit HL Paper 2

    Good evening, I was just wondering if in paper 2, where we bring in the works we've read, we can include swearwords in some memorized quotes? We read the History Boys by Alan Bennett, and there's so much swearing in it, and in some of the important quotes that it's just kind of confusing on what to do. Should we write it with asterisks and only the first letter or not write it at all? I know it's a silly question, but one's gotta know... Thanks already in advance, and may the odds ever be in your favour for next week!!!
  5. teegee

    Chemistry EE advice

    I was going to do my EE on the differences in the components of bio milk and regular milk. (aka food chemistry) It was a very long and elaborate process, which I personally don't recommend doing, seeing that the IB already consumes much of our time, and the EE is only worth 1/2 points. If I were to do it again, I would do it in a language B; it's quick, the research does not require a lab, and you're not AS dependent on your advisor as you would be for chemistry. Hope this helps!!
  6. To be honest, at im taking my French exam in a couple of weeks, and what I did for prep, was attend a DELF B2 preparation course. Right after this I did the DELF certificate, as a sort of "mock". This along with watching and listening to a ton of French, has helped me a lot. So try to sign up for a course or watch a lot of TV in French, with French subtitles.
  7. teegee

    Math IA went bad...

    Actually, my math teachers have told me that, in all of the IB related conferences they have attended this year as part of their prep. (for May 2014 exams), they were told that because it's the first year ever that we are writing a full investigation by ourselves, the boundries will most likely be pushed up, and definately not down. So If you're on the border of any grade then you might move up.
  8. teegee

    Chemistry Paper 2

    The good thing about paper 2 is that the markscheme is so wide... like you get a 5 with a 62% (2012 Markscheme https://studentsh.scis-his.net/ddavis/files/2013/03/subject-report-nov-12.pdf).. So really do as many p2's as possible..
  9. teegee

    Favorite Books

    The Reader- Bernhard Schlink Siddharta - Hermann Hesse The History Boys- Alan Bennett (Brilliant book, especially when you're about to graduate from High School) The Physicists- Friedrich Dürrenmatt The Perfume - Patrick Süskind A Streetcar Named Desire- Tennessee Williams The God of Small Things- Arundhati Roy These are just a few, because there are too many good books in the world...
  10. teegee

    plagiarism in english IOC ?

    Well, what you can do is look at different interpretations of the piece on the web, and then apply them with different examples etc. I'm sure you can use them to base some ideas, but try to not simply memorize what the website said. Memorize key points and make it your own, then you're good to go!
  11. Actually, they told us we could use Pilot Frixion ball pens (http://www.bueromarkt-ag.de/bilder/tintenroller_pilot_frixion_ball_07,p-22600b,s-700.jpg) in black and blue. They are gel pens, and erasable.. perfect for the math exams. And I mean yeah you have to be careful not to smear, but I'm sure you'll be fine...

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